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Race Evaluation

NEOC: 2014 Troll Cup: Green


1. Left on trail to edge of open area, then in on compass.
2. Right to the trail, then came in where the path curved to the right. Missed N.
3. Plan upon starting out was to take the trail to the dotted stream and follow the water course to just outside the circle. Along the path, I decided to stay on longer, took the left fork and jumped off at the boulder cluster. I missed left, but feared I was right, so when I saw the hunter stand I thought I was between the two stone walls N of the control. When I arrived at a wall, I oriented the map expecting it to be the more northerly one. When I saw it was the one pointing to the flag, I ran down it to the flag.
4. Straight. But I lost count of the spurs, and ended up on a little knoll 100m N.
5. Straight, following.
6. I thought I was going straight, but I found myself at a little stream W of the flag facing a different water control. I turned around, skirted the green, and found my water control.
7. Straight, following.
8. Straight.
9. Slalomed, staying above the long cliffs. At first I had the idea to drop, but then I realized it made more sense to stay level.
10. Straight.
11. The approach from the E looked gnarly, so I lost and regained altitude on the W route, arriving by the path through the thick green.
12. I started to go right, but then decided to stay L on the long N-S path to get me closer. I left the path about even with the end of the dark green, tried to go mostly due W, but wandered left.
13. Headed back the way I had come, around the E side of the marsh, but I hit the stone wall beyond the flag to the south.
14. SW to the trail.
15. Around on the trail, trying to move quickly.
16. Good thing I looked at my clues; my first thought was that this was not my control.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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