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Training Log Archive: Joe

In the 7 days ending Jul 18, 2010:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Orienteering3 11:45:00 16.78 27.029 /31c93%97710.0
  bike4 8:15:00 42.87(5.2/h) 69.0(8.4/h)20 /22c90%72480.0
  paddle2 5:15:00 23.61(4.5/h) 38.0(7.2/h)7 /7c100%43410.0
  running2 2:47:30 9.63(17:23) 15.5(10:48) 3053 /3c100%20952.5
  gym1 1:33 9220.1
  Total12 28:04:03 92.89 149.5 31459 /63c93%234772.6

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Sunday Jul 18, 2010 #

1 AM

Orienteering race (score) 5:30:00 [2] ***

Score O at Pinckney state park
went ccw and saved 1 for last. I think attackpoints were easier in this direction.
OK to 12, but immediately noticed how thick the woods were. opted out to trail and around on road/trail to 11, back to trail to 5 with a misread on the clue (no loss of time really). back to trail and between swamps, but things started to get sketchy. I really paid attention to my compass in here (baseplate - not my usual wrist type) and hit the shore very close to where we should be, but did not align said compass up with the shoreline well. Jeff saw what appeared to be a reflecting white light which we interpreted as the control. More compass work and it just doesn't look right. points west when it should be northwest. oh well, it may be on the wrong island so we go waste deep in the bogs towards the light and it disappears. OK, something is wrond and I call the boys off the search and realign the compass on the shore and walk north until there is a distinct change in the direction. well what should appear before my eyes, but a quaint little ole timber bridge that is mostly submerged with handrails that would not catch your fall. we hustle out to the second island and punch the flag and continue along the course avoiding the woods whenever we can.
2, 3 (aka 30), 6 go fine, some more wet feet, but not much we can do about they eh? I thought about 7 for awhile and wanted to find a clean/easy to execute route in, but also did not want to run twice the distance on trail to get there. I chose to use the yellow fields, but they were so overgrown they were worse than the woods. compass comes in handy again and we nail the bag. on trail again to 8, 10 and 9. bad attack on 9, but it was one of the few areas along the trail that was not a wall of green. circled around north and west parts of the depression, but could not see the flag (it was now daylight and we did not have the advantage of the reflector) so we attempted to bail to the power line and attack again, but that was too thick. decided to paralled the PL and bam, we hit the flag. so thick in here!
7 AM

running race 1:30:00 [1] ** 7.0 km (12:51 / km)
spiked:3/3c shoes: addidas black 2

trek on over to the paddle, 2 cps along the way. one was a no brainer, just some easy cimbing and the other was a balancing act. jason was a nice guy to volunteer and get it.
we walked almost the entire leg. feet were now wrinkled and swollen.
8 AM

paddle race (river) 2:00:00 [2] 16.0 km (8.0 kph)

down river paddle on the huron - mostly just flatwater, but some sections of rocky moving water. quite enjoyable with turtles, geese, ducks, sandhill cranes and GBH some head bobbing until I doused myself with water. then the pace picked up until it ended in a sprint with our teammates to the take out.
10 AM

bike race (road) 30:00 [2] ** 9.0 km (18.0 kph)
1c shoes: Shimano M122.1

we made it before the cut off with all the cps. a good day.

thanks to my team (SONY, JAYXC, ROUSHUNTER) for getting me back on my bike and moving me forward. if not for you fnjoe would be lost. you rock. leka

Saturday Jul 17, 2010 #

running ** 167.0 km ( / km)

Adventure rage
Ann arbor Michigan
8 AM

paddle race 3:15:00 [3] ** 22.0 km (6.8 kph)

Paddle from start near Michigan Center near the spillway of Center Lake
back and forth on center lake, Round lake, Moon lake, Dollar lake, Little Olcott lake, Olcott lake, Wolf lake and finished on the east shore of Little Wolf Lake. One small hesitation when the route required us to push through some water foliage.

