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Training Log Archive: PG

In the 7 days ending Sep 3, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  biking - dark blue bike6 11:24:04 143.09(4:47) 230.27(2:58) 12198
  Total6 11:24:04 143.09(4:47) 230.27(2:58) 12198
averages - weight:136.1lbs

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Saturday Sep 2, 2017 #


Helped out a little at the corn maze, so ably organized by Steve and JJ. So fine to see the event being continued.

10 AM

biking - dark blue bike 1:17:02 intensity: (1:04 @1) + (48:48 @2) + (26:18 @3) + (52 @4) 20.37 mi (3:47 / mi) +644ft 3:40 / mi
ahr:127 max:154 weight:135.5lbs

Day 6 of hill-climb week.

River Road - Old Deerfield loop, an old standard that I've been ignoring in favor of new adventures. But it seemed suitable today -- a warm-up of just over 20 miles, with good efforts on the half-dozen little ups along the way -- all in preparation for the hill-climb that came right at the end, our driveway.

Just about a tenth of a mile. Climb about 50 feet. One hairpin turn. Full speed (for me) and pretty sure a PR. 25 seconds. And then hit the brakes hard to avoid running into the stone wall at the end. :-)

A fine way to end hill-climb week as tomorrow will be a rest day. Unless the expected rain somehow doesn't show up.

And still more hills out there to test myself on with three in particular in mind, each posing a sufficient challenge to make success quite uncertain:

-- Mt. Tom, more specifically the narrow road that angles up from near the base of the old ski area to the collection of towers up top.

-- Peennell Hill Road, a fixture on one of the D2R2 routes that I have not yet summoned the courage for.

-- And then Lincoln Gap (and the other gaps) up in Vermont.

There is a sense that if they are to be done, best be done soon...

Friday Sep 1, 2017 #


Stopped by the maze, chatted with Mike and his son Dave. They're looking forward to having us tomorrow.

12 PM

biking - dark blue bike 2:07:00 intensity: (5:59 @1) + (1:08:54 @2) + (44:12 @3) + (7:31 @4) + (24 @5) 25.22 mi (5:02 / mi) +2347ft 4:38 / mi
ahr:124 max:162 weight:135.5lbs

Day 5 of hill-climb week. (Not yet sure if 5 days is enough for hill-climb week or if I'll go for the full 7.)

A wonderful tour NW of Brattleboro, with the west side of East West Road as the highlight. In the 6 miles warm-up I was quite sure that I would not try too hard on the hill, but when the time came, there seemed some life in the legs so I just kept pushing. Steepest part was at the end and I was glad it ended when it did. 12:50, but I didn't started right at the bridge, so maybe 13:20 if I had. Whatever, felt good!

And then a tour of some of the hills in Dummerston, real pretty, some nice properties. And even, between miles 15 and 16, some really nice looking terrain for orienteering.

I was going to finish up the same way I'd started, along the old rail line on the north side of the West River, but the first 3.5 miles of that were pretty sketchy, so I crossed a one-lane bridge and headed back into town on route 30. But then I saw a sign for Upper Dummerston Road and the Brattleboro CC and thought I should go by there. Saw just 4 golfers, and I figured the odds were pretty good I was having more fun than they were.

About 16 miles of dirt.

Thursday Aug 31, 2017 #

11 AM

biking - dark blue bike 2:00:53 intensity: (20 @1) + (1:05:18 @2) + (42:12 @3) + (12:06 @4) + (57 @5) 24.51 mi (4:56 / mi) +2651ft 4:28 / mi
ahr:129 max:163 weight:135.5lbs

Day 4 of hill-climb week.

Was looking at maps for a place to ride and decided that the SW corner of New Hampshire offered some nice possibilities, with Streeter Hill offering a sufficient climb. Made up what seemed like a good loop and off I went.

Turned out to be excellent. Maybe 11 miles dirt, not quite half, including the initial climb up Gulf Road and the climb and descent on Poocham Road. But the Streeter climb was paved and I put out a good effort on it, 12:46, very pleased. I don't think I've gotten any weaker this month.

