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Training Log Archive: Swampfox

In the 7 days ending Mar 21:

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Saturday Mar 20 #


Looks like Spring today, feels like Spring, so probably Spring. Plus, I saw a bee yesterday dressed in game day Brown and Gold, so it's Spring.


Biked, skied, and ran.

Biking was best--a very sunny, mild first day of spring.

I skied with Tyler and Murphy paid a visit: while we were at the extreme end of the trail network, the binding on one of his skis broke, and he had to ski back on one ski and a boot. For all that, he did pretty well, even on the downhills.

Running was toughest. The trail I was on was very uneven, had enough glazing to make it pretty slippery for my shoes, and you could never tell if the next step was going to hold up or if you were going to go through the crust. After going out as far as I wanted to (not very far), I chose to hop over to the nearest asphalt and run back to the parking lot on that. It was nice to see how good the footing was on the pavement; kudos to whoever built the road.

Friday Mar 19 #


I did some biking and some skiing on what was a beautiful day, and also got the last snow shoveling done. A lot of melting was underway by mid-afternoon.

Skiing was better compared to yesterday but that's not saying much. Grooming--or should it be "grooming"?--left lots of deep death trenches where the snow buggy machine sank into the soft snow, and that was the way the trails were left. Perhaps the thought was it would make a good challenge for the brave and the fearless!

Ran afterwards on some very soft and uneven snow trails, but even so the running was tame compared to the skiing.

Nearby, recently, Steve Tarry recounted a US Long Champs held some years ago by SLOC. Maybe I missed it when I read what he wrote, but there was another part to the tale which made the whole thing even better(worse)--which is that whereas most of the competitors had no idea the courses had been forked, a few of the locals had inside knowledge and did know.

I have very vague memories of seeing other racers going to a different control(s) at my second control, and maybe it was trying to puzzle over that rather than concentrating on navigation that distracted me enough to make a mistake right out of that control. Or maybe not--it's far too vague to be sure that I'm remembering right.

Thursday Mar 18 #


I got out for some biking in the early afternoon, and did find enough bare pavement that wasn't too water logged. It also felt chillier on the outskirts of town than I had imagined it would, despite full sun. This due to some breeze coming across the valley, and virtually everywhere the prairie is still covered in snow, so it was a case of natural air conditioning.

In late afternoon I went up in hopes the ski trails had received some attention, which they had. However, the groomer had left the trails in bad shape for the circumstances. A set of trails had been first packed, and then rolled, and it was obvious the rolling had taken place when the snow was warm and moist. And everything was very uneven to begin with, due to uneven settling and packing over the deep new snow. By mid-afternoon things were re-freezing, and the alternating grooves and ridges left by the rollers made for perilous skiing. Better than nothing, but unexplainable was why additional grooming wasn't done as things were re-freezing to reduce the ruts to something manageable.

Wednesday Mar 17 #


When you go to the grocery store and the highways have been closed for 3 1/2 days, it's easy to see what's not popular. For instance, in the bread aisle, if it's still there now, that item should probably be discontinued.

Lots of empty shelves. It's almost like the good old days, back early in the pandemic!


Continued whittling away at the snow and now have only one stretch of sidewalk left to cut through--though that's somewhat like the captain of the Titanic saying "except for the iceberg we just struck, we're doing okay." The sun was out for the last half of the day, which helped, but it wasn't warm enough for any vigorous melting action; tomorrow looks more promising.

I drove up top to check on things, hoping to be able to ski, but not really expecting much. The Happy Jack Highway was open and clear despite advisories down in Laramie that the road was closed. And the Tie City parking lot had been plowed. But there was zero sign that any attempt had been made at grooming, so (skate) skiing was out of the question. As was running, with no packed trails. So I came back home, and did Brooke's Mountain Bike Loop (aka the Jacobi Ridge Trail) as part of an hour long run.

Tuesday Mar 16 #


Doesn't look like I-80 is going to be opening today, and that means no skiing--the irony!


Did some indoor cycling to complement all the hefty outdoor snow removal work.

Monday Mar 15 #


Exercise today consisted entirely of snow shoveling. And after diligently working away a number of hours yesterday and today, by the end of the day today I had successfully opened a lane across 1/2 of my driveway, enough so that I could get one vehicle out of the garage. Not that I needed to drive anywhere today or that there was anywhere to drive to. It just seemed like a good idea--you never know when you might need to make an unexpected, routine stop over at the ER.

I celebrated by taking a short walk around the neighborhood at the end of the day, admiring some of the giant snow dunes in peoples' yards and driveways, and super giant newly formed snow berm along the edge of the road running along the north edge of town a few blocks from me.

The interstate was closed all day, of course.

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