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Race Evaluation

Billygoat: Billygoat XXIX


1. Like PG, this was an uncertain event with the dicey hip/leg. Wasn't sure how far or fast could go. Goal was to finish, maybe if things were ok. R down trail a bit, up spur to SE trail. Followed trails around just behind Steve Tarry. He went up; I went along marsh and up. Got to bag at same time along with PG, Lyn and various others.
2. Out to road behind PG and followed along road for a while. He kept going down road. Wasn't sure if he was skipping or just doing a brief trail/road run. 2 didn't look like a good skip, so back into woods a bit further along than should. Attack up little stream and a bit high to avoid some green. Punched just behind Lyn and Nancy as Peter Goodwin came up.
3. +01:00Followed Lyn a little along herd trail, contouring in mud. Climbed up to flat and along to stream. Crossed stream just below junction and confused by trails. Realized location with help from an HVO runner. Up and in.
4. Along trail, down to stream to trail to end and then along stream.
5. Straight. Came up short until saw others coming out. Punched with Valeriy and Cameron.
6. Over to near towers and down road. About to drop down to control when Valeriy and Cameron came out of woods. Gu.
7. +04:00To ride, along to field to trail. At sharp bend, went straight along stream. Saw Valeriy on trail parallel 40m to L (should have kept going). Around lake and saw nice open woods and bridge and headed in. Valeriy grunted and kept on trail. Went by building and along. Crossed trickle and kept going into thicker and thicker green. Hmmm. Must have gone too far. Backed out to trickle and realized that went down to control. Punched just after Nancy and just as Susie and Rich came in.
8. Over to small trail and up to control as Lyn led a slew of people in.
9. Trails and down along trickle and followed Valeriy in.
10. Headed down L side of trickle. Heard a shout behind. Lyn wasn't happy in the vague junky stuff having fallen already. So off we went down to L side around marsh (slow) and followed Nancy into field. Took off across field and punched.
12. Skip.
13. Headed along trail. Saw Susie and Rich just approaching road to cross. Tried to keep up with Lyn on long trail run. Feeling conditioning. Passed by 1, dropped down below cliffs and along shelf. In just as Bob Huebner and the HVO helper came up.
17. Down across marsh to middle of building. Climb. Climb. Hmmm - more climb. L on trail.
18. Over to trail and climb up to top. Off at bend and along just above rocky cracks. Crossed trail just as Stephen and J-J come out. Vague location from this direction.
20. Straight along crset of steep in fairly open veg. Susie and Rich came in from L as we saw veg bdry and in.
21. Bit hesitant in final approach. Susie saw it to R.
22. +03:00Straight but drifted along contour too much and followed first trickle up. No cliff and Lyn realized error. Around and in.
23. Out to road, up trail to crest, around rocky ground and over to edge of steeper terrain to look down on bag;-}
24. Down and over to trail, along road and thru bit of woods to bag.
25. Up trail to open. Punch just as Susie and Rich come up thru woods.
F. Race to finish and in with a full WCOC team. Nice, fun course. Thanks Glenn and EMPO.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:00

Split Analysis

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