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Training Log Archive: Dooby

In the 7 days ending Nov 3, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Turbo Trainer2 1:19:53
  Orienteering1 1:18:57 7.6(10:23) 12.23(6:27) 21329c
  Trails/Road2 28:18 3.26(8:42) 5.24(5:24) 24
  Track1 25:01 4.22(5:56) 6.79(3:41)
  Trails1 12:30 1.14(10:56) 1.84(6:48) 28
  Grass1 6:58 0.48(14:22) 0.78(8:56)
  Total6 3:51:37 16.7 26.88 26529c
averages - sleep:7.5 weight:67.3kg

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Monday Nov 3, 2014 #

9 AM


Legs feeling fresh enough this morning but was definitely tired last night going to bed, physical race. Sore knee and shins this morning due to bruises but nothing to worry about. Did find 3 new friends this morning too!

Cake tasted good for dessert last night, it's not very big so wasn't sure whether to have 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 or 1 of it, went for 1/2. That way I can 1/4 the other half if I want for this evening and tomorrow.

Monday - Turbo Trainer (easy recovery)
Tuesday - Running
Wednesday - Running (intervals)
Thursday - Turbo Trainer (GOT)
Friday - Running
Saturday - Rest (MRUP 2004 reunion (crap, where did that 10 years go???) & Ireland/S. Africa match)
Sunday - Rest

There are racing options for Sunday, orienteering in Wicklow or Munster Intermediate XC in Clare on the way back from Dublin. Have decided that neither is a good idea. I've now raced 5 weekends in a row after yesterday, it's time to take 1 weekend off before Kerry Seniors in 2 weeks.
5 PM

Turbo Trainer 34:18 [1]
ahr:101 max:119

Avg Cadence = 81rpm

Some reading this evening, probably did more on the bike than I intended but was trying to finish the book, didn't succeed though. Will need a few more minutes attention.

A bit of colour being added to my legs, bruises are starting to come up a bit. Right shin is probably the biggest one.

Sunday Nov 2, 2014 #

12 PM

Trails warm up/down 12:30 [2] 1.84 km (6:48 / km) +28m 6:19 / km
ahr:136 max:160 slept:9.0 weight:68kg shoes: VJ Falcons 2014

Some jogging on the grass around the car park and then off to the start. The rain come down in buckets on the way and while waiting for my start time, drowned before even getting into the forest.

Start was kinda where I expected it to be.

Orienteering race 1:18:57 [5] *** 12.23 km (6:27 / km) +213m 5:56 / km
ahr:173 max:183 29c shoes: VJ Falcons 2014

Munster Orienteering Championships 2014

Was hoping to use LorrieQ's splits app but my name is missing for some reason, but is in the splits. So will have to old school it!

1 - over the 2 hills, spotted the ruin/wall and control just after

2 - lost 10 seconds to Conor here, should have just kept going straight but for pushed west towards the fenced area

3 - down to the track, along it looking for the open area, not sure if I saw it, then went off the track and hit the re-entrant and then the control

4 - tough hill, came from the path to the east, might have been easier from the road. 30 seconds faster than Conor here, don't know about Roar

5 - probably ran past the cairn, check GPS, and then relocated off the hill to the north. Was in the right place just didn't see it. 2 minutes lost, ouch!

6 - just run as straight, rocky stuff wasn't fun

7 - downhill, across the track and then across the wall and saw the knoll

8 - dropped dwon from above, not the fastest attack. lost a few seconds to Conor here.

9 - stopped to tie my laces just after leaving 8! Lost 15 seconds to Conor on this leg, laces would have cost me more than that.

10 - was lucky, cut up from the road and went back to check if it was a boulder, it was. still lost 30 seconds to Conor, hmmm.

11 - cut down too far to the west, should have contoured rather than dropped from the road. Not easiest to find. Saw lorrieq above it. 16 seconds lost to Roar on this leg.

12 - climbed up from the road and hit the more open forest. Didn't see the boulder but reckoned I was on the right spur. Big fallen tree so went over the top of it and dropped down to the control. Didn't fancy going back if I was too far. 30 seconds slower than Conor, that's not good.

13. not a great leg for me. Up to the spur and along the east side. Then git the stream close to where the fence crossed it. Ended up high and then had so had to come back down. Would have been easier if I stuck to the stream. 35 seconds lost to Roar.

14. Rough leg with lots of green. Checked a faux knoll and then hit the control. Wasn't confident of finding the control if i'd to try and relocated. 37 seconds slower than Conor.

15. was happy with my speed down the hill but wanted to stay in the forest. Fallen trees meant I dropped out to the road and cut back in.

16. Hit spot on, followed the earth wall.

17 - Got stuck in shit trying to get out to the road. Wasn't too happy with that. 16 seconds lost to Conor. Think I stopped again for laces, right shoe only leaving 16.

18 - should have checked my control descriptions. Lost time below the control but then when I realised it was a spur I was looking for it was easy, stupid time loss. Didn't lose much time to Conor on this, a few seconds, but did lose more than that. Think I was looking in the shallow depression east of the control. Got confused by the yellow/green stripes in the circle.

