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Training Log Archive: CaptainControl

In the 30 days ending Nov 30, 2004:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running11 8:52:20
  Orienteering4 3:16:05 4.85 7.8
  Core Work2 25:00
  Speed Work1 16:30
  Total14 12:49:55 4.85 7.8

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Tuesday Nov 30, 2004 #

Running 27:00 [2]

Core Work (Strength exercises) 15:00 [2]

Some strength exercises on the soccer fields. + a bunch of core exercises.

Running (Cool Down) 15:00 [2]

Monday Nov 29, 2004 #

Running 48:30 [3]

I felt sluggish having taken a whole week without training. I really think that I needed that week off. I have been getting run down. I think this is because I never took a break after my long summer of orienteering. I am going to make an effort to maintain my training as well as get enough sleep (not that I hadn't been trying before).

Sunday Nov 21, 2004 #

Orienteering (Blue hills traverse)

Saturday Nov 20, 2004 #

Orienteering (Little Blue Hills Travers) 24:45 [4]

Friday Nov 19, 2004 #

Running 49:00 [2]

An easy run after dark. There must be a meteor shower going on becuase I say some awesome streaks in the night sky. My legs feel a bit tired but it is good to be back to the training. I am siked to see how much I can improve over the winter especially with specific and logical training.

Thursday Nov 18, 2004 #

Running 50:00 [3]

first 20min at 150hr, 10min at 60hr, 10min at 155hr, 10min at 160hr Got out again for consecutive days of running, going to keep it rolling tomorrow. My legs were a little sore from yesterday, but some good sleep tonight after I am done with my Homework, will help my legs quite a bit. I am exctied for this weekend's blue hills traverse and I will hopefully have some clean runs.

Running (Cool Down) 10:00 [2]

I jogged back to my dorm from 150hr down to 100hr. My legs felt quite nice after the cool down. To the homework!

Wednesday Nov 17, 2004 #

Running (Warm Up) 20:23 [3]

Running through Amherst to the track. It felt good to be back running. Now I need to keep it up. I followed Brent L's advice and I am now typing my training up before on excel so it is set in stone. I just need to plan better and get lots of sleep.

Speed Work 4:30 [5]


Pyramid intervals, I ran the shorter lengths with greater intensity. It felt great to move fast and hopefully start to run more consistently.

Speed Work 12:00 [4]


Part of the pyramid intervals. I felt a bit slow compared to the speeds I have run in the past, but I wasn't pushing too hard. I should really get some other people to do speed work with.

Running (Recovery) 16:00 [1]

Slow jogging between the intervals. I never really stopped for the whole time. I just kept the recoverly low intensity.

Running (Cool Down) 23:27 [2]

Running back to UMASS. I took a different route than usual. It was a nice alternative. Legs will probably be sore tomorrow, but I will look to push on with the training.

Sunday Nov 14, 2004 #

Running 45:00 [3]

A nice run in the early morning in Lake Placid. It was really nice to get out in some new areas. Its great to get out of the classroom for a little geology. I learned a ton and it was a nice break from orienteering. I need to focus more.

Saturday Nov 13, 2004 #


Missed my chance for running in the evening, went out on the town instead of running. Need to get a handle on my training, I seem to be losing motivation, maybe there is just too much going on. URRGH...

Friday Nov 12, 2004 #

Running (IN THE SNOW!) 1:15:00 [3]

A great run in the snowy Amherst winter! I went out looking to run for about an hour but felt good and then decided to run a bit farther in preparation for the long long runs to come in the next months. I am ready to start some structured weekly training, something I have been struggling this falls season. I am going to plan tonight. A good recovery from my generally tiredness yesterday. This run was a bit reminicent of my running in Montana, nice and cold. I also bought a season's pass to the xc ski area in Bozeman. I hope to pick out some nice skate skies for christmas, I hope my parents read this :)

Thursday Nov 11, 2004 #


Too tired to do much else than rest, I hit a good run up tomorrow. Got a good amount of homework done, though :)

Wednesday Nov 10, 2004 #

Orienteering 1:18:00 [3]

Running the Billygoat course, I was just taking it slow, but hadn't had a good night sleep for reasons beyond my control. I wasn't feeling too hot out there and the long physical legs of the course were wearing on my so I decided to stop after the long first loop(at control 10). I will definetly rerun the entire course when I am in need of a long physical run in terrain. I am excited to see Robbie running a lot as well. I hope that all of the returning JWOCers are training hard so we can show vast improvement in the relay.

