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Race Evaluation

Gauteng Short Course - Tshwane University of Technology: Course 1


1. Read map too late
Followed others
everybody went through a gate that was marked uncrossable! - so i turned around and didn't use it, lost time with the doubling back as well as the resulting longer route.
2. Took a chance
could have been a little faster if i didn't try cut the corner and then find there was no way through.
3. +00:02lost a couple of seconds, the control was on the wrong man made object
4. good leg
5. Ran too fast
Read map too late
Did not like map
Bad map reading
Confused parallel features
Could not relocate
serious error here - perhaps a type of parellel error, it seems i was not alone in making it
6. Did not read control description
luckily i saw the gate under the number 6 - although i still went to the fence corner instead of the boulder cluster.
7. OK
8. +00:05could have gone straighter to the gate, i knew that i needed to from reading ahead
9. +00:05some hesitation in the route choce, i couldnt make the map match the terrain for what would hae been a quicker route choice.
10. good, but frustrated by the small walls that were not marked on the map
11. +00:05i shuold have gone round the top, to the top of the stairs, instead i went to the corner of the parking lot and had to go up the stairs
12. ok - could have run quicker but i was reading ahead
13. slowed to a walk to decide on route choice around the green with the appearance of some unmarked paths, looks like it paid off.
14. Bad route choice
used an unmarked drain to run between a building and green vegatation, not the best route choice however.
15. had some unmarked paths to assist me in the route through the green
16. +01:30OPEN gate in a fence - same as on 1. unfair route choice cost over a minute, also the circle obscured the fence round the control so i ended up on the wrong side of the fence.
17. ok
18. great
19. was tierd by now
F. ok but had nothing left for the run in.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:47

Split Analysis

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