19 - just along the path and cut across from the top of the hill

20 - went left and then cut in, should have cut in later. Gained some time back on this leg.

21 - Niallmac was 5 seconds faster on this leg, was a bit slow getting out of the control crossing some fallen trees.

22 - a bit hesitant close to the control

23 - Cut in too soon but time lost due to running speed rather than orienteering. Roar was 23 seconds faster but back ahead of Conor now.

24 - Leaving 23 I saw a white top above the crag heading out to the road. Looked a bit weird but decided i'd go by. It was Henrik looking for his SI card. Wasn't going to stop to help someone look for an SI card! Looks like he found it as he's in the results. Easy control. Trying to push the road legs now, up the speed.

25 - was a bit further in than I thought but got it ok

26 - bit scrappy how I left 25 and then eventually followed the hill in and control was visible.

27 - got out to the open, through the gate, and despite cutting in after the clearing I was on the hill to the south.

28 - wasn't sure what the best way to leave the control was but went south of the rowing club and hit the road between it and the crossroads. Lost 46 seconds to Roar here, not pleased with that. Had been gaining time the last few legs too with a run of fastest splits from 24-27.

29 - could see it but rolled under the fence.


So a scrappy enough run with some unnecessary time loss. It is hard to run clean with the unmapped green. Was surprised that we ended up in Blue Pool, expected to cross back the road around Torc after a loop above the road. Got very easy once into Blue Pool, with distance added at the end.

Muckross takes no prisoners, a nice few bangs to the body, some bruising. Nice hole in my good CorkO top aswell, will have to find someone with sewing skills!

Mission accomplished, 6-in-a-row.
Pleased with that.

QuickRoute (added)
2 PM

Grass warm up/down 6:58 [2] 0.78 km (8:56 / km)
ahr:126 max:136 shoes: VJ Falcons 2014

Legs tired after the race. And I was definitely cold after finishing. Left calf feeling more tight than the right, that's more like it!

Maybe should've done more but wasn't in the mood.

Saturday Nov 1, 2014 #

1 PM

slept:9.0 weight:66.5kg (rest day)

Weighed myself this morning and got a shock, must be something wrong!

Anyone in need of a shower after MOC tomorrow is welcome to one in my house, along with refreshments.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Will be interesting to see what the course is like, been a while since i've orienteered west of the road and near it in recent years with the deer ban!
4 PM


Bought some flavoured milk to experiment with tomorrow to aid recovery. Will see if the popularity of it is worthwhile.

Friday Oct 31, 2014 #

slept:7.5 (rest day)

Feeling less tired today but after work I was definitely feeling a bit lethargic, so must have been using my brain today to say I was tired. Good idea to be resting. Just hope this pays off.

Thursday Oct 30, 2014 #

slept:7.0 (rest day)

Not feeling great today, tired and still trying to clear the cold. Not too bad after last night but definitely run-down. Few indicators that i'm low on energy so decided to rest until Sunday.

Wednesday Oct 29, 2014 #

6 PM

Trails/Road warm up/down 15:10 [2] 2.88 km (5:16 / km) +12m 5:10 / km
ahr:123 max:133 slept:6.0 shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 17-Green

3 laps of the outside plus around 400m inside, or just less. Legs alright warming up. A few layers on for this but did discard them before and during the track session.

Track intervals 25:01 [5] 6.79 km (3:41 / km)
ahr:159 max:179 shoes: Nike Lunaracer+

8 * 600m

Spent the day thinking about whether to do this or not. Woke up with a bit of a cold and feeling a bit shitty. Finally decided that i'd see how far I got.

With Rob Snr, Rob Jnr, Andrew for a few 400s of the session and Michael who also did some 600s and other stuff.

1.55 (1.20)
1.55 (1.20)
1.55 (1.16)
1.55 (1.11)
1.55 (1.12)
1.57 (1.12)
1.53 (1.16)

So Recovery and Times were consistent enough. Took off my jacket after the 1st rep. Then had to take off my top after the 2nd one, did put it back on, was on inside out.

Rob Snr had a bit of a bump at the start of the 2nd or 3rd one, runner on the track, so that upset the rhythm a small bit.

Calf (right) felt sore at some times. Other than that things were manageable. Didn't feel too bad during the session, although felt a bit tired on number 7, but that was faster than 6 which ended up being slow.

Now to bed and recovery.
7 PM

Trails/Road warm up/down 13:08 [2] 2.36 km (5:34 / km) +12m 5:26 / km
ahr:135 max:144 shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 17-Green

3 laps of the outside. Legs feeling ok, tired, but not too sore.

Tuesday Oct 28, 2014 #

5 PM

Turbo Trainer 45:35 [2]
ahr:130 max:145 slept:7.0

Avg Cadence = 81rpm

Not a good idea to go shopping for dinner in an unfamiliar Dunnes Stores, did get some stuff, but probably too much, although could have got more.

GOT 4 Episode 2, another wedding. Interesting to see what happens next, as always.

Definitely felt a bit better than the session last week. Probably was a drop off in pace after around 17 minutes but looking at the graphs I finished strongly with not too much of a corresponding increase in HR.

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