Wednesday Aug 30, 2017 #

2 PM

biking - dark blue bike 1:36:46 intensity: (6:10 @1) + (1:19:30 @2) + (9:00 @3) + (2:06 @4) 21.93 mi (4:25 / mi) +1009ft 4:14 / mi
ahr:114 max:159 weight:136lbs

Day 3 of hill-climb week.

Legs pretty trashed, so I almost went with plan B, but after an 18-mile warm-up at a Phil pace (ie. heart rate, not speed), I summoned up my resolve and soft-pedaled up South Sugarloaf. 9:59. And then a couple of miles cool-down and I was all done, plan B saved for another day when I am desperate.

Sugarloaf, for those who may not realize it, has an illustrious history of hosting championship orienteering events, highlighted by the 2011 RollerSki O' Sprint Champs.

I'm not picking these hill climbs just because they have an orienteering connection. It just seems that most hills do. Monday's hill, Mt. Holyoke by the way, also has an orienteering connection, it being the site of the FKT from the top of the ridge to a cornfield on the far side of route 47, roughly 47 seconds, the record held by a certain JJ Cote, launching in almost calm conditions. It is a record not likely to be broken.

Tuesday Aug 29, 2017 #

12 PM

biking - dark blue bike 3:03:24 intensity: (1:11 @1) + (1:26:46 @2) + (1:07:34 @3) + (27:40 @4) + (13 @5) 34.11 mi (5:23 / mi) +3893ft 4:51 / mi
ahr:130 max:161 weight:137lbs

Day 2 of hill-climb week.

Up in the hills to the west, starting just past Charlemont. The hill for the day was Whitcomb Hill Road, 1,450 feet in a little less than 3 miles. Was feeling my legs from yesterday so took this one a little easier, though of course it still hurt. But got up it faster than expected, 34:45, so rather pleased.

After the top, Whitcomb summit on Rt. 2, I went maybe 50 yards extra, then up a side road to pay a quick visit to The Rose and Goat, site of one of the higher O' maps in Massachusetts (maybe the highest?), coincidentally also the spot where Ross and Sam got married. Good memories!

The rest of the ride -- well, the car was easy to get to, just down route 2, almost all downhill. But that's not so interesting. So I headed off more or less to the NE, the high road to Monroe Bridge and Readsboro (VT), most of which I'd never been on.

Just fine, until it wasn't. From miles 11 to 14 it just sucked. The first part, uphill, had been recently graded, some mixture of sand and gravel, very loose, terrible traction. Almost lost it a couple of times (meaning my speed was approaching zero despite hard work, the back wheel slipping and sliding and spinning).

Finished with most of the uphill about as I passed the last house. The road got narrow (one lane) and rough, lots of rocks. At some point it turned down, now even rockier. I was close to the point of getting off and walking down, but not quite, just unclipped and went about 5 mph, bouncing from rock to rock, just trying to keep both wheels under me.

Eventually that too ended. But still 20 miles to go. Could have cut out about 3 or 4 miles by going down Kingsley Hill Road, but that wasn't all that appealing either, wasn't sure how steep a hill needs to be before you just go over your handlebars.

The rest was actually all fine. A bit in Vermont, then past the remains of the Yankee Atomic nuclear plant, then past the start of the Monroe Trail Race where I did my Cyclops imitation a few years ago, and then the east entrance to the Hoosac tunnel, and then eventually route 2 and my car.

Pretty beat. But a mostly good and certainly interesting outing.

Monday Aug 28, 2017 #

10 AM

biking - dark blue bike 1:18:59 intensity: (2:40 @1) + (27:26 @2) + (32:08 @3) + (14:52 @4) + (1:53 @5) 16.95 mi (4:40 / mi) +1654ft 4:16 / mi
ahr:131 max:167 weight:137lbs

Day 1 of hill-climb week.

Up to the summit house on Mt. Holyoke, plus a lap around the western part of the range. Pretty much a max effort on the climb (18:38). Did it once last year, 19:17, heart rate was similar so one assumes a similar effort. Not so bad. And would end up, as expected, in about the second percentile of all the folks who have done NCC's climb there over the years. And second percentile is better than first. :-)

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