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Training Log Archive: Becks

In the 30 days ending Nov 30, 2010:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running11 7:30:56 47.3(9:32) 76.12(5:55)
  XC Skiing1 3:00:00
  Intervals2 2:03:29 12.92(9:33) 20.8(5:56)
  Long run1 1:13:00 8.2(8:54) 13.2(5:32)
  Orienteering1 1:04:26 4.04(15:57) 6.5(9:55) 25013 /20c65%
  Zumba1 1:00:00
  Circuits1 1:00:00
  Recovery2 46:30 5.07(9:10) 8.17(5:42)
  Strength2 45:00
  Total19 18:23:21 77.54 124.79 25013 /20c65%
averages - rhr:48

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Monday Nov 29, 2010 #

Running 33:00 [2] 3.8 mi (8:41 / mi)
ahr:151 max:162

quick morning recovery run before getting the train to london. Crisp snow and nice sunshine! Don't want to leave!

Sunday Nov 28, 2010 #

Running 59:24 [3] 6.5 mi (9:08 / mi)
ahr:164 max:179 shoes: Integrators

An earlyish morning run down the South Deeside Road. It was supposed to be a run to Inver and then a trip around the woods, but I tripped three steps off the road and went up to mid thigh in totally soft fresh snow! So it was a road run! Gorgeous views along the valley, could see quite high up and it was soooo nice!

Then had a nightmare of a drive home with some hideous skiddy hills and Rob was amazing at driving. Sprinted to my train at top speed, said the quickest farewell ever in the 30 seconds we had to spare, which was rubbish, and made it back to Yorkshire. Great weekend, but a truly crazy amount of snow for this early in the year!

Saturday Nov 27, 2010 #

XC Skiing 3:00:00 [3]

Best day in ages! Everyone made it up to Ballater, and we drove to Braemar and managed to persuade the ski hire man to find us 10 sets of cross country skis. There was over a foot of super fresh snow and the going was tough when you were leading, pushing very hard to make the tracks for the others. We did quite a bit of skiing and quite of bit of practising downhill - the super soft snow meant I was actually able to control myself a bit better. Still face planted a good couple of times though on the downhills! Kir was a natural and Rob is now pretty competent - it's really cool. A great lunch and some sledging later, and a totally brilliant day was had. Not looking forward to trying to drive back tomorrow! Feeling a bit tickly-throated now, but might run tomorrow if it doesn't develop.

Friday Nov 26, 2010 #

(rest day)

Travel up to the snowy north of Scotland with a car full of my favourite girls! We oooohhheed and aaaahhheeeddd at the amazing scenery, then got a short walk up a hill in just before it got dark. Brilliant day.

Thursday Nov 25, 2010 #

Running 35:04 [3] 3.7 mi (9:29 / mi)
ahr:158 max:179 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Run to the old lab. Had to carry a day's worth of warm clothes with me and it was very heavy, so I wasn't very speedy. Strange to be back on the old streets.

Wednesday Nov 24, 2010 #

Running 35:49 [3] 3.2 mi (11:12 / mi)
ahr:165 max:185 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Early morning dash around Arthur's Seat before a day filled with graduation excitement. Lovely clear morning, gorgeous views over the city as the sun came up. Then lots of graduation and smoothies at Toast. Yum.

Tuesday Nov 23, 2010 #

Intervals 1:14:01 intensity: (7:15 @1) + (12:51 @2) + (31:25 @3) + (22:30 @5) 12.5 km (5:55 / km)
ahr:170 max:193 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Bradford council aren't keen on maintaining running tracks, so I set off on a mission to find a flat, paved bit for my intervals today. I found this:

Unfortunately, while it was long enough, the people who made the cycle track on the top also filled it with a complicated gate every 200 metres. So after running half an hour from home (which is just off the right hand side of that picture), my measured 600m was entirely unhelpful, and I just did 8 x 2.30 (55s) instead. It was undulating but on hard surfaces generally, and then I lost count and did an extra one for fun. Was shattered after 15 mins of warm down and walked up the main road home. Fun times! Not exactly what I'd planned though.

Monday Nov 22, 2010 #

Running 32:05 [2] 2.9 mi (11:04 / mi)
ahr:14 max:174 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Not much to recover from, but in an attempt to get back to the plan, a recovery run. An easy jog which felt really nice through St Ives. Pretty muddy - no chance of a clean season round here!

