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Race Evaluation

QOC Lake Needwood: Blue


1. P +00:32Knew the knoll was in a reentrant that was only visible high, but was looking for the root stock that was above it. Unfortunately, there were a lot more rootstocks that were unmapped and I fixated on the wrong one.
2. P R +00:32Got tired coming up over the hill. Took awhile to see it, wasn't exactly sure where along the hilltop I was.
4. P P Having examined the crappier than mapped vegetation on the way in to 3, took the thin chute of rough open around the top, then found a good crossing point with less vegetation and came up through the rocky ground
5. R +00:20Went over the top of the hill on the trail. Woods were open enough that a more direct approach was probably better.
6. P R +01:30I wanted to run this one on the opposite side of the creek, but there was no good crossing point and the course notes said to use bridges. So I swung too far wide left instead of just going hard along the water. Strangely, this was a better-than-average split.Just could have been better.
7. P +01:00More rootstocks than mapped, and I started getting sucked off too high when I didn't find the control quickly, although I was in the circle.
8. P D P R +02:00I was higher than I realized, and got pulled up by the cliff on the other side of the reentrant. I was looking for it too low and the map and had to turn around to go back down for my cliff, which was not visible from above. Better route would have been to drop lower earlier.
9. P R Came in low along the trail, spotted the control as I cut up the hill.
10. Not sure I had to go back down to the crossing point, but I did.
11. P Used the terrain to go straight to this one from below. I think a lot of people got sucked towards the one by the road that was unmapped. I knew it was higher because I spotted the one before it at the same contour on my way in from below.
12. D P +01:00I was off to the left a bit, came in along the cup depressions. Didn't know where I was when I crossed the stream, in part because the rootstock I saw was unmapped and not the one I thought it was.
13. +01:00This control was hidden and on a feature not big enough to map. Even with people standing on top of it and seeing the two dot knolls, I didn't get this one until I'd gone past it and looked back.
14. R Woo! This was as effective as I thought - ran past it and attacked back from the road.
15. P R Smoked after the last control, but down and back around the swampy stuff (much higher than mapped) and in.
16. P R Bashed through the swamp to the hiker-biker trail. Easy-peasy.
17. P R Up and over, pretty close to the line in
F. P R Down to the trail and hard push in.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:54

Split Analysis

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