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Training Log Archive: Ebennett

In the 7 days ending Nov 5, 2023:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running - soft surface 3 1:56:51 11.88(9:50) 19.12(6:07) 569
  Strength and Conditioning 3 1:34:20
  MTB 2 1:17:05 14.76(11.5/h) 23.75(18.5/h) 331
  Orienteering1 58:41 5.42(10:49) 8.73(6:43) 173
  Commuting 3 50:53 10.58(4:49) 17.03(2:59) 110
  Physio Exercises 1 16:00
  Running - hard surface 2 8:57 1.06(8:25) 1.71(5:14) 6
  Total15 7:02:47 43.71 70.34 1189

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Sunday Nov 5, 2023 #

11 AM

MTB 1:03:57 [3] 20.37 km (19.1 kph) +319m
ahr:154 max:185 shoes: Tmbrjx

Knee feeling a lot worse after yesterday, both achy and sharp pain sometimes so gonna put the brakes on running for a bit before I do an emus.

Muddy, wet and slippy. Loads of fun and great to be on a functioning bike.

Usual Luncheon Wells loop then up and down Easter Clune. Started out as a threshold effort but realised that I maybe wasn’t bike fit enough to continue that without bonking so downgraded to steady/z3 with threshold climbs. In retrospect should have just bitten the bullet, what’s the worst that can happen in an hour. Bit disappointed that I wimped out of a planned session without a valid excuse but plenty of self-torture opportunities in future.
12 PM

MTB 13:08 [1] 3.38 km (15.4 kph) +12m
ahr:125 max:155 shoes: Tmbrjx

Investigating some flour trails I spotted earlier, turns out it was Aberdeen Hash Harriers having a social run. Lovely chat with one of the guys.

Saturday Nov 4, 2023 #

11 AM

Orienteering 58:41 [2] 8.73 km (6:43 / km) +173m 6:07 / km
ahr:127 max:161 shoes: SalmonSpeedX6

Checking control sites at GoD. Seems to have evolved into a mangrove forest since I was last here. Funny how atrocious my nav is when I’m under absolutely no pressure with no time limit.

Also, realised that I brought just my O-shoes and not the soles which I took out to dry so went with Salomon’s to avoid getting blisters.

Right knee on and off sore during and both achy afterwards.
12 PM

Running - hard surface 6:00 [2] 1.16 km (5:10 / km)
ahr:136 max:146 shoes: SalmonSpeedX6

To lift.

Friday Nov 3, 2023 #

8 AM

Commuting 17:29 [2] 6.0 km (2:55 / km) +42m 2:49 / km
shoes: Dr Dew

Didn’t get run down
11 AM

Running - hard surface 2:57 [3] 0.55 km (5:22 / km) +6m 5:05 / km
shoes: Terrex tings

Chasing the bus
7 PM

Running - soft surface 29:27 [2] 5.66 km (5:12 / km) +61m 4:56 / km
ahr:139 shoes: SalmonSpeedX6

Easy Clune out and back - its been a while.

Started off good, moving well and legs feeling fresh but stomach issues quickly made themselves apparent. The fact that I’ve been fine on all the runs at Uni and the first run from home triggers this seems to me like its some kind of psychological thing rather than physiological, but who knows. Maybe just a bad day.

Route close but probably (hopefully) averages out to be soft surface.

Knee fine until just at the end where it was sore at the bottom right corner.
11 PM

Strength and Conditioning 18:15 [1]

Little bit of core + general while watching tlou. Made up an not always following a repeating structure. inc 1 min plank.

Thursday Nov 2, 2023 #

5 PM

Running - soft surface 45:54 [2] 6.67 km (6:53 / km) +270m 5:43 / km
ahr:139 max:179 shoes: SalmonSpeedX6

Easy along the crags, up the seat fully then back down the back and around.

