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Training Log Archive: Ebennett

In the 7 days ending Dec 3, 2023:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Physio Exercises (new)12 4:39:39
  Running - soft surface 3 3:54:51 24.28(9:40) 39.07(6:01) 1034
  Commuting 6 1:23:20 16.35(5:06) 26.32(3:10) 217
  Strength and Conditioning 2 1:19:30
  Running - hard surface 2 1:02:17 7.56(8:15) 12.16(5:07) 137
  Total25 12:19:37 48.19 77.55 1388
  [1-5]13 7:39:58

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Sunday Dec 3, 2023 #

11 AM

Running - soft surface 2:08:19 [2] 18.72 km (6:51 / km) +566m 5:57 / km
ahr:138 max:166 shoes: SalmonSpeedX6

Another Pentlands plod, this time with Alex, Euan and JamieG.

Lovely stuff for the most part, snow felt excellent and route was delectable. A bit bonky towards the end but I saw it coming and just didn’t really see much point in preventing it given how close to finishing we were.

Knee not thriving, seems to have gone downhill after yesterday with upper kneecap pain and also across the shin like before. Even got a comment about how duckfooted I was (“We were just talking about your feet”). Hard to tell if Ive been doing too much or too little of the physio exercises. I suspect that after a mileage increase from last week and all the concentrated torment its got the hips arn’t quite pulling their weight but dont want to bail on the exercises if that’s what’s needed to progress.
5 PM

Physio Exercises (new) 27:30 [0]

3 x 30 seconds each side. Took a lot of motivation to knock his one out, exhausted as always after the long run. I’ve changed all of these entries to 0 intensity, really had no business adding to the weekly training hours.

Saturday Dec 2, 2023 #

10 AM

Running - hard surface 31:16 [2] 5.97 km (5:14 / km) +100m 4:50 / km
ahr:140 max:158 shoes: Mizuno roadies

Easy morning slap. Knee the most sore its been since the physio visit, will keep an eye on things.
10 PM

Physio Exercises (new) 22:00 [0]

Very tight on time so only one session today. Made it 2 lots of 40 seconds each side to up the time/pain efficiency, can safely say it worked a treat.

Friday Dec 1, 2023 #

12 PM

Physio Exercises (new) 28:00 [0]

3 x 30s each side. Upped it to 30s, say to say its sore again although left side is surprisingly easier.
1 PM

Commuting 14:24 [2] 4.73 km (3:03 / km) +34m 2:56 / km
shoes: Dr Dew

4 PM

Physio Exercises (new) 27:00 [0]

Ouch. same as morning.
9 PM

Strength and Conditioning 39:30 [1]

Normal stuff, feeling suspiciously easy tho.

Thursday Nov 30, 2023 #

10 AM

Running - soft surface 15:16 [2] 2.73 km (5:36 / km) +58m 5:03 / km
ahr:138 max:162 shoes: SalmonSpeedX6


Running - soft surface 11:38 [4] 1.68 km (6:55 / km) +199m 4:21 / km
ahr:162 max:182 shoes: SalmonSpeedX6

90 seconds, 85 seconds, 80 seconds etc decreasing to 45 seconds hill sprints with equal recovery to the previous rep time. With Kai.

3rd session in 7 days and body was definitely letting me know. Only 11 mins of effort but was pure jelly-legged by the end, calfs and Achilles sore as well. Feel like I’m pretty much at the limit of not being injured territory so going to take it easy for a bit. I also need to focus more on getting quality sleep as its been a bit neglected ever since I came to Uni.

Running - soft surface 22:57 [2] 2.79 km (8:14 / km) +148m 6:30 / km
ahr:137 max:161 shoes: SalmonSpeedX6

cd back over the seat
1 PM

Commuting 20:05 [2] 6.37 km (3:09 / km) +42m 3:03 / km
shoes: Dr Dew

Very weak, tired and cold post run. Don’t think I’m eating enough in general or at least of some particular thing.
5 PM

Physio Exercises (new) 22:00 [0]

3 x 20s each side. Slightly treating this as a rest day for the physio stuff so not gonna bash out another one, although this did feel decently less painful than previously.
11 PM

Physio Exercises (new) 21:50 [0]

Same, feeling even easier than earlier. Probably gonna up the times tomorrow.

