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Foreign Body / Abrasion (Eye)

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Average recovery time: 16 days

Recorded Instances

Henny0 daysCar bonnet only remained there for a fraction of a second.details
Hämis1 daysdetails
coach1 daysdetails
vyc1 daysdetails
Jeff2 daysdetails
Hobitas2 daysdetails
Hobitas2 daysdetails
Hobitas2 daysdetails
Marius2 daysdetails
Hobitas2 daysdetails
Elvis2 daysdetails
V-a-n-d-a2 daysdetails
Elvis2 daysdetails
Hobitas3 daysdetails
Shep3 daysdetails
Martinsson3 daysdetails
CHARLIE-B3 daysdetails
CHARLIE-B3 daysdetails
AronB3 daysdetails
pfc4 daysSeems completely healed by Wed afternoon. Should look into sports glasses with better eye coverage.details
Hobitas4 daysdetails
O-ing4 daysDon't sleep with your contact lenses in. blister lens, anaesthetic. details
razza4 daysdetails
RichT4 daysTraining/racing too hard - low immune system ?details
bodgie5 daysdetails
Hobitas5 daysdetails
Mark35 daysdetails
Boje5 daysdetails
on-the-wave6 daysdetails
Hobitas6 daysdetails
boyle7 daysdetails
jleh7 daysdetails
Steve R7 daysdetails
rcro7 daysdetails
balcius9 daysI am hetting protective googles for running. details
Mark39 daysOnly ever in right eye. Got antibiotic eye drops but not sure it was bacterial rather than viral so dunno if they actually did anything. So probably just time.details
Mini Forklift10 daysdetails
forrest11 daysCan finally wear my contacts again.details
Yannick12 daysdetails
Reini12 daysdetails
Black_Knight13 daysA couple of days of eye drops a couple of times a day seems to have sorted it out. Need to keep applying thm after Ive been paddling.details
T.Fong14 daysDon't play soccer with people who take it too seriouslydetails
Joshosh15 daysDont get a bullrush in your eye.details
hkleaf18 daysBacitracin Oinment applied to the affected eye 4 times a day for ~2 week. No wearing of contact lens for the duration.details
-19 daysdetails
Jagge22 daysdetails
Ollie22 daysdetails
Hobitas28 daysReikėtu anksčiau kreiptis pas daktarus.details
Some150 days5 Visits to the Eye+Ear Hospital.. some serious antibotics and some sort of steroid to slow the recovery and limit the scarring..details
spilka52 daysdetails
JennyJ54 daysStill sore every so often (linked with hormonal dry eyes I think)details
trailchampion56 daysdetails
balage64 days2 hónap után gyógyulttá nyílvánítottak, a jogsiból törlik a szemüveg-korlátozástdetails
Miikka74 daysdetails
StefanJ91 daysSynen helt återställd på tremånaderskontrollen. details
undy141 daysDon't think its going to get any better - maybe that's how it was before ?details
O-ing3299+ daysdetails