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Training Log Archive: CaptainControl

In the 30 days ending Sep 30, 2004:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering10 13:14:00
  Base Builder8 4:27:00
  Running6 3:25:00
  Physical Activity3 1:00:00
  Core Work1 20:00
  Trail Run1 20:00
  Speed Work2 4:40
  Total23 22:50:40
averages - sleep:7.8 rhr:43

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Thursday Sep 30, 2004 #

Running 25:00 [3]

Planned on a tempo run, and was about 3 minutes into it when I twisted my ankle and couldn't walk off the pain so I stopped with future health in mind. Also about 20 minutes of warm up in the forest around Amherst, pre tempo attempt.

Core Work 20:00 [1]

A bit miffed about my ankle so I decided to start my core work plan, which I plan to continue for as long as possible.

Wednesday Sep 29, 2004 #

Running 45:00 [3]

A quick paced run to get the blood moving after a long period of inacivity. I ran around campus after a ton of studying for a Diff Eq test. It felt really good to get out and move around. Hopefully, I won't be too tired tommorrow to get a good run in.

Running (warm up/ cool down) 5:00 [2]

Monday Sep 27, 2004 #


Trip back to the East after the wedding. A long flight that was routed through Atlanta so I was caught in the Tropical storm so I didn't get into Hartford until 4 am in the morning tuesday. Ahhhhh.... I am really tired.

Sunday Sep 26, 2004 #

Base Builder 40:00 [2]

Some short running on a trail just outside of Mount Rainier NP. It ended up being a bushwack between the cleared areas of the trail. The running/ buchwack was in the morning before the wedding.

Saturday Sep 25, 2004 #


Trip to Mount Rainier for my sister's wedding.

Friday Sep 24, 2004 #


Flying to Washington for the wedding.

Thursday Sep 23, 2004 #

Running (Road:warm up/cool down) 15:00 [2]

Jogging with Alexei in Harriman before our training session. We did some map exercises designed to warm up the mind before going out into the woods. They really seemed to help with the initial legs of the training course. I like the idea of warming up the mind as well as the body before training/ racing.

Orienteering (Training Course) 1:00:00 [3]

Ran a training course from the Russian Style Orienteering Camp in August. The terrain was great! It so much like Sweden. New Yorkers can never complain about not having good maps and terrain. Anyway, My legs felt a bit tired initially but warmed up to the pace and functioned well. I can feel my confidence rising with the higher frequency of map training (or map training at all) lately. Some very good tips from Alexei that I must address in my orienteeering development and improvement process.

Wednesday Sep 22, 2004 #

Running (Warm Up/Cool Down) 10:00 [2]
rhr:43 slept:8.5

Running on trails with Peter before/after the modified control picking session at The Notch. Legs were a tinge tired from the tempo run yesterday, but I felt rested overall.

Orienteering (Control Picking) 1:30:00 [3]

Ran a modified control picking course with Peter. The training differed from normal control picking in the fact that Peter had the even controls on his map and I had the odd controls on my map.So I would run from the start to the first control, while Peter followed and map read, not knowing where I was going. Then when I said control he would head off to his control and I would follow. We did 40 controls of short to medium length. I felt like it was good training to 1.) see how other orienteers run/ plan routes 2.) improve general/fine map reading 3.) Build confidence (in terms of identifying features without controls in the woods)

Tuesday Sep 21, 2004 #

Running (Warm up/ Cool Down) 37:00 [2]

Warm up for 11min before my tempo run, 6 min after tempo, and 20 min after strides. I felt strong and not tired, eventhough I missed an hour of sleep last night. Running on both grass, pavement and in the forest. Beautiful sunset!

Running (Tempo) 23:00 [4]
ahr:175 rhr:43 slept:7.0

Went out expecting to run a 5k in the woods at threashold pace (3:43/km) but soon found that I didn't have an accurate means of calculating/ keeping track of my distance so my regular pacing was inadequate for my stride at threashold pace in the woods (they could equilize each other though). So I assume that i ran more like a 6k as opposed to a 5k. Anyway, I enjoyed winding through the forest faster than usual. Legs felt strong.

Speed Work (Strides) 1:40 [5]

5x400 meter strides at 19sec. It felt good to get out and sprint even if it was just for 50m.

Monday Sep 20, 2004 #

Running (Warmup/ Cooldown) 45:00 [2]

Running to an from the track for a 400m test to see how my HR reacts to the stress + to make sure that i am not overtrained as I was a couple of weeks ago. With the good results that I expected I am now read to get back into the physical training program. Also ran a few 100m/200m 's to find my pace count. I worked on pacing the entire time I ran, the double pace is becoming natural and even second nature.

I am becoming more and more excited about training for orienteering. Today it felt great to get out and run while I knew that I am really improving with each and every training session. I have found that it is very motivating to be in a place where you can consistantly orienteer and train for orienteering. Prehaps I am a bit of a wide eyed youth but I am just in awe with the number of meets that can been experienced in just a single weekend. I wonder what its like in Scandinavia. You folks that live in the Northeast full time are very fortunate!

Speed Work (Sprints) 3:00 [5]

400m/ a couple of shorter sprints for the heart rate test.

Sunday Sep 19, 2004 #

Orienteering (Hurd State Park Meet) 38:00 [4]

I ran red on the 1:9600 map just south of Hartford. I had a pretty strong run, I lost a bit of contact on the way to the fifth control, didn't focus, but lost no time because of it (just lost the speed that comes with confidence, but just on that leg). Control 6 was a bingo control and then control 10 was in a pretty badly mapped area. Error on 13, not recognizing where the feature was in the circle. I need to make a conscious effort to sleep more....

