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Training Log Archive: vmeyer

In the 7 days ending Jun 5, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 6:18:10 14.53(26:02) 23.38(16:11) 4190
  Running/Walking2 2:00:42 8.98(13:26) 14.45(8:21) 62
  Swimming2 1:00:00
  Biking1 56:00 10.87(5:09) 17.49(3:12) 100
  Mowing/Yard1 10:00
  Total8 10:24:52 34.38 55.32 4353
averages - weight:178.4lbs

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Sunday Jun 5, 2016 #

10 AM

Orienteering race (Rogaine) 5:14:42 [3] *** 11.17 mi (28:10 / mi) +586m 24:14 / mi

Event aptly titled by hughmac3 as Sandy’s Wonderful ROGAINE, or perhaps it should be Wonderful Sandy’s ROGAINE. Either way, it fits, and I was glad I was there!

Agreed to be registrar and results person a while back, when I was in a shady place, both mentally and physically. I figured having an event to focus on would be good for me, and I since I was in horrible shape, I had no plans to go out. But, things started turning around in my life, and as I got fitter, I was a little sad to think that I would just be sitting around all day, waiting for happy competitors to return.

So, I broached the idea to Sandy that I compete also, and she was immediately on board, so I changed my mindset from volunteer to volunteer/competitor. On the morning of the event, Sandy handled the many questions from people, while Amy and I checked people in, among other things.
Amy helping Eric seal up his map while Bob looks one…

As is my typical rogaine/score behavior/mindset, I had no plan, and I had no desire to make a plan or decide on a plan. Instead, I took Amy’s plan, added on a few controls before I went out, and a few more while in the woods, and that was my plan. I threw things in my pack, greased up my feet, and I was off. Too bad that I forgot to put any insoles into my shoes. I wondered why they were so easy to get on, and it would be germane later on.

My goals were to not break myself, not do anything stupid, walk the entire thing, have fun, find controls, stay out for six hours, not be overtime, and to beat hm3 and the Vickers team.

The weather forecast called for severe storms, but there was no rain at the start, nor anything significant throughout the day. Anyone wearing glasses had an issue with the wetness from the trees, and I mostly wore mine on the top of my head. No use whining about – just dealt the best I could, wiping them off on the occasions when I really needed a little more clarity…

I ate 2 gels, 1 bar, 1 package of shotbloks (sp?), some bugles and diet coke, and drank about 100 oz water during the event.

Start-41 (7:42/7:42): The race started at 10 AM sharp, and 50 individuals and teams headed off. I hadn’t even looked at a route choice to my first control at this point, so I headed off with the crowd with the plan to take a safe route until I got my head in the game. I missed seeing the trail from the road option, so I cut up to it from north of the road. Hit the control with a few others. Heard what sounded like many ducks quacking on the way, perhaps on one of the ponds?

41-61 (7:37/15:19): Took this one fairly straight, keeping Francis and one of the coed teams in sight, so navigation was pretty easy.

61-43 (17:51/33:10): Looked at this and told myself that it could be a problem, and still my plan was not much of a plan – head along the cliffs and don’t be stupid and go over the side. Slow going and I was lucky to find the trail and sort out where I was, and find the control, without too much time lost. Actually feeling pretty confident at this point, reminding myself that it had been a long time since I had navigated in such tough terrain on a 1:15 map.

The non-view from 43, the highest point, closest control to the map’s edge, which I visited.

43-74 (10:46/43:56): Despite any new found confidence, I decided to take the safe route from 43-74, staying on the trail and then down the reentrant and up the spur. Heard the strong sound of the falls on the way to this control. Rob was coming in from the other side of the spur when I was leaving.

74-32 (11:02/54:58): Stayed with the trail, and tried to keep track of the hill tops. Visited the adjacent one first.

32-70 (4:16/59:14): Started going the wrong way out of the control, sorting of thinking that Hannah and Bob were going my way. Stopped pretty quickly, turned myself around, and over to the control.

70-42 (5:48/1:05:02): Up the reentrant, felt like it was much further than it looked on the map. Rob was ahead of me here.

42-68 (8:26/1:13:28): Had a good plan, and it looks like I was right on line to follow the stones into the control, but I panicked a little in the green and decided to bail to the trail and not chance getting off line and wandering aimlessly.

68-49 (15:03/1:28:31): Not the best route choice, but I did it on purpose to make sure I hit the creek as quickly as possible, and then took the safe way into the control.