it was warm when we started and it just got worse. we headed towards the sun so we were getting it directly in our faces. word of the day was to be F'n hot.
11 AM

bike race (mtb) 1:15:00 [3] ** 22.0 km (17.6 kph)
spiked:9/10c shoes: Shimano M122.1

road bike mostly to a short meadow loop, then more road to next TA

definately the slowest one here. Jeff and Jen were doing a great job of pushing me up some of the "hills".
I could tell I was already behind on fluids, but when you have to tend to maps AND do everything your teamates are doing you just seem to be rushed and forget to take care of yourself.

arrived at the O section as first 4 coed, but not first. time to get to work.
1 PM

Orienteering 4:15:00 [4] *** 22.0 km (11:35 / km)
spiked:15/16c shoes: addidas black 2

Score O course at Waterloo state park
map was shrunk from 1:10 to 1:20
this was not good! even with my mag. glasses the contour detail was almost unreadable. maybe if you added about 300 slope tags I might have been able to run while reading the map. all in all though we moved swiftly, running most of the trails and marching through the waist high poison ivy . . . . in shorts.
we managed to pass one team and lost time on another.

while washing off with Zanfel in the pond at the TA I knew I was going into the next bike in pretty bad shape. the heat was having its way with me. tough to eat, tough to drink. I have been here before though so I prepared for the worst. our crew got me tanked up and off we went.
5 PM

bike race (mtb) 2:00:00 [5] *** 15.0 km (7.5 kph)
spiked:3/3c shoes: Shimano M122.1

started out slow and it did not help as I was immobilized after only 500 meters of riding. the cramps were world class. at this point I have not pissed in almost 6 hours. I finished my last bladder with an hour to go on the O course.

it started on the inside of left leg, then the right, then the right calf and repeat for the next two hours. I finished my 2 liter bladder in under an hour at the direction of Jeff, who knows what it is like to cramp. Jason and Jen just coached me along the trail as teammates should. they were patient with me and I did not want to throw in the towel. too much course ahead and we had a small lead. time would tell if we could hold everyone off. I have been in this position many times (my curse) and eventually I bounce back - not very strong, but I survive. we refilled my bladder at an unoccupied house. thanks!

by the time we pulled into the manned optional foot O course I was able to ride without cramps. still, we walked the next section.

7 PM

Orienteering race 2:00:00 [2] ** 5.0 km (24:00 / km)
spiked:3/3c shoes: Shimano M122.1

3 point loop for bonus cp's
arrived here in first. thought maybe running free missed a turn, but later found they dropped due to cramping. I feel your pain.

opted not to carry our running shoes for this. we did not run so it was OK to be in our bike shoes. although my achilles did suffer later.
a look at the air photo the night before showed some trails so we looked for them, even if it took us out of our way. we were rewarded.
9 PM

bike race (mtb) 4:30:00 [3] *** 23.0 km (5.1 kph)
spiked:8/8c shoes: Shimano M122.1

a nice length singletrack ride on the powotitami trail. 7 point "ride the line" section where it was never too steep or too flat. bugs started out as a real nuisance, but later thinned out. I don't know how many times I wished for some tanglefoot to smear on my helmet.
tetered off the bike a few times into the foliage along the trail. I am not sure what I was worried about more, the poison ivy or the sudden onset of cramps. both were my enimies at this point.
fun moment when I stirred up some action on the trail. no, not baby black and white cats. yeah, two young skunks who seemed more interested in using the trail ahead of us then scampering into the woods. a few rocks and they finally got the hint.
we heard a team coming up from behind us (UNE), but they did not catch us till the TA. very suprised as our speed was quite under par.

Friday Jul 16, 2010 #

gym hills (climbing wall) 1:33 [3] +9m

Adventure Rage prologue

wall climb at planet rock
two choices: 5.7 or 5.9
if you choose 5.7 and go off route you get 30 sec penalty
if you choose 5.9 and complete it you get 30 sec bonus

chose the 5.9 as it was impossible to go off route. some really big "buckets" to grab just when you needed them. pace was good and used everything to summit.

our team had the fastest combined time which meant we left first in the morning. 49 seconds ahead of the next best 4 person team.

Monday Jul 12, 2010 #

6 PM

running (trail) 1:17:30 [2] 8.5 km (9:07 / km) +305m 7:44 / km
shoes: TEVA X-1.1

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