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In the 7 days ending Aug 24, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  orienteering6 5:34:22 13.04 20.99 1808
  biking2 2:55:27 46.58(3:46) 74.96(2:20) 2228
  trail running1 5:26 0.54(10:04) 0.87(6:15)
  Total8 8:35:15 60.16 96.81 4035
  [1-5]7 7:48:43

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Friday Aug 24, 2012 #


Routes from the maze this morning. Classic and sprint were good, but the relay was worse than I thought. In all cases, click on map for larger image.

Comments (classic) --
#3 -- Used the E/W open area to get across to the east side, quicker than the little wiggly trails.
#5 -- Going by 11 made it simpler (and faster?).
#8 -- South route might be quicker?
#9 -- Down by 11 again, then towards 3, then west. A good route, i think?
#12 -- One where having been in the maze helped, I knew it was only approachable from the SW.
F -- Out of 12 the exact same way,made it easier.

Put my splits up for all of these.

Comments (sprint) --

#2 -- went north, south is probably about the same.
#4 -- tough leg, went south. I think the navigation is easier that way though north might be shorter.
#5 -- North of the first bird, south of the second. Who knows?

Comments (relay) --

#1 -- Not focused, turned right after first bird instead of second.
#2-7 -- Good, I think.
#8 -- Worse than I remember leaving 8, don't know what I was thinking. At least when I hit a dead end going NE, it was clear what I'd done. And then obviously skipped #8....

I am amazed how well Ian did. He seems to have a knack for this kind of data processing.

8 AM

trail running 5:26 intensity: (46 @1) + (3:46 @2) + (54 @3) 0.54 mi (10:04 / mi)
ahr:121 max:132 shoes: Brooks something-or-others

Since all the controls in the maze were still there, I figured why not run the courses. Naturally I had the advantage of having set the courses, and walked in the maze a bunch, and run in it a couple of times....

A warm-up loop around the maze.

orienteering 12:37 intensity: (10 @1) + (38 @2) + (11:31 @3) + (18 @4) 1.06 mi (11:54 / mi) +3ft 11:52 / mi
ahr:143 max:158 shoes: Brooks something-or-others

First the classic. I think I had a pretty clean run, though it's hard to remember. And I have to say it was really fun.

orienteering 3:21 intensity: (2 @1) + (27 @2) + (2:44 @3) + (8 @4) 0.28 mi (11:57 / mi) +3ft 11:49 / mi
ahr:142 max:158 shoes: Brooks something-or-others

Downloaded, then next was the sprint without a further break. I think it was also pretty clean. And also a lot of fun.

orienteering 7:11 intensity: (28 @1) + (49 @2) + (2:45 @3) + (1:47 @4) + (1:22 @5) 0.64 mi (11:13 / mi)
ahr:153 max:191 shoes: Brooks something-or-others

And finally the relay, though after a longer break because Mike happened by and we had a good chat. I think he really enjoyed being a spectator, said a few pictures of us might appear on the maze website. Also talked about maybe trying it on a weekend a year from now.

And then the relay. Whoops, three problems, two small, one big. A wrong turn on the way to #1, dead end. A wrong turn leaving #7, another dead one. But the big problem was forgetting there was a #8 (and a couple of others did last night, before being directed over). But I just went straight to the finish, never thought about #8. Oh, well.

Once again, really fun. And of course I can only wonder how I would have managed as a regular participant....

Thursday Aug 23, 2012 #

orienteering 1:10:00 [1]

Alex asked me at some point, maybe last night, if I was stressed out as much as before the 5-Day, and I said I didn't think so. I guess the proof is in how I spent the day -- first an early round of golf, then getting the maps printed and doing some errands, then just enough time for a bike ride, and then off to the maze to hang controls. Obviously I had too much time on my hands.

The last item took longer than expected. I'd figured on 45 minutes to an hour, but it took an hour and ten minutes, mainly because I'd forgotten how much time it took to assemble the posts and flags and e-boxes. So didn't get done until 5:35, but first start was not until 6 pm, so everything cool.

Operations during the meet went pretty smoothly, though not made any easier by people forgetting their e-punches, or trading them seemingly willy-nilly. Thanks to George for his help in keeping everything straight.

