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Race Evaluation

Orienteering Winter Weekend: Course 2


1. +00:05C-open rock face in reentrant A-Water tower R-Up past chapel to water tower and around cliff (hesitated a bit here).
2. C-Open rock face behind Colonel's house A-Fence for Colonel's house R-Take path south of point one to Colonel's housing take first right on road and go to the end. Go left around the Colonel's house and hit the point.
3. +00:05C-Rock Wall A-Two buildings east of the point R-Went down the spur SW of point 2 to road. I hesitated once I got to the road though, because I was not sure which road I was on.
4. C-Reentrant A-Parking lot R- follow rock wall W to the road and run to the parking lot.
5. +00:10C-Reentrant North of Fort Putnam A-Start of road to fort putnam R-Missed a trail going from upper lots to lower lots, which would have been faster but not by much.
F. C-Arvin lot A- none R-Went left, down Jewish chapel steps. Wan't sure if i made a good choice at the time, but looking at the map again and the splits I think it was the right choice.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:20

Split Analysis

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