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Training Log Archive: BigWillyStyle

In the 7 days ending Jun 5, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering5 5:08:52 23.78(12:59) 38.28(8:04) 1286111c
  Running6 1:12:55 5.46(13:21) 8.79(8:18) 2305c
  Total10 6:21:47 29.24(13:03) 47.06(8:07) 1516116c

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Sunday Jun 5, 2016 #

6 AM

Orienteering race 44:26 [4] *** 6.09 km (7:17 / km) +254m 6:02 / km


TT Middle. Came into the third day in a position similar to last year, but better situated (2nd in 2016 v. 4th in 2015), only needing to not have a very poor race to stay among the top 4-5 spots. Last year I blew it; this year I didn't. Middles are generally my worst discipline, and I knew I didn't need a spectacular result in this one, so my mindset at the start line was to stay in control and not approach that razor's edge of outrunning my nav.

And wouldn't you know it, I still didn't have a particularly good race - I lost ~80s on 4 after coming in without a plan and heading to the wrong cliff, then another 30s after I left 4 in the wrong direction down the slope toward 11 and had to climb several unnecessary contours back up. Also lost ~45s on 13 after attacking with no plan other than "climb hill and look for control" and ~30s on 14 after coming in too high and dropping back down - there seemed to be more rock in that area than was mapped.

This time I was the first TT M21 starter, with Greg 2min and Eric 4min behind. Didn't see anyone till Greg caught me at 13, then the Bonesaw caught both of us at 14. I was happy to take a seat on the Eric Express after that (I think I've earned a lifetime first-class ticket at this point) and it was just like we were back home at Lord Hill, Teanaway, or Fishtrap.

So, Team Trials is over. Regardless of results or rankings, I have trained well and performed as close to the best of my ability as I could have reasonably expected. Therefore, I am at peace.
9 AM

Running warm up/down 15:54 [2] *** 1.3 mi (12:14 / mi) +35m 11:17 / mi

Warm-up map
11 AM

Running warm up/down 9:36 [2] 0.66 mi (14:33 / mi) +15m 13:35 / mi

Warm-down w/Greg

Saturday Jun 4, 2016 #

7 AM

Orienteering race 1:51:46 [4] *** 15.13 km (7:23 / km) +571m 6:13 / km


TT Long. Simply put, this was one of the most technically sound races I have ever run, on one of the more technical courses I've ever run. The very first control - a longish contouring leg across a vague rocky hillside - looked terrifying and potentially race-destroying. I took it very carefully, going through 12, then counting rock features, but still came in too high. I eventually recognized that I was in the very rocky reentrant W of the control and circled back. Could've sworn that I was wandering for at least 2+ min, though I was only 1:38 behind Eric's top split.

After that things went a lot better, and 1 would prove to be by far my worst mistake. Apart from some hesitations in control circles trying to parse the rock detail at 1:15000, I was planning and executing well, and maintaining a good pace yet careful not to push too hard. Thank God for Alex and her Billygoat, which gave me an invaluable understanding of how the various forms of plentiful New England rock look, feel, and translate to paper.

I was the last TT M21 starter, with the Bonesaw 3min and Ross 6min ahead - so in other words I assumed I'd be alone the whole race. However, I caught Brendan at 12, we lost a minute together on 13, I got away, then caught sight of some more blue/red heading up through the rocky slope toward 16. Turned out to be Ross and Kenny (Kenny gave me a nice word of support, which I appreciated). We then proceeded as a group to lose a minute or so on 16 (though according to GPS we passed within ~20m on the first shot).

I got away from them on the way to 17, and at that point started to freak out a little bit - knew I was having a really solid race, and didn't want to do something stupid near the end, but made myself concentrate and decided to take safe, if not particularly fast, routes on some of the 18-22 group.

Ended up not doing anything awful and came second, ~5min behind Eric, with similar time loss. Had to take some time after finishing to settle myself down. I was very emotional (in a good way) - I think because in my head this was the race that 3.5 years of training have culminated in.
10 AM

Running warm up/down 17:45 [2] 1.5 mi (11:50 / mi) +30m 11:08 / mi

Friday Jun 3, 2016 #

1 PM

Orienteering race 15:54 [4] ** 3.64 km (4:22 / km) +37m 4:09 / km


TT Sprint. Had a decent race, but went right on 3 and was confused by the area around the bridge, which caused me to lose 15s, then another 8-10s on 4 when I had started out high but suddenly saw the OOB blocking that route. Only other time loss was 5s on the way to 20, due to taking the route past 16 instead of the one past 17.

First four controls were somewhat technical, but after that it was a straightforward runner's course. Lots of dangerous olive green (especially on the way to 1, where someone was posted), some of which was tricky because it was merely bark/mulch instead of grass, without flowers or shrubs to differentiate it from distance.
4 PM

Running warm up/down 12:32 [2] 1.03 mi (12:10 / mi) +20m 11:28 / mi

Wednesday Jun 1, 2016 #


Training map from Monday here
Opposite of training map from Monday here

Monday May 30, 2016 #

10 AM

Orienteering 1:35:01 intensity: (45:01 @2) + (50:00 @3) *** 9.94 km (9:33 / km) +309m 8:16 / km

11 AM

Running warm up/down 5:24 [2] 0.51 mi (10:35 / mi)

2 PM

Orienteering 41:45 intensity: (21:45 @2) + (20:00 @3) **** 3.47 km (12:02 / km) +115m 10:19 / km

Running warm up/down 11:44 [2] 0.46 mi (25:31 / mi) +130m 13:35 / mi

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