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Race Evaluation

US Short and Long Championships: RedX


2. +03:30
3. +00:20stoped short at redY control, still adjusting to the 1:15000 scale
4. long right route to the start
5. +00:20misinterpeted boundaries? may be not
6. right route - shelf - shelf - down to open - control on my left
7. yesterdays location
8. trail
9. +00:10little hasitant in the circle
10. +00:15wrong turn on the trail, corrected fast
11. drink and GU
13. +00:15missed it from the marsh almost hit a trail
14. trail, pushing the pace
15. drink
16. +00:30crossed the field got stuck in the vegetation in the marsh
17. +00:15climbed a little to high and corrected fast

Total Time Lost - 00:05:35

Split Analysis

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