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Training Log Archive: PG

In the 7 days ending Nov 27, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  mapping5 30:34:50 32.58(56:19) 52.43(35:00) 5108
  treadmill1 25:35 3.0(8:32) 4.83(5:18)
  Total6 31:00:25 35.58(52:17) 57.26(32:29) 5108
averages - weight:139.5lbs

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Sunday Nov 27, 2011 #

9 AM

mapping 3:41:41 [1] 3.71 mi (59:45 / mi) +751ft 50:08 / mi

Finishing up the SE corrner. And then actually took a short lunch break since I was back at the car. Other days I've just kept going.

mapping 1:48:23 [1] 2.44 mi (44:25 / mi) +197ft 41:16 / mi

And then some of the NE corner. Didn't have part of it on my map board, plus I'd used up my sheet of mylar, so it will have to wait. Maybe an hour or two of work there, and a couple of hours north of the ski lift, and that should do it. Getting close.

Ran into an older couple out walking. What was I doing? Making an orienteering map. Oh, great, we need a good map.

And then as I was leaving they ambled out to where I was parked. Showed them what I was doing. The guy wanted to know how they could get a copy. So I got his e-mail address. And in the course of the conversation, he said if I needed any help with town officials at any time, just get in touch with him, he knew them all and would be glad to help.

Put a smile on my face as I drove off.

Still to do (northeast) --

Still to do (northwest) --

And done so far --

Saturday Nov 26, 2011 #

9 AM

mapping 6:43:45 [1] 6.96 mi (58:01 / mi) +974ft 51:13 / mi

Another full day tromping around. Slow going at times, but making progress. I'd guess two more days should finish it up, maybe a day and a half. Supposed to be another nice day tomorrow, that should get a good chunk of it.

Conversation of the day, with a group of 4 ladies, a couple of girls, and a dog.

What are you doing?

I'm making an orienteering map.

(one of the girls) See, he's got a compass.

(The first lady) Are you orienteering now?

No, I'm just making the map now. Then we can use it for orienteering.

Oh, that's cool.


So far no one has said, "What's orienteering?" I think that's progress.


Done so far --

Still to do -- the SE corner, the NE corner, and a little bit north of the ski lift.

Friday Nov 25, 2011 #

9 AM

mapping 7:03:58 [1] 7.36 mi (57:36 / mi) +1243ft 49:40 / mi

Another nice day, so had to take advantage of it, this time in an area full of bike trails. Made reasonable progress.

Saw a bunch of bikers out, plus a couple of walkers, plus a guy with a rake, raking the leaves off the bike trails. Saw him twice, once with his daughter along (maybe age 5), and then a little later jogging back into the area as I was walking out. When I suggested there wasn't much daylight left, he said, no problem, he had his headlamp. Bikers sure seem to take care of their trails.

I've also fine-tuned my response when the occasional person asks me what I'm doing, so that now I say I'm making a map for orienteering (as opposed to just making a map), and then quite happy to talk about it if they show any interest. Met one old guy hiking, he didn't seem that interested in orienteering, but he did say, much to my amazement, "Oh, you must be Peter."

Now, none of this should have happened today because the park seems to be closed, along with several others in the state. Though I'm not sure when I was in the park (as opposed to Hadley watershed land, or consevation land, or private land). I did make a point of parking at an access point that was not on state land, so didn't expect to see any "closed" signs, and there were none. Perhaps there were some up at the Notch. But given that I saw at least 20-25 people out, and none in any danger, and generally the trails are free from any deadfall, well, I didn't stress out too much over whether I was illegal.

Thursday Nov 24, 2011 #

treadmill 25:35 [3] 3.0 mi (8:32 / mi)

On the treadmill at Charlie's. Haven't run in what I think is a couple of weeks, combination of being sick and the mapping, but this didn't feel too bad. Clearly I was well rested. Miles in 9:43, 8:17, and 7:35. First half of the last mile was at 7-minute pace, but then I decided that maybe wasn't smart and backed off. But if you aren't going to run much, it should be fast, I would think.

Still fighting the cold, getting quite tiresome.

Took Charlie to see my mom last night. Actually the main reason he came along (in addition to keeping me awake) was Rhonda didn't have any dessert for dinner, hard to believe but true, and there is always cake at my mom's. Two kinds this time, both were excellent. :-)

Tuesday Nov 22, 2011 #

9 AM

mapping 6:42:01 [1] 7.34 mi (54:46 / mi) +1161ft 47:38 / mi

Longish day, got done just before dark, which comes so early this time of year. Reasonable progress. And now I get a couple of days off, I think much needed, as tomorrow it's supposed to rain a lot and then we are in CT on Thursday. But the forecast for the end of the week is excellent. Just have to keep at it, and maybe I can actually finish this thing, something I would not have bet on a couple of weeks ago.

Still fighting the cold I got from Turkey via Gail. Hopefully it will be gone before too much longer so I can see if I remember what running is like. Right now, after all day on my feet, there's no way I'm going running afterwards.

Still to do (1.2 sq km), getting there....

Monday Nov 21, 2011 #

10 AM

mapping 4:35:02 [1] 4.77 mi (57:39 / mi) +781ft 49:55 / mi

Another day mapping. At least the weather has been good so I'm making progress, seem to be just over half done. So far I've put in 34 hours. Finish it in another 6 days of work? Wednesday is rain, Thursday in CT. But could have a major chunk done by the start of deer season on Monday if I can keep at it (meaning if my mind and/or body don't break down first).

Not my most productive day, had one nasty section, old sand pit, interesting contours but overgrown with a variety of thick vegetation. Not sure I mapped it well enough to be useful, but maybe.

There was one moment today when I said to myself, All of a sudden the base map has gone to hell, now what am I going to do. This was right on the edge of the old quarry. Of course a moment later I determined I was not where I thought I was.

The base map continues to be really excellent.

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