Wednesday Nov 29, 2023 #

9 AM

Commuting 16:03 [2] 4.96 km (3:14 / km) +46m 3:06 / km
shoes: Dr Dew

11 AM

Physio Exercises (new) 22:30 [0]

3 x 20s both sides

Feeling tired
12 PM

Running - hard surface 31:01 [2] 6.19 km (5:01 / km) +37m 4:52 / km
ahr:138 max:152 shoes: Mizuno roadies

Easy/ recovery mlappage. Sore calfs and Achilles, almost at DOMS level, generally felt pretty decent tho
10 PM

Physio Exercises (new) 21:50 [0]

Same as always, sore as always. A myriad of excuses as to why I didn’t do snc tonight, ran out of time with pasta night, feeling tired and fatigued blah blah blah. Bottom line is just couldn’t really bring myself to do it. Went to the shops and bought a donut instead, rock bottom moment as far as training grind goes.

Tuesday Nov 28, 2023 #

10 AM

Physio Exercises (new) 21:38 [0]

3 x 20s each side. Feeling ever so slightly easier.
1 PM

Commuting 7:38 [2] 2.53 km (3:01 / km) +12m 2:57 / km
shoes: Dr Dew

4 PM

Commuting 10:04 [2] 2.95 km (3:25 / km) +38m 3:12 / km
shoes: Dr Dew

5 PM

Physio Exercises (new) 21:53 [0]

Pure masochism. Same as morning. Not sure pre-run is the best idea but we’ll see.
6 PM

Running - soft surface 10:20 [3] 2.28 km (4:32 / km) +4m 4:30 / km
ahr:144 max:157 shoes: SalmonSpeedX6

“Wu” Running late so running faster. Drills n stuff not recorded

Running - soft surface 36:35 [4] 9.33 km (3:55 / km) +12m 3:54 / km
ahr:170 max:194 shoes: SalmonSpeedX6

3 x (6,4,2) with 1 min recoveries

A session? That I finished?!? And my knee felt great?!?! Has Christmas come early!?! Seriously though actually really happy to have done this.

Bit of a mission to make it out the door but showed up in time for the drills. Didn’t know what the session was which helped because if id seen 36mins of effort I might not have attended.

Started off aiming for mid-threshold which went nicely for the first 2 sets until I realised that I didn’t have a valid excuse for not attacking it all out so tried to up the effort a bit on the last rep. Semi-successful, motivation maybe wasn’t brilliant but a painful last 2 was completed.

Coughing afterwards but not awful.

Don’t want to sound like a broken record here but quads and achillies were in the mud before this and had some minor calf DOMS as well. Again, doesn’t feel like injury territory so just going to keep pushing for a bit (hopefully) before a sensible ease off.

Running - soft surface 9:46 [2] 1.54 km (6:21 / km) +47m 5:30 / km
ahr:137 max:159 shoes: SalmonSpeedX6

Grim cd trying to get to the toilet in time.

Monday Nov 27, 2023 #

10 AM

Physio Exercises (new) 21:20 [0]

3 x 20s each side. Sufficiently grim that I didn’t feel the need to increase the time.
12 PM

Commuting 15:06 [2] 4.78 km (3:10 / km) +45m 3:01 / km
shoes: Dr Dew

Didn’t realise how good the knee had been until it started aching right at the end.

Quads and calfs genuinely painful when going down stairs, not in an injury way just in an absolutely demolished way.
4 PM

Physio Exercises (new) 22:08 [0]

Same as morning. A whole day of stuff most people wouldn’t log, nice.
9 PM

Strength and Conditioning 40:00 [1]

The usual

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