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Training Log Archive: Ebennett

In the 7 days ending Nov 26, 2023:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running - soft surface 2 1:42:11 8.23(12:25) 13.25(7:43) 882
  Physio Exercises (new)6 1:41:08
  Strength and Conditioning 3 1:38:00
  Running - hard surface 3 1:32:04 12.45(7:24) 20.04(4:36) 133
  Commuting 5 1:25:41 15.97(5:22) 25.7(3:20) 274
  Physio Exercises 1 16:00
  Total18 8:15:04 36.65 58.99 1289
  [1-5]13 6:33:56

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Sunday Nov 26, 2023 #

9 AM

Running - hard surface 10:28 [2] 2.08 km (5:02 / km)
ahr:128 max:150 shoes: Inov3s

To commie then there

Running - soft surface 1:06:04 [3] 6.61 km (10:00 / km) +836m 6:07 / km
ahr:152 max:176 shoes: Inov3s

60 MFDs in an hour for EUOC.

Quad and Achilles suitably flummoxed after yesterday, knew this was gonna be a bit of a grind but fun anyway. ScotJOS Sunday vibes in terms of having to do something exhausting having already been drained.

I was aiming for about 3, needed up getting 4 done in regulation time and an extra 5th one which missed the mark. Pleased with how it felt, wasn’t aiming for a threshold kinda effort but dipped in and out, big dip in at one point where I inevitably got lapped by Davros.

Could feel the hip working which is new and hopefully a good sign. When I say it was a significant challenge to walk after this I’m not exaggerating. Numbers arn’t quite up there yet but definitely a quality training week in terms of bringing back a bit of leg strength. Just have to try not to overdo things now.

Running - soft surface 1:47 [1] 0.19 km (9:23 / km)
ahr:108 max:113 shoes: Inov3s

down? Can’t remember what this lap is tbh

Running - hard surface 13:46 [2] 2.13 km (6:28 / km) +34m 5:59 / km
ahr:127 max:140 shoes: Inov3s

Everything hurts
1 PM

Commuting 2:27 [2] 0.64 km (3:50 / km) +8m 3:36 / km
shoes: Dr Dew

Finally riding a working bike after an hour in the Alpkit backrooms
3 PM

Physio Exercises (new) 21:29 [0]

3 x reps each side. Ouch. Probably only one today as this seemed sufficiently grim.

Saturday Nov 25, 2023 #

3 PM

Physio Exercises (new) 16:50 [0]

3 reps each side, 20s on 15s off. Bit of a gap between the 2nd and 3rd rep on the left but whatever. Poor timing as always. Things hurting much more afterwards.
4 PM

Running - hard surface 1:00:01 [3] 14.39 km (4:10 / km) +64m 4:05 / km
ahr:159 max:174 shoes: Mizuno roadies

1 hour of z3 meadows laps.

Bit of a benchmark/ test kinda session. On paper a very boring one but enjoyed it immensely, got into the swing of things and just stayed there nicely. Slight wobble at around 25 mins where I wasn’t sure if I would finish but good stuff after that.

I was optimistically eyeing up 4:15s for this so I’ll take it, although the trace is very questionable so not sure id give too much credit to the GPS. The main objective was to get the legs doing some solid work to build up the endurance and I was happy with a 172 cadence (not that I’m sad enough to review my own cadence or anything). Half a granola bar before starting and the other half over the course of about 10 minutes half way through. Not the best food.

Overall, very much enjoyed and steady Saturdays might have to become a thing.

Running - hard surface 5:08 [2] 0.93 km (5:31 / km) +15m 5:06 / km
ahr:128 max:143 shoes: Mizuno roadies

Quads? Dead. Achilles? Worse. Foot? Blistered. Aldis finest light soy sauce? Secured.
9 PM

Physio Exercises (new) 20:19 [0]

Same as the morning. Pretty much working till failure, third reps were nicely burny

Friday Nov 24, 2023 #

5 PM

Physio Exercises (new) 14:50 [0]

2 x reps on each side, 20 seconds on. Also 3x12 calf raises on each side which weren’t timed.

The targeted muscles felt perfectly fine so upped the time a bit. Left side felt easier until I realised I was lying half on my back and half on my side. When I lay fully on my side it hurt much more.

No commuting today :(

Strength and Conditioning 34:00 [1]

3 sets of random 30s/15s stuff.
8 PM

Physio Exercises (new) 14:00 [0]

Same as earlier

Thursday Nov 23, 2023 #


Kenny Watt Physio Visit Info Dump:

Base problem is that apparently my hips are just too mobile, which translates to unstable, which is why my feet point out so much in order to keep balance. This puts pressure on the knees, ankles and calfs, and the whole left/right imbalance thing means that right cracked first. The fix is to torture the hip and pelvis muscles into actually doing their job through as many reps of the routine he gave me as I can tolerate and seeing if that does the trick. He also recommends lots of calf raises to take more pressure of the knees.