Sunday Nov 21, 2010 #

Running 58:00 [3] 6.2 mi (9:21 / mi)
ahr:168 max:190 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

"Boxing Day" run with Dad to meet the rest of the crew in Haworth for a lovely meal and cake. A pretty tough run, plenty of long hills and not a bad pace either. All the way up the hill at Haworth at the end is a tough way to finish a hilly run!

Friday Nov 19, 2010 #

Running 30:49 [2] 2.7 mi (11:25 / mi)
ahr:153 max:179

Finally back home, affter 24 hours of travelling. Actually slept a little bit on the half empty flight, but was stil shattered last night, and managed 12 hours of sleep all the way through. Yey! So after that marathon, I just went for a little mostly uphill potter around the moor and St Ives. It was sunny and even warm, and it is great to be back.

Strength 10:00 [1]

Carrying a ton of shopping bags for hours counts as strength, right? My shoulders certainly think so! Mini Christmas (tomorrow) is officially sorted!

Tuesday Nov 16, 2010 #


Feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything that has to be done in the next 48 hours. At least I can do nothing at home in Yorkshire for a couple of days at the end!

Monday Nov 15, 2010 #

(rest day)

I failed today. Arthur wants three papers written. By the time I go home. On Wednesday.


Sunday Nov 14, 2010 #

Orienteering 1:04:26 [3] *** 6.5 km (9:55 / km) +250m 8:19 / km
ahr:170 max:183 spiked:13/20c shoes: Inov8s

Started the course today well, legs not at all fresh but head intact. Unfortunately I then ran uphill directly into a big flat branch, heard a crack, and spent the next half an hour spooked that I would get concussion. Needless to say, my orienteering was less than on the ball after that. Never really recovered and was scrappy and slow. It was however, somewhat unsurprisingly, a lovely sunny and warm day, and it was a pleasure to be out.

Edit: Wow, on comparing splits with Marie I lost ridiculously large portions of time after banging my head! Maybe it wasn't all alright after all. I have a very dull headache now, but I guess if it was something to be concerned about it would be far worse.

Recovery 18:30 [2] 3.5 km (5:17 / km)
ahr:173 max:159 shoes: Inov8s

Warm down jog, partly alone and then slightly longer than I had planned as I bumped into Marie. We were both pretty special today, yet still managed to finish 30 seconds apart. Even crazier, Hannah snuck in between us.

Saturday Nov 13, 2010 #

Running 42:48 [3] 4.5 mi (9:31 / mi)
ahr:169 max:188 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Lovely leg stretch round West Rock with Marie as the light was fading. Exploring some trails I've not been on before - this place is beautiful! Really enjoyed the chat too. Was thinking all day that I was too tired to run, and then felt really energised once we hit the top of the hill. Followed by lovely home cooked food and more good chat. Great day.

Friday Nov 12, 2010 #

(rest day)

Well deserved! Good week of training. Today was optional weights but no running, and I decided on a relaxed breakfast with Becks, who had come to visit instead. Very nice.


Ladies, can you recommend a manufacturer of comfortable and warm winter tights? To wear with normal clothes, not of the entirely lycra/spandex variety!

Thursday Nov 11, 2010 #

Running 1:00:00 intensity: (43:00 @3) + (17:00 @4) 7.0 mi (8:34 / mi)
ahr:163 max:183 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Gorgeous undulating run around East Rock. Clear day, lots of leaves on the ground, legs feeling a little stiff but generally moving very well. Really lovely.

Wednesday Nov 10, 2010 #

Circuits 1:00:00 [3]
ahr:139 max:176 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Cardio Boot Camp! This was the closest class I could find to circuits, and it was pretty good. I find the cardio side pretty ineffective as you might imagine, but the core workout was actually very good, and used a lot of Steve's moves. When I get back from home I will come back I think.

Tuesday Nov 9, 2010 #

Intervals 49:28 intensity: (6:20 @1) + (22:43 @2) + (20:25 @5) 8.3 km (5:58 / km)
ahr:166 max:194 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Today, I had the amazing idea that to avoid the problem of school kids being out on the track at stupid o' clock and the oncoming inclement weather, I could have a mini lie in and use the indoor 200m track at Payne Whitney to do my intervals. There was only a couple of other people there and they understood track etiquette, so it was great. I think this will become a winter fixture. Aim was 5 x 1km at 4.12 (95 secs rest), and as Kitch predicted, I went too fast. Especially when I got carried away trying to keep up with some footballers doing sprints on the last one. But aside from the last one it felt cruisey and not all out, which was the plan.