Knee felt fine so made it out the door alright, miserable conditions with driving rain, wind and darkness but loved it anyway. Could honestly say that I’ve missed night runs, just feels so productive and like such proper training.

Walked a fair chunk of the crag and seat climb to keep things easy but managed to be completely by myself on the seat summit. Difficult to get off again but a lovely moment.

Tried to keep things extremely easy on the way back and managed to get the hr very low (about 124) while still running. A fair bit of coughing and slipping into z3 very easily to maybe not fully recovered from the cold.

Knee hurting a fair bit afterwards, luckily cross training opportunities should be fairly prevalent at the weekend.

Wednesday Nov 1, 2023 #

8 AM

Commuting 14:00 [2] 4.78 km (2:56 / km)
shoes: Dr Dew

Hit by a bus oops. On the way back from Kings, came downhill to the Mayfield road junction and the lights turned to green a few seconds before I got there so I was carrying more speed than the vehicles that had just set off. At this point the bike lane leaves the curb and swings out around a couple parking spaces before going back in before the lights. However, there were two white vans delivering stuff to Waitrose taking up the bike lane after it swung back in so I was forced to stay further out on the road, and I started breaking at this point. Before I could cross the junction a big double decker started to turn left, cutting off my path. Should have breaked/swerved more quickly here but the rain and my poor brakes didn’t do the action justice. Ended up colliding about halfway along the bus at a pretty low speed, didn’t even get knocked down. No injuries as far as I can tell and the bike seems fine. Didn’t get a glance at the bus but I doubt it’s damaged, luckily the bus driven came out to check I was alright, assured him that I was fine and that it was entirely my fault which was what I thought at the time. Took a moment to calm down and cycled home fine.

In the moment, I completely thought it was my fault because I was traveling too fast and the bus was doing a completely legitimate, indicated and predictable movement. However, I was also wearing bright stuff and this is a classic bike collision that maybe we both should have anticipated. Also, the delivery vans taking up the bike lane when there’s a nice quiet road just around the corner didn’t help. Glad no damage came from it although I did collide my knee with the bus but again at very slow speeds. Another few metres and I doubt I would still have been moving.
5 PM

Strength and Conditioning 35:20 [1]

Got changed into running stuff and got as far as the stairs until I realised the knee was not having it. Sore whenever weight was out on it, nothing incredibly serious but not something to run on either. THought that the knee was getting better but definitely time to go to a physio.

Did three reps of 30s/15s stuff that I made up, lots of core and a wee bit of arm stuff.

On the plus side, cold/cough is pretty much gone. Throat feels fine, haven’t coughed in a while so no longer ill hopefully :) Just going to put it down to some kind of freshers death-cold.

Tuesday Oct 31, 2023 #

5 PM

Running - soft surface 41:30 [2] 6.79 km (6:07 / km) +238m 5:12 / km
ahr:143 max:174 shoes: SalmonSpeedX6

Easiness over to Winney hill and back, there round the back of the seat.

Shoutout to the random donnie that I was borderline stalking for a while, lots of new paths discovered, much appreciated.

Knee was worse than usual before starting but got better and stayed fine, maybe a bit more sore at the end.

Technically z3 but easy in spirit, tried to keep effort on the hills and that was the consequence. No commuting today :)

Monday Oct 30, 2023 #

8 AM

Commuting 19:24 [2] 6.25 km (3:06 / km) +68m 2:57 / km
shoes: Dr Dew

Calf’s sore in a nice way. Knee feeling decent. Songs too good on the way back so a bit more effort than normal.
5 PM

Physio Exercises 16:00 [1]

Legs feeling surprisingly strong but also sore.
8 PM

Strength and Conditioning 40:45 [1]

4 x Jammond sesh 1. Couldn't be bothered to translate the other exercises and quite liked this one so same again. 4 complete reps rather than 3 to compensate for (hopefully) no intense running this week, trying to build strength in the knee. A one minute break between 2 and 3 and a couple miscounts but standard other than that.

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