Tuesday Nov 9, 2004 #

Running (Night Run) 45:00 [3]

A quick run late in the evening, a great way to unwind after a two test day! It was quite nice to just get out and run fast on grass and concrete. My legs felt strong, but I could definetly feel that my fitness has been lacking since I stopped my training program in Montana. I have been doing tons of orienteering this fall and summer without much of a plan to go with it. It seems that the best way to improve fitness is to follow a program where you are working towards specific goals as opposed to just the general goal... to get better. This is why I feel like it is time to set some specific goals in orienteering. Not just what I want to achieve in the next year, rather what I want to achieve in ten years when I am at the peak of my orienteering ability. Yeah, it's a long way off, but what I do today and tomorrow and the next day will make what I am when I am 29 and 30. I am tired of doubt and people looking down on dreams and goals that they think are too lofty. It is time train.... I mean really train. Ahh but I must remember the baby steps that lead to giant leaps and bounds :o)

Core Work 10:00 [1]

A nice session of continuous core work. I hope that my present motivation and inspiration level sticks with me and is not a passing phase. I will work to keep my inspiration forever high so I am always striving to be better.

Monday Nov 8, 2004 #

Running (in terrain) 33:00 [2]

A quick run and was all I can manage today with two tests tomorrow. It was nice to get out in the cold again. Not since the frigid winter of Montana have I seen such temperatures. All in all it felt good to be at least running again. I worked on running straight through the woods, on an imaginary bearing. I also worked/ fine tuned my control taking plan. I feel like I need to smooth it out a bit so it isn't as sloppy when I actually have a map.

Sunday Nov 7, 2004 #

Running (Warm Up/ Cool Down) 15:00 [2]

Jogging around UNH before and after the UNO meet. It really is a nice campus with what appeared to be a great school atmosphere. I was quite excited to visit the campus because it was a school I had looked into when planning my exchange to the east. The woods around the campus are quite nice as well. It was great to get for a run without feeling tired, as I have in the past couple of weeks.

Orienteering (College Woods Meet) 59:00 [3] 7.8 km (7:34 / km)

A nice course in nice terrain. I had a wonderful time with the modified butterfly loops, there was definetly a speed change assocaited with them. The loops also allowed for some quick planning and decision making. My run was pretty clean except for a few bobbles. I am excited to start training again after my extended sleep deprivation session these past couple of weeks. I will look to get in the woods a couple of times this week before the HVO champs. Ahhh its nice to be out in the woods again. I had a good time this weekend hanging out with the Campbells as well.

Saturday Nov 6, 2004 #

Orienteering (Park O) 24:20 [3]

CSU park O. A fun race format! One mistake, but pretty small. My legs felt very sluggish without much running in the past couple of weeks. I hope to change that. Sleep, sleep, sleep...

Orienteering (control pick up/ warmup) 10:00 [2]

Getting a couple of controls for Jon after the park O, mistaken about my time on the park O, sorry Ken.

Wednesday Nov 3, 2004 #

Running (Woods Run) 30:00 [3]

Felt tired and ready for some sleep. I don't know if it is the quantity but rather the quality of my sleep.

Running (Tempo) 10:00 [4]

Nice quick paced run on the trails behind UMASS. Lots of rabbits to chase! Felt good to go fast!

Running (Cool Down) 20:00 [2]

A run from dusk into the night, very nice transition in the sky.

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