49-63 (7:26/1:35:57): Using the flat reentrant to go through the low area, keeping the hill to my right, and into the control – very pleasing.

63-50 (8:38/1:44:35): Another safe route. Headed for the tip of the spur, not seeing the pond on the map until I got there. Rob was sitting here eating, so I pulled out my bar of some type, and ate that. Hurried off to see if I could get ahead of him. Turns out that we did 8 controls in a row, but I only saw him at 74 on the way out, 70, 42, and 50, the last of the 8.

50-54 (11:19/1:55:54): Looks straight forward, but it was slow going to this control, even including the short stop at 50.

54-F (29:27/2:25:21 –includes HH time): Here is where things went wrong for a while. I should have turned right around and gone back the way I came into the control, but instead I thought I could angle 45 degrees to the right and cut the corner. Well, I was in deadfall hell, only made worse by the fact that it was all covered in ferns. It took me about 10-12 minutes to extricate myself from this mess, and the fun factor was pretty low at this point, and I also had no idea where I was. Ended up on a trail, which took me to the road, and at that point it was just seemed like a good idea to stop in at the hash house for a little breather. Had some bugles for the salt and a bit of diet coke. Dried my glasses, for a ten minute fog free period, and headed back out.

F-73 (12:43/2:38:04): Couldn’t get in at the curve of the road, where David was standing on one side and Kathy was standing on the other, waiting for instructions… Went further down the road and followed the veg boundries around to the control.

73-53 (22:48/3:00:52): The second of my major adventures, almost back to back. Let a big barren area with broken trees sticking up in it confuse the heck out of me. After a bit of a wander, I finally committed to going to the road to sort myself out. In the meantime, I was able to figure out that I was on the rock wall on the incorrect side of the pond, and I made my way around to the correct side and to the control.

53-31 (11:30/3:12:22): To the road, stopping in the driveway to tighten up my shoes. Why are they so loose?! No problem with the control.

31-65 (10:57/3:23:19): OK.

65-58 (12:32/3:35:51): Climbed hill from trail/stream junction but did not go far enough to the top the first time.

58-39 (6:15/3:42:06): Was around another person for the first time in a couple of hours.

39-33 (5:10/3:47:16): OK.

33-44 (4:58/3:52:14): OK.

44-66 (4:41/3:56:55): OK.

Out of 66, a spiky tree that caught my eye – not literally, thank goodness.

Wet and happy! Well, except for my feet, which are killing me.

66-46 (26:15/4:23:10):

I wanted to follow the indistinct trail to 46, but I couldn’t really see it at all because of the gloomy and the whole glasses thing. So, thinking I had gone far enough, I dropped down the reentrant where I didn’t belong.

With Sandy and Roger in my head, I didn’t even consider trying to find a way across the falls. With my tail between my legs, I backtracked up the hill and went along until I could drop into 46 at the correct place.

46-38 (15:32/4:38:42): Needing to regain my confidence, I took the trail all of the way around to 38. I was ready to walk it in when I got closest to the camp, but I decided that I would get the rest of the planned controls.

38-64 (6:07/4:44:49): OK, though a little green to fight through.

64-76 (15:24/5:00:13): I debated getting 47, then 76, but I decided that 76-47 would be easier. I found 76 yesterday during my adventure on Sprint 2. Trail was a little sketchy, and I dropped down to the swamp too early and had to crawl around some small cliffs.

76-47 (6:35/5:06:48): No brainer at this point – out to road, back in where there were some elephant tracks coming from the control.

47-F (8:08/5:14:56): Up the road to the finish. Tried to run a little, but it felt like I was walking on the pavement in my bare feet. It wasn’t until I washed my shoes the next day that I realized that there were no insoles in my shoes, and I wear thicker insoles because of my tender feet issues. Oops.

Recap: So pleased with how good I felt throughout, with very few out of breath moments, despite all of the hilltop control locations. ;) Besides my feet, which is likely a solvable situation, this went really well, even if I didn’t beat hm3 and the Vickers team.

1380/2775 points
21/50 Overall
1/6 Solo Female
12/25 Solo

My inchworm buddy – did not cooperate with me for a good inching up my leg picture...

Saturday Jun 4, 2016 #

3 PM

Orienteering race (Sprint 1) 15:08 [3] *** 1.7 km (8:54 / km) +3524m 47 / km

FR = 1.23 miles with 24.2 m climb

The original plan was for me to set the sprints for Sandy, but my heart wasn't really into it, so Sandy did it, and therefore I could run them without having seen them ahead of time.

