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Injuries: TheInvisibleLog

start end days side area type severity resolution/wisdom
view 8/24/18 9/18/18 25 L Hip/Pelvis Groin Pull 3 Rest. No running at all. Slowly and gently back into it.
view 4/15/18 5/19/18 34 R Upper Leg Hamstring Pain 3 Almost gone now, but I know its still a risk of recurrence. Rest then massage and the ball of pain.
view 4/13/18 4/21/18 8 L Knee Patellar tendonitis 2 The usual wait, rest, dealing with inflammation.
view 10/27/17 11/5/17 9 L Knee Other 2 Turned out to be a patella tracking issue. Rest, ice, taping resolved this one.
view 3/19/17 4/10/17 22 R Lower Leg Achilles Tendonitis 2 Lots of rest because of a calf injury seemed to help. Massage and ultra as well.
view 3/18/17 4/13/17 26 L Lower Leg Calf Strain 2 Recovered just in time for the WMOC carnival. Regular physio - massage and ultra. Diligent str...
view 2/19/17 3/19/17 28 L Torso Impact wound / trauma 3 Time is the only cure.
view 2/2/17 2/24/17 22 L Upper Leg Hamstring Pain 2 Hope I am recovered. Serious stretching and also enforced rest (illness then injury).
view 9/30/16 10/1/16 1 R Foot Plantar Fasciitis 1 Rest for a day. No warm up before the event.
view 7/7/16 7/18/16 11 R Hip/Pelvis Groin Pull 3 Rested, it went away, but it returned, so rested longer next time. Needed four days rest.
view 1/13/16 1/18/16 5 L Knee Other 3 Full on rest. Lots of ice and compression for two days. Patella tracking issue
view 12/10/15 12/11/15 1 L Foot Other 3 After a days rest it seems resolved. From acute to nothing in a day. Will have to watch this one....
view 11/1/15 11/7/15 6 R Knee Patellar tendonitis 3 Time and knee exercises.
view 8/17/15 10/1/15 45 R Foot Plantar Fasciitis 2 Eccentric stretching, rest time and ibuprofen
view 5/28/15 6/1/15 4 R Lower Leg Calf Strain 1 Short rest period, some wheel of pain massage.
view 4/23/15 4/28/15 5 R Foot Ankle Sprain 3 Just the usual rest, ice compression elevation.
view 4/10/15 5/9/15 29 L Torso Impact wound / trauma 3 The first two weeks were hard but after that it receded into background.
view 3/24/15 4/10/15 17 Torso Lower Back Pain 2 Wait. Keep active. Lots of ibuprofen. Do the back exercises.
view 9/8/14 7/10/15 305 R Foot Plantar Fasciitis 2 Recovered as in I have managed almost 50 kilometres in a week for the first time in quite some ti...
view 3/6/14 7/8/14 124 L Knee Patellar tendonitis 2 One leg squats seems to help. Now the exercise is in the maintenance program.
view 2/13/14 2/14/14 1 R Foot Plantar Fasciitis 1 Disappeared very quickly. But has come back. Now have diagnosis
view 11/24/13 11/30/13 6 L Knee Other 3 Patella tracking issue. Rest for a few days, then strapping to shift the patella. Still a risk of...
view 10/9/13 10/20/13 11 Torso Lower Back Pain 3 Initial rest, then back exercises and gentle jogging when able. Must maintain back exercises.
view 9/17/13 10/20/13 33 L Lower Leg Achilles Tendonitis 3 Achilles heel lowers every day (16*30), then dealing with subsequent back issues.
view 3/14/13 3/16/13 2 Torso Lower Back Pain 3 A day pf rest and keeping moving
view 3/1/12 6/5/12 96 R Upper Leg Hamstring Pain 2 Lots more rest (weeks), driven by another injury, seems to have solved the problem.
view 2/6/12 3/4/12 27 L Knee Patellar tendonitis 3
view 12/13/11 1/10/12 28 L Knee Patellar tendonitis 2 The more acute pain gradually subsided, leaving residual soreness and some limited mobility. Icin...
view 12/7/11 12/11/11 4 R Knee Patellar tendonitis 3 The usual 3 day wait
view 10/17/11 10/20/11 3 R Knee Patellar tendonitis 2 Rest as usual. Takes as long to recreate the symptoms as to rest them out.
view 9/9/11 9/12/11 3 Knee Patellar tendonitis 2 Like before... three days off running and it seems to be fixed.
view 8/16/11 8/26/11 10 Sick Cold 2 Usual rhino virus,. Ran on the Saturday event and paid for it that evening with half the night co...
view 6/29/11 7/6/11 7 R Knee Patellar tendonitis 1 Came good almost instantaneously after a 2 hour car trip. Suggests the problem is a mobile piece ...
view 6/23/11 6/25/11 2 Torso Lower Back Pain 2 Slow down and extra caution on back xercises
view 6/5/11 6/14/11 9 Torso Lower Back Pain 3 In the end increasing pain forced total rest for a day, and then a slow recovery ensued. Wisdom....
view 10/11/10 10/13/10 2 Knee Patellar tendonitis 3 Rest for a short while
view 6/19/10 6/22/10 3 L Knee Patellar tendonitis 3 Just waiting for a few days solved it. A mystery.
view 6/14/10 6/19/10 5 L Foot Ankle Sprain 3 Rest for the week, and post injury ice, compression.
view 5/9/10 6/7/10 29 L Upper Leg Hamstring Pain 2 Went away gradually over a few weeks.
view 3/9/10 3/23/10 14 Upper Leg Hamstring Pain 1 Slowly disappeared over a week. Still tight though.
view 9/30/09 10/7/09 7 R Foot Ankle Sprain 3
view 10/1/08 6/30/09 272 Lower Leg Achilles Tendonitis 2
view 2/26/08 2/28/08 2 L Foot Plantar Fasciitis 2 Rest, change work shoes
view 8/27/07 1/5/08 131 R Knee Other 3 Orthopedic surgeons can be useful. Heaps of time wasted hoping it would go away, accepting there ...
view 4/24/07 8/29/07 127 Lower Leg Achilles Tendonitis 1 Cause probably age. Not much I can do about that. Cure:- thee standard eccentric stretching exe...
view 1/3/07 1/17/07 14 R Foot Ankle Sprain 2 Rested from running eventually when I realised it wasn't going to recover if I kept running. MTB ...
view 9/10/06 9/19/06 9 L Upper Leg Hamstring Pain 2 Just slow and non intense gentle and short runs. Basically, taking it easy.
view 8/17/06 8/26/06 9 L Lower Leg Calf Strain 2 A few bouts of deep massage worked better than rest!
view 8/15/06 8/20/06 5 L Torso Lower Back Pain 2 This is fixed by keeping the back mobile. Don't stop running, even if its really slow.
view 8/8/06 8/13/06 5 L Lower Leg Calf Strain 3 Took a break, then decided I try it out on the Maxi-3hr. Worjed on the assumption that it was slo...

Training Log: TheInvisibleLog