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Race Evaluation

Billygoat: Billygoat XXIX


2. skip -- I remembered having a bad time climbing the slopes to #2, and the way from #2-#3 didn't look nice at all to me.
3. Picked up Brendan on the open trail & then a bunch of others just before the control, which I managed to see first because I side sloped up the W side of the hill.
4. Here they all passed me -- I cut off the trail & followed the first bunch, then followed Angelica who seemed to be taking an intelligent route.
5. At the top, ran across what looked like a road, but I guess was that faint yellow area. I went south from there, no control at the right distance, but then found it 50m east.
6. E, avoiding climb, the down....
7. Followed trails most of the way to L. #7, cutting through the ropes course.
8. Wanted to go NE & pick up the trail to the right, but was blocked by thick stuff, causing some delay.
9. To right of pond, etc.
10. Straight N to open area (fighting some brambles just in front of it) then following a nice track to the control.
13. NE, finding hole through cliffs, then trail. Was a bit hesitant by the stream, thinking it was a bit early, but a peek down the trail showed the bend. So up I went -- didn't see a pronounced reentrant where I thought it would be, so I ventured right, whereas left was correct. Was this where PG passed me?
15. Felt my calves cramping on this trail run. Stopped a couple of times. The control code had me puzzled for a moment -- 73? Was this really on my course?
18. Was tempted to take the trail through the swamp, but was afraid it might really BE a deep swamp. I found out later it was OK. Dagnabbit.
20. Fought some really thick stuff... Found the boundary wall, but somehow overshot the place the boundary went EW. Hit the ditch and took a few seconds to figure it out.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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