4.04 181 189
4.09 181 189
4.08 183 190
4.05 182 191
3.59 185 194

Actually fun. No ways.

Monday Nov 8, 2010 #

Running 28:10 [2] 2.6 mi (10:50 / mi)
ahr:143 max:168 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Easy recovery jog in the snow/freezing rain/sleet! Really fun to be out in the cold stuff, but it was pretty slippy on the downhills. Some pretty slidey cars out there too!

Strength 35:00 [1]
ahr:121 max:159 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Strength session at the gym. Same weights as my aborted attempt to start a couple of weeks ago. Felt much better this time though. Had to keep moving because an Asian guy making serious gurning sounds kept following me and expecting me to be impressed. I wasn't, it was creepy. I don't think he could hear quite how offputting he sounded through his iPod tunes.

Running 5:47 [3] 0.7 mi (8:16 / mi)
ahr:160 max:169 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Run back home for a welcome shower. It has stopped snowing but was pretty slippy.

Sunday Nov 7, 2010 #

Long run 1:13:00 intensity: (58:00 @3) + (15:00 @4) 8.2 mi (8:54 / mi)
ahr:165 max:186 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Despite yesterday's long day of uber fun ending at around 1.30am, I was wide awake at 7.50 this morning (the clocks changing may have something to do with that!) and head out for my long run. Very chilly out there today, but gloriously sunny. East Rock has entirely changed character since I last ran there - the green is all gone and huge swathes of beautiful open woodland have opened up everywhere. Legs felt a bit stiff to start after all the walking yesterday, but sub threshold section in the middle (which will go to low threshold in 4 weeks time) felt really good. Amazing to be awake and done by 10am! Now into the lab...

Saturday Nov 6, 2010 #

Running 30:00 intensity: (19:00 @2) + (11:00 @5) 3.5 mi (8:34 / mi)
ahr:158 max:191 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Reason I'm clearly not overtrained number 2 - after failing to get up pretty much every day this week, I am wide awake and feeling great at 6.30 this morning before our big trip to NYC with Mike, Marie and Anne-Louise. Clearly just really, really not happy with work at the moment then! So went for my Saturday session before we left - just 19 mins recovery style pace and 11 mins threshold. Surprisingly sprightly for silly o clock in the morning - it was totally dark!

Then had a brilliant day in New York. Lots of shopping, although I failed ot find any nice new clothes, which was not cool at all. Some delicious brunch and then an excellent Italian place for dinner - well worth the wait for the table. Rob and I played pool for a bit too (I say played, Rob trashed me at pool), and we did a huge amount of walking around Soho and that area. Really fun day. Yey!

Thursday Nov 4, 2010 #

Zumba 1:00:00 [2]

After another dreadful day in the lab I was feeling down, and when Anne-Louise and Marie suggested a girlie night of Zumba and margaritas, I was a little nervous of my ability to perform latin style moves but thought I would give it a go. It was really fun, I felt a bit silly at times but everyone was smiley and it was a real breath of fresh air. There were some pretty tough squats and lunges in the middle, but my heart rate never got too high as I was a bit rubbish in general. Zumba plus margaritas makes a much happier Becky. At least until 10am tomorrow.

Wednesday Nov 3, 2010 #

Recovery 28:00 [2] 2.9 mi (9:39 / mi)
ahr:148 max:166 rhr:48 shoes: 09 Saucony Grid

Did a trial very easy jog this morning. Great to be out in the fresh air - it's cold! Felt a little light headed by legs and chest and stuff fine.


So...I think I have decided that I need to at least consider looking for a new job for when my contract is up in March. I am trying to think of what I might do outside academia, but I really have no ides where to start. Any ideas anyone? Any ideas of where to go to talk to people about such things?

Tuesday Nov 2, 2010 #

(rest day)

Much less crap today, but still an unsettled stomach and tired. I think I caught what Rob had at the end of last week, but he's better now. So I'm hoping just another easy day and then back into it. Bored now!

Monday Nov 1, 2010 #

Note I feel like crap. Sniffly and sneezy and light headed. Plenty of vegetables and an early night on the way. This is very frustrating.

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