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Training Log Archive: bl

In the 7 days ending Dec 10, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Hiking1 2:31:00 5.6(26:58) 9.01(16:45) 595
  Walking4 1:53:00 5.9(19:09) 9.49(11:54)
  Wood hauling/stacking1 1:30:00
  Trail/woods running2 1:00:00 5.3(11:19) 8.53(7:02)
  Road/trail1 40:02 3.5(11:26) 5.63(7:06)
  gym1 30:00
  Biking1 10:00 1.0(10:00) 1.61(6:13)
  Total7 8:14:02 21.3 34.28 595

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Saturday Dec 10, 2011 #

Event: UNO local

Walking 18:00 [1] 0.5 mi (35:59 / mi)

DP into woods, down old path looking used & was...large hunter's perch about 20' up in tree. Substantial & solid: "Field & Stream" printed on metal. Locked to tree in 2 places, probably worth $500 or more. Walked thru thick green pine for the fun of it. Nice to free roam again.

Wood hauling/stacking 1:30:00 [1]

Cutting/splitting/hauling. Can feel lumbago coming on. Had to lift some hefty green wood to get it to/on splitter. Finally got the twin trees upright by the brook - one step at a time over months! Chainsaw puzzles...wood under stress? what might ensue? A Bow cop managed to kill himself in his back yard in a chain saw accident about 18 months ago.

Originally had thought an UNO meet this weekend but seems to be only bike O. Will visit BB tomorrow - nice weather Sunday, too.

Found myself inadvertently bidding on eBay for a 305 earlier - did not go to eBay but the site I was using (Zewee) had a link that took me there though it was not initially apparent. A 305 for $51?, even used. What got to me was no matter how fast I made a new, increased bid, I was told I was outbid...too fast for my sense of fair play - no way it could work that way honestly...? As a trial, I bid asap maybe 5 times and was outbid every time. Price reached $98 when I reverted to 'might as well buy a new one'. Who cares to participate in a bid war when there are things to do outside.

Friday Dec 9, 2011 #

Walking 20:00 [1] 0.8 mi (25:01 / mi)

Slough & back, grey, calm. Water like glass. Walked on edge of woods returning. Hunters seem to be gone for another season. Mouse evicted today & yesterday.

Walking 35:00 intensity: (15:00 @1) + (20:00 @2) 3.0 mi (11:40 / mi)

Noon Shunpike wander, avoid people/vehicles. Got on other side of Langley
where it was too wet to continue on path. Muddy cornfields but ok on grass
alongside. Back into woods, revisited the homeless person's site - not
there in 9 mos? Had been replenished & re-destroyed. Lots of litter: pads of
paper, some printed "Jane Patten" on top. Food, tins, books, stuff and more stuff, all waterlogged - even unused Christmas cards. Opened a case that appeared it might contain a musical instrument but it did not - it did contain my favorite small mammal...a mouse, peering back, that seemed to say "what are you doing, peering into my house". Continued across grassy fields toward a warm sun into warm wind. In a month it should be all skateable surface.


"Here's lookin' at ya"* says Zoe some time ago. Friday be the day when all workers unite. Z., too (tending her whelping box).

*Humphrey Bogart, CASABLANCA, 1942.

Thursday Dec 8, 2011 #

Walking 25:00 [1] 1.0 mi (25:00 / mi)

DP with Beth around first loop in forest. Lots of rain & wind last night. Brook very high. Cold fingers.

Trail/woods running 25:00 [2] 2.5 mi (10:00 / mi)

PM DP, about same as AM with pass thru old ride, now an indistinct path. No one else - big moon (December is the "Cold Moon"), one eve from full, maybe. Wind finally died.


Two days ago was rear-ended in downtown Concord while stopping at a pedestrian crossing - not hard but hard enough that I expected a crushed/splintered bumper. Got out, a young man so very concerned!, asked if I was alright. He could not have been more genuinely apologetic. Amazingly, I did not see anything but black paint on the bumper which evidently gave with the force. There was really nothing to outwardly fret about. I took his name, Tyler Burley, and phone #. The plate was a paper temporary on a Darth Vader-looking jeep. There was an older woman in the front passenger seat. I asked for his address...he said words to the effect that he didn't know...! Strange but seeing as I could see no damage, I let it go. He said something about driver ed. I indicated this was some ed. experience. We parted. A few hours later, in returning from my noon hour run, I was approaching the car directly from the rear...a dent or a reflection? Turns out it was/is a dent but not enough for a follow-up fuss. At one point, had considered verifying the phone # but wasn't worth it. But imagine my surprise when I took the MONITOR out of the mailbox this eve...front page: "Teen faces charges in stabbing - man's injuries life-threatening". "Tyler Burley, 17, will be arraigned this morning...." He was so apologetic! The stabbing occurred on the weekend, before our meeting. No wonder his concern....

On another note...

December reflections in the NNH campus pond

Swollen stream out front this morning

Wednesday Dec 7, 2011 #

gym 30:00 [1]

Yuk of a day, heavy rain at times, dark & drear. PM gym w/o w/o much enthusiasm. Met Beth there, BAM after. Ran into Udo at Staples. Searched EMS for lanyard setup for next 305.

Biking 10:00 [3] 1.0 mi (10:00 / mi)

Had 3X5' in mind at 4 effort but departed to go read magazines hardening indeed is required for me for use of PF-type environment. Need some interesting pod casts to lighten up the load.

Read of a Williams college (alma mater) sophomore who ran 20:52 for 6k to win the NCAA Div 3 XC champs in WI. Finished 55th last year...took her interim training seriously!

Tuesday Dec 6, 2011 #

Road/trail 40:02 [2] 3.5 mi (11:26 / mi)

South St., Iron Works w/ some fields added for not taking Rollins route, back on Clinton. Warm day! Did not have t shirt - made do with turtle neck but too hot. Right MTP sore but works. 59F at 5pm. Went to the printing shop, front door wide open.

Monday Dec 5, 2011 #

Walking 15:00 [1] 0.6 mi (24:59 / mi)

DP, some mist, warm day in store. Quiet, calm, empty.


Faraway series, photos from elsewhere, #85

The oldest orienteer, WMOC '06

92, from Finland

Trail/woods running 35:00 intensity: (15:00 @1) + (20:00 @2) 2.8 mi (12:30 / mi)

Noon, to Memorial, one lap on track & then fields with their expectant
signs re nordic & snow & rules. Over by Pleasant View & back on road.
Evolved to 1/3rd walking - no hurry, take it easy. Nice to have no specific
complaint after BHT, HP, 2 sprints & Cardigan. Maybe Exeter TF this
weekend to close shop for the season.

Sunday Dec 4, 2011 #

Hiking 2:31:00 [1] 5.6 mi (26:58 / mi) +595m 20:16 / mi

Mt Cardigan hike with George, Jenny & Beth. Perfect day for such - gentle, even warm at start, cloudless, calm until the hut. Summit was windy, maybe 30mph. Great views. Some ice on trails, but bare granite on summit. Dogs relegated to car - too much climb for old guys. George moved right along - fastest of the hikers in sight & he needs a second hip replaced! Distance per AMC trail guide. Missed that 305... Nice dinner w/ conversation re WOC'76 Aviemore, GBTC, Liberty AC, CSU etc. Alexandria is as rural as we usually get in NH - lovely setting.

Mt. Cardigan trail.

View from summit to north toward Newfound Lake

Summit visitor of long ago


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