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Training Log Archive: Focus

In the 7 days ending May 25, 2010:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Road biking6 3:40:47 54.66(4:02) 87.96(2:31)
  Grass / road2 1:17:26 9.73(7:57) 15.66(4:57)
  Trails1 58:18 6.7(8:42) 10.79(5:24)
  Orienteering1 25:19 3.77(6:43) 6.07(4:10)
  S & C1 17:45
  Total9 6:39:35 74.86 120.48
  [1-5]8 6:21:50

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Tuesday May 25, 2010 #

6 PM

Grass / road warm up/down 17:32 [1] 3.33 km (5:16 / km)
shoes: Asics gel-1140 #2

Grass / road race 47:20 [4] *** 10.27 km (4:37 / km)
shoes: Asics gel-1140 #2

Curragh winsplits.

Grass / road warm up/down 1:14 [2] 0.2 km (6:10 / km)
shoes: Asics gel-1140 #2

Monday May 24, 2010 #

(rest day)

TEMPLE BAR map finished. Now who wants some O intervals on Sunday?!


The link above for the Temple Bar map keeps getting updated with a more current version of the map.

Sunday May 23, 2010 #


Spent morning recovering in bed and the afternoon surveying Temple Bar.
7 PM

Road biking 54:00 [1] 20.44 km (2:39 / km)
ahr:115 max:138 shoes: Specialised

Recovery ride on the flat. Legs were pretty tired from the cycling yesterday/pub crawling. I would have done a run but my calves were pretty sore today. Looking forward to my massage tomorrow.

Saturday May 22, 2010 #

Event: Fairy Chase


Next Sunday the 30th i'm going to put on sprint O intervals in Temple Bar. I'm making a quick ISSOM map for it. If you want to do the training get in contact with me. It'll be 9 or 10am so that there aren't alot of people on the streets.
2 PM

Trails warm up/down 14:31 [2] 2.32 km (6:15 / km)
shoes: Asics gel-1140 #1

Already warmed up before the warm up!

Trails race 29:45 [4] 6.39 km (4:39 / km)
shoes: Adidas flats

Fairy chase hill race. Three different race routes were run! There was the right route, the wrong route and really wrong wrote. I took the wrong route. Stupid stupid stewart shouted at me when i turned right off the track with the correct markings to turn back and go left. Why did i choose to run a track with no tapes rather than the track with tapes?! I'm the one to blame, i knew the route by looking at the map! I merely thought there was another right turn just up ahead. There wasn't. I marked this as intensity 4 becuase at that stage i sat back a tiny bit and on teh down hills i did not push it at all because 1) my calves were not great, 2) my calves weren't going to be great after racing in the asics flats, 3) they were new runners that i've never before run in. Bloody fantastic weather! Nice race none the less.

Trails warm up/down 14:02 [2] 2.08 km (6:45 / km)
shoes: Asics gel-1140 #1

Warm down with no top on. This is heavenly weather. Of course i looked like a tit with my 80s shorts on for the cool down. No more than a tit for what i wore on the race. Nearly everyone went for a fairy costume. The first hill race was in 1980. Enough said.
5 PM

Road biking 1 [1] 1.0 km (1 / km)

Heineken cup final, champions league final. I did a pub crawl on the Dublin city bikes between halves and full times. We did about 9-11km with about 60-70mins cycling.

Friday May 21, 2010 #

6 PM

Road biking 1:56:57 [3] 49.67 km (2:21 / km)
ahr:127 max:163 shoes: Specialised

Up Howth hill and back. Stopping in for cake in Dave Cs.
9 PM

Road biking 12:13 [2] 3.76 km (3:15 / km)
ahr:130 max:155 shoes: Specialised

Then home.
Yesterdays Osprintervals.

Thursday May 20, 2010 #

12 PM

S & C 17:45 [0]

Same as Tuesday.
Donadea winsplits.
6 PM

Road biking warm up/down 10:28 [2] 4.49 km (2:20 / km)

Grass / road warm up/down 2:37 [2] 0.44 km (5:57 / km)
shoes: Asics gel-1140 #1

Orienteering intervals 25:19 [5] *** 6.07 km (4:10 / km)
shoes: Asics gel-1140 #1

GEN training: Sprint O intervals in UCD planned by Laurence Quin and racing against Christian Foley Fisher, Jonathan Quin and Audrey Martin. It was fecking awesome training.
We ran six intervals (data and map to come later). The first two Chris and i ran the same interval against each other in opposite directions. He won first i won second. Then the third and fourth interval we ran head to head in the same direction, he won one i won the other. And the fifth and sixth interval all four of us ran against each other but with 10 second start intervals. I would have won the fifth and most exciting interval (12 controls! and me Jonathan and Chris were swopping the lead by the end) but i took a risky route into the cirlce of the final control and had to come back out of the bush and around into it. First back wins no matter what. I won the last. Jonathan Quin is a fast bugger! And he wasn't put off by Chris or myself. Good relay training also.

So it was great training and there were 40 tagged sites from Laurence. Thanks!

Grass / road warm up/down 8:43 [2] 1.42 km (6:08 / km)
shoes: Asics gel-1140 #1

Collecting controls.

Road biking warm up/down 14:30 [3] 5.6 km (2:35 / km)

From UCD to Stradbrook in Blackrock to watch tag rugby. I was too late to play.
10 PM

Road biking 12:38 [2] 3.0 km (4:13 / km)

Up Newtownpark avenue to home.


My right calf has being tight for the last 4-5 days. A rub on the soleus muslce right before a hard session seems to be enough to keep it happy for the hard running. I'm really running on a knifes edge here. As i've said, it's a roller coaster ride, sometimes the calves are fine, sometimes one is bad, sometimes the other, sometimes both, sometimes neither. The cross training and massage helps. So who knows how it'll play out! My physio keeps saying to run.

Wednesday May 19, 2010 #


I got home a little late, was really tired and had a nap. Then 2 hours of cycling wasn't what i wanted to be doing. So Fridays 60min cycle can go out the window and hopefully i'll do 2hour-ish cycle then instead. Whats more important this week are the high intensity sessions and the strength sessions, so not a total failure.

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