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Race Evaluation

US Ski-O Championships: Middle Course 3


1. R +00:30Started off a little too quick and went down the wrong trail, I didn't have to backtrack because most of the trails merged back together but it took me a bit to figure out where I had gone.
2. R
4. R +00:05Should have gone left on the split but I took a 90° turn 20m later.
5. R Went around on the main trail to avoid the small ones especially when they go uphill.
6. R Took the long(ish) way around because I was really trying to avoid the back country trails.
7. R +00:15A little hesitation because I didn't immediately see the trail going up to the control.
8. R
9. R
10. R Took the loop from the north so I wouldn't have to switch direction when I punched
11. R
12. R +00:10Went the wrong direction on the loop, not sure why
13. R +00:20Was originally going to take a more direct route to the control but I'm not really sure what happened. I was skiing with another person and she went the way I was originally going to go and I guess I panicked or something and went another direction. Really odd but it wouldn't be the first time that's happened.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:20

Split Analysis

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