A "straight forward" sprint around the PEEC campus and a little bit into the woods. Only error was to #2 since I wasn't really into the scale. You could see #1 from the start, so I hauled to that, and then paid the price on the next one by stopping at scratching my head too early. Went well after that. Always happy to be able to feel good enough to spring, and breaking 10 min/k was a nice bonus.

Orienteering race (Sprint 2) 28:32 [3] *** 1.85 km (15:25 / km) +40m 13:55 / km

FR = 1.81 miles with 23.5 m climb

This didn't go as well as the first sprint...I tried to cut the corner from 9-10 and ended up nowhere near where I belonged. Nine minutes of error!! Ugh!

On the good news side, my give a damn has returned with my fitness, and it was nice to care.

Orienteering race (Sprint 2 redo) 19:48 [3] *** 1.85 km (10:42 / km) +40m 9:40 / km

FR = 1.36 miles with 23.5 m climb

Messing up Sprint 2 kind of ticked me off, so as I was coming in, I decided to rerun it. Soaking wet and fogged glasses, and a little pooped, but off I went again, knowing that I needed to be clean to get fed dinner in the dining hall before it closed.

Better this time, taking the conservative route to #10, and this was my only error of the rerun - just being slow taking the long way.

Glad I did it again, though was a bit worried that I had done my legs in for the next day...

Friday Jun 3, 2016 #

Swimming 30:00 [3]

Swimming, swimming, in the swimming pool. Motivated to swim hard by woman going similar pace in adjacent lane. I kept "winning" but it required some extra effort.

Dinner with Roger at the Greek Festival:

A rainbow

Thursday Jun 2, 2016 #

11 AM

Mowing/Yard (Mow) 10:00 [1]

Another short day at work. I could get used to this. May have to make tomorrow the third day in a row...Mowed while Fios was being installed. Deb nips Dennis showed up an hour early - not complaining. Must be my week for timely service appointments.

4 PM

Running/Walking (Treadmill) 1:00:00 intensity: (30:00 @1) + (30:00 @2) 4.75 mi (12:38 / mi)
weight:177lbs shoes: Hoka Pokey

Before dinner. Walk 10 min @ 4 mph, run 10 @ 5.5, repeat, then walk 5, run 10, walk 5. Right heel a little tight, but otherwise all feels decent.

Wednesday Jun 1, 2016 #


The orphans court approved the estate paperwork today, and now the hard part is over!

Send out the checks, figure out the 1041 part, and then I am done.

What a relief. Had a drink to celebrate. May prove to be a mistake.
6 PM

Biking 56:00 [1] 10.87 mi (5:09 / mi) +100m 5:00 / mi

Worked three hours this morning (still no AC - office temp 87 when I left at 9:30). Made two stops to pick up things for this weekend. After that was my annual physical, postponed twice since April. All is well. Twenty-two pounds lower than last April.

Meant to cycle on W&OD after, but I had forgotten my bike. Oops. Home for a nice nap with Roger instead, then dinner, and finally a ride.

Skittles again today. Lots of skittles. And even better than skittles is warm skittles. No more skittles! Sugar binge is over.

Poison ivy on arms, just little patches. Guess I wasn't as careful as I thought when removing it from the garden on Monday.

On a brighter note - peony...

Tuesday May 31, 2016 #

Swimming 30:00 [1]

Ugh! No AC at work, though my little fan, and the fact that I am the only one in my space, makes a bit more bearable than the classrooms full of sweaty middle schoolers. The temp was 80.2 when I got to work, and now it is 79.7 at 2 PM.

Planned swim was easy to follow through with, that's for sure.

Worked on legs and arms together, because it turns out that once I start kicking a little, I stop pulling so much. A good mental effort to be more coordinated. Kind of like patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time...

In yard news...I finally got a clematis to grow more than one flower at a time. I love clematis.

Monday May 30, 2016 #

6 PM

Running/Walking 1:00:42 [1] 4.23 mi (14:21 / mi) +62m 13:43 / mi
weight:182lbs shoes: Hoka Pokey

Garden work at 7 am, followed by waiting for the AC repair man. Not an ordeal - not only was it an easy fix, free under my maintenance contract, but I was the 9 am appointment. Woohoo!

Lunch, followed by a long nap, making up for little rest in the stickiness last night. An early dinner, so it looked like the streak was at an end. Feeling a llittle sad at the thought, so I waited until near 7 to let dinner settle some, and then got a walk in, with some running 200s on the track.

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