Also a nice visit from Will and Mike. And thanks to many generous donations, I'll be able to stop by tomorrow and pass on $200. That, plus the smiles they had watching us, should make us very welcome in the future.

Quite an awesome evening, glad so many people could come. Maybe sometime we'll try it on a weekend, though that would require getting organized a little further in advance.


2 PM

biking 46:08 intensity: (1:00 @1) + (7:52 @2) + (33:45 @3) + (3:31 @4) 13.6 mi (3:24 / mi) +292ft 3:20 / mi
ahr:140 max:158

South Deerfield - Whately loop, working hard, probably because I didn't have much time but I wanted to do something.

Wednesday Aug 22, 2012 #



Tuesday Aug 21, 2012 #



2 PM

biking 2:09:19 intensity: (7:14 @1) + (41:44 @2) + (1:20:21 @3) 32.98 mi (3:55 / mi) +1936ft 3:43 / mi
ahr:131 max:153

Wendell - Shutesbury loop. Up in the hills a bit on a beautiful day (80F, dew point 51, NW breeze), gradually going a little farther. Legs felt not great, not bad. Two good climbs (by my standards), one (220m) about 19 minutes, the second (130m) about 12.

7 PM

orienteering 46:32 [0] 1.22 mi (38:09 / mi) +7ft 37:57 / mi

Field-checking 26 points. One of the beauties of setting courses in a maze is that this part can be done during an after-dinner stroll.

Monday Aug 20, 2012 #



Sunday Aug 19, 2012 #


Very nice weekend in Peekskill staying at Neil's. Included was the opportunity to meet Giacomo's girlfriend from Trieste, name of Camilla). Plus Segi (sp?) from Israel, in NYC for a post-doc at Rockefeller University, he'll be showing up at meets.

At some point the discussion was about how Giacomo needs to resume logging on AP, and while he was at it, make his posts more interesting. He seemed a bit perplexed. What was wrong with "3x1000m, then 2x400" for a post?

Better than nothing, for sure. But it is easy to expand a bit. So I suggested a possibility for the same workout that wouldn't require too much extra work -- "3x1000m, then 2x400m, thinking of Camilla the whole time, felt really strong."

Isn't that at least a step in the right direction? Or is it hopeless and he really needs a ghost logger, like Sam does for Ross?

11 AM

orienteering 1:12:19 intensity: (18 @1) + (20:11 @2) + (51:50 @3) 3.46 mi (20:54 / mi) +732ft 17:25 / mi
ahr:133 max:149 shoes: pegasus #2

Neil's (or Jagge's) course at Blue Mountain (with Neil's route). No rock on the map, no trails, no stone walls, no dot knolls, no form lines, no blue, no green, plus nothing at all in the 100 meters before the control. And no controls or streamers.

Good fun. A couple of moments of doubt, plus seriously lost map contact on the way to 12, but recovered well and pretty sure I got them all. Neil said it should take me about 1:10, so I came pretty close. I think he did it in the spring in 50.

But I sure am getting fragile. With the dead branches and the rocks, have to be very careful, especially going downhill. Still fell a few times, but no damage.

I post routes tomorrow.

Saturday Aug 18, 2012 #

10 AM

orienteering 1:11:30 intensity: (37 @1) + (31:37 @2) + (38:03 @3) + (33 @4) + (40 @5) 3.22 mi (22:12 / mi) +466ft 19:32 / mi
ahr:131 max:150 shoes: pegasus #2

Morning training at Bushy Ridge. Haven't been there for many many years and might never go there again... :-)

At some point early on I was thinking -- hmmm, as bad as the D2R2 can be, it can't be as bad as this.

Lots of mountain laurel, lots of blueberry crap. Though the last third was a lot better, verging on fun.

4 PM

orienteering 50:52 intensity: (37 @1) + (2:38 @2) + (45:16 @3) + (2:13 @4) + (8 @5) 3.16 mi (16:06 / mi) +597ft 13:39 / mi
ahr:140 max:164 shoes: pegasus #2

Afternoon training at Blue Mountain, starting and finishing at Neil's. Much more fun. Used the map with no walls and no trails, seemed not to make the orienteering any harder.

As cool a day as we've had for a while, so I wasn't totally fried.

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