Funnily enough, volume shouldn’t be an issue as long as I can tolerate the discomfort and as long as its relatively flat and even (i.e boring) so I might have to engage in a bit of a Meadows/slap grind for a while to put the numbers up.

The one bit of negative news is that the issues I’ve had with being clipped in while riding and pretty much baked into the way my leg is, and that if I want to ride with clips then I’ll need some ridiculous spacers to not rub my heal on the crank. His recommendation was just don’t ride with clips which I’m perfectly happy with and would honestly prefer.

Excellent visit, really helpful guy. I did realise upon explaining my training routine to him that I wouldn’t know consistency if it slapped me in the face but that’s something to work on now. Also had a bit of difficulty explaining why I went for a massive run in the mountains that might have broken me as I still don’t really know.
1 PM

Commuting 27:46 [2] 8.49 km (3:16 / km) +54m 3:10 / km
shoes: Dr Dew

Ending with a puncture on the way to the physio rip
8 PM

Running - hard surface 2:41 [2] 0.51 km (5:16 / km) +20m 4:24 / km
shoes: SalmonSpeedX6

Tried to run the bike back tri-style but just got fed up to quickly. Stopped at central library to pump it up but definitely a puncture as it made no difference.
10 PM

Physio Exercises (new) 13:40 [0]

The exercises involve making lying down and raising my legs in various ways to achieve maximum pain. I dont know the names but this was 15s on and about 15s off, depending on id if reached the part in the video where he explains it or not.

I did 2 sets of the 6 movements on each side and 3x12 calf raises on each side (calf raises not timed).

Hips absolutely on fire by the end but thats the goal ig.

Wednesday Nov 22, 2023 #

8 AM

Commuting 19:57 [2] 6.22 km (3:12 / km) +56m 3:04 / km
shoes: Dr Dew

Legs feeling very drained and weak.
4 PM

Strength and Conditioning 45:00 [1]

Knee a bit spiky so pulled back a bit, no run and therefore 3 lots of you know what instead. Why is it five minutes longer than the last time? Who knows.

Tuesday Nov 21, 2023 #

9 AM

Commuting 18:06 [2] 5.43 km (3:20 / km) +119m 3:00 / km
shoes: Dr Dew

Feeling decent, didn’t crash.
6 PM

Running - soft surface 21:59 [2] 3.89 km (5:39 / km) +4m 5:37 / km
ahr:135 max:150 shoes: SalmonSpeedX6

Wu + unrecorded drills + extended wu AKA easy first rep with Alex.

Running - soft surface 7:15 [4] 1.65 km (4:24 / km)
ahr:162 max:172 shoes: SalmonSpeedX6

An attempt was made. Originally planned to do 3 of the 5 7mins as a kinda low threshold, mid intensity effort. I was cruising along nicely, not quite making my paces but whatever, when towards the end of the first rep I just descended into a massive coughing fit. Started heaving and just decided to call it a day.

Excuses all round but in my head this was at least a semi-valid bailout. Just need to shake this cough thats been going on for the best part of 8 weeks.

Running - soft surface 5:06 [2] 0.91 km (5:36 / km) +42m 4:33 / km
ahr:134 max:147 shoes: SalmonSpeedX6

Home. Walked most of it. At least the knee feels decent.
11 PM

Strength and Conditioning 19:00 [1]

Monday Nov 20, 2023 #

8 AM

Commuting 17:25 [2] 4.92 km (3:32 / km) +37m 3:25 / km
(rest day) shoes: Dr Dew

Another day, another crash at the fucking Mayfield junction. On my way to Uni when a little white van pulls in beside the bike lane just ahead of me and the door opens. I stop because the guy wasn’t looking and I was worried he might just walk out onto the bike lane, and suddenly someone cycles straight into my back and she goes flying off her bike.

I check she’s ok and luckily she’s very understanding, she said something along the lines of “I would have done the same if I were you” so not exactly sure why she didn’t stop in time. Guy in the van started blaming me but nothing and no-one was broken so just cycled away with him saying “Yeah but it doesn’t open all the way across the bike lane”. 99% sure I was in the right here but I suppose I always would.

Absolutely shit feels all day today. Woke up the most tired and fatigued I reckon Ive ever been, no energy for anything and eating breakfast was a chore. Cold and shivery in warm rooms today and the cough has come back with a severe vengeance. I reckon that Sunday was way too long and given I’m still not used to that kind of thing I just totally and utterly bonked in the extreme. And now have no energy. Time to sleep and eat until I feel better. Could not even bring myself to do anything else today, got home and straight to bed.
10 PM

Physio Exercises 16:00 [1]

Grimmest one yet although knee feeling surprisingly plush. Maybe it just needed activated…?

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