Orienteering (Control pick up) 40:00 [3]

Control pick up at the Elm Park meet in Worcester. I planned my routes and simmulated flowing through the controls. The map was pretty off. I need to make an effort to not go out on bad maps. Its not good for the map to terrain transition and builds doubt in the map.

Saturday Sep 18, 2004 #

Orienteering (Stamford Nature Center Ra) 35:00 [4]

An interesting course with some butterfly like loops. I liked most of it, there were just a couple of sharp angled legs that would have made the course suspect if there were more people. The terrain was mostly fast and the water features where severly accentuated with the crazy rain! I ran well, except for a small error on the fourth control where I was too far to the left (compass perhaps) + not seeing the way easier route. Legs felt strong and fast.

Orienteering (Control Pick up) 40:00 [3]

Drove over to the Harriman meet to try and run the course way late. Was too late, but was able to pick up controls. I had a great time with my first run in Harriman. What a beautiful area! I want to train in that amazing place as much as possible. I hope that I can get at least 10 sessions in those beautiful woods. Prehaps some small compass problems on a couple of legs. The terrain was fast and the map impecible. I also need to stick to my plan once I make it.

Thursday Sep 16, 2004 #

Orienteering (Training) 40:00 [2]

A quick session out at the Notch to work on the compass. I was pretty tired and trained 6-7 medium legs on the compass. I need to have a structured plan when I go out in the woods, or have a planned course that needs a lot of compass. I also need to work on some terrain confidence.

Wednesday Sep 15, 2004 #

Orienteering (Training) 40:00 [3]

Training with Peter. Good runs on compass + testing some basic skills that I need to improve. Could improve our training if we planned better. We are trying some control picking next week at the Notch. I am excited for Oing at least 4 days a week!!!!

Trail Run 20:00 [3]

Running out into the map for training.+ back again

Monday Sep 13, 2004 #

Physical Activity (Ultimate/ Football) 25:00 [3]

Just some games with the guys out in the quad. My legs felt good after the long weekend at Pawtuckaway. I used this as a substitute for a short run. It kept the blood flowing for sure.

Sunday Sep 12, 2004 #

Orienteering 1:18:00 [3]

Saturday Sep 11, 2004 #

Base Builder (Canoe-O) 1:05:00 [3]

Paddled the Canoe O with Siobhan. I had a great time. It felt good to change the workout medium from legs to arms. We had a little miscommunication at the start that cost us some major time, otherwise we could have been up towards the top. I look forward to more Canoe-Os!

Orienteering (Pawtuckaway Brown) 36:00 [4]

I decided to run an additional course after my poor showing on the blue. I hit the controls pretty well, I was a bit out of contact when I found the second control but I knew I was in the right area, still a bad error. After that the race flowed well.

Orienteering (Pawtuckaway Blue Course) 1:30:00 [4]

I had a pretty shakey run. I messed up the first control, I was right on my way to the control but just panicked. The mistake was a combination of being unused to the map, taking a bad route choice and lack of confidence. I then proceeded to make a continuous flow of errors at most controls. I did get it together towards the end but I still wasn't running very fast. What awesome terrain!!! I think that Pawtuckaway would be a great place for a long training camp.

Orienteering (VAMPIRE O) 45:00 [3]

Ran the Vampire O with Victoria. We did well, got vamped once and then evaded the vampiric freaks by sneaking in the backway at the end. We hit all of the controls. My first Vampire O was a blast!!!

Friday Sep 10, 2004 #

Base Builder 10:00 [2]

Quick run around the UMASS to get up to my car and to get to class on time!

Thursday Sep 9, 2004 #

Base Builder (In terrain) 50:00 [2]

A quick run around UMASS to check out the forest nearby. It is definitely suitable for terrain running but no mapping. I felt good, and never was breathing hard. Although, my legs were a little tired from yesterday's course at the Notch.

Wednesday Sep 8, 2004 #

Orienteering 1:30:00 [3]

Ran an old A meet course with PG at the Notch. I had some trouble, but that is expected with some new terrain. I also didn't run too fast, because of my past over training. I hope to be in better control of my skills over the next few days. The forest was green and the nav pretty difficult especially in the green areas. Tried to work on my control taking plan as well as just plain planning ahead at all controls. I hope for better concentration in the coming weeks, especailly at Pawtuckaway on sat/sun.

Physical Activity 15:00 [2]

Just running around campus + getting up to my car.

Tuesday Sep 7, 2004 #

Base Builder 32:00 [2]

A short jog to get the legs moving, all in the plan to recover from some over training. My legs felt strong, and ready to run more.

Monday Sep 6, 2004 #

Physical Activity 20:00 [3]

Ultimate Frisbee, just for a couple of minutes, waiting for my brother.

Sunday Sep 5, 2004 #

Orienteering (Sessions Woods Race) 1:12:00 [4]

Well, not the best technically but my legs felt pretty strong. The course was going well until Sergei caught me and then all hell broke loose as I way messed up controls 9 and 10. I learned a valuable lesson about orienteering way beyond my ability... Don't do it. I should have just stayed with my own pace and forgot about sergei speeding up to me. Any way it was nice to get out in some Eastern woods agian.

Saturday Sep 4, 2004 #

Base Builder 15:00 [2]

A quick run at Hausatonic State park to keep the legs in semi form. Felt good!

Friday Sep 3, 2004 #

Base Builder (Recovery Run) 25:00 [2]

Still a bit tired from the long drve east. I went on a little jog with my brother at a campground just outside of State College Penn.

Thursday Sep 2, 2004 #

Base Builder (Recovery Run) 30:00 [2]

A late night jog in a tiny town outside of Bismark ND. It felt great to run after a long day of fishing and driving.

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