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Training Log Archive: JanetT

In the 7 days ending Jul 13, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Orienteering3 6:37:05 15.23(26:04) 24.51(16:12) 66839 /43c90%1260.6
  Yoga1 50:0050.0
  Total4 7:27:05 15.23 24.51 66839 /43c90%1310.6

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Wednesday Jul 12, 2017 #

6 PM

Orienteering race (Course 2) 31:41 intensity: (20 @1) + (13 @2) + (8:52 @3) + (12:44 @4) + (9:32 @5) *** 3.22 km (9:51 / km) +55m 9:04 / km
ahr:140 max:161 spiked:12/13c shoes: Inov8 ORoc280-B 2013-10

Wednesday sprint series, course 2 first, 2.3km, 55m climb

We knew going in this was going to be a sweat fest with temps in the upper 80s and humid (dew point "feels like" temperature in the low 90s), and it was. Left hamstring achy and tight still from Sunday's Rogaine where I aggravated an old injury.

The control I had the most trouble on was number 5, as I cut into the semi-open area and confused the wider section with mapped path (heading NW toward 6) with the narrower clearing pointing more northerly that I should have been in. I should have just stayed along the parking area longer. I stumbled across #41 first (I was looking for 40), which is the code for the NEXT control, so I recovered from there, somewhat, though I again apparently didn't find the proper trail at first.

On the long leg to 10 I chose to head up to the road rather than take the trail that entered the woods near the pavilion. While execution was fine, it seems I added more climb as I have more total climb on this course than Glen had, where we had similar total climb on the other sprint. My reasoning was that 9-10 left looked like up 2 contours down 1, versus down 1 up 2, or so I thought. There's a squiggly form line I think I was seeing as a contour line but 9-10 right was apparently down 1 up 1 contour.

Nice courses by Greg Ahlswede, set by Sandy (who also updated the map with disc golf tees and holes, quite the job).
7 PM

Orienteering race (Course 1) 31:15 intensity: (11 @2) + (6:26 @3) + (10:41 @4) + (13:57 @5) *** 2.65 km (11:46 / km) +61m 10:34 / km
ahr:143 max:165 spiked:16/16c shoes: Inov8 ORoc280-B 2013-10

Now that I was used to the maze of trails wth the large barn in the center I did much better. :-)

Tuesday Jul 11, 2017 #


Open access maps from New York public library

Putting this link here so (maybe) I can find it again.

Monday Jul 10, 2017 #

Yoga 50:00 [1]

Back to yoga...needed it today as well as a bit extra that I did on my own. Since instructor Deanna was back from vacation she called this one "returning to balance from travel" as we focused on breathing techniques.

I added a bit more detail to the Rogaine description with order of controls and some route choice notes, if anyone's up to more details (easier to follow if you have the maps). :-)

Saturday Jul 8, 2017 #


AOWN notes: Strange fungi and a number of garter snakes. Fortunately no rattlers or bears. :-)


Note 2: Our Rogaine team name has been Ramble On ever since the first one we did in the '90s. We sometimes hear the Led Zeppelin song of the same name (part of the inspiration...we both like the song, along with thinking it's an appropriate Rogaine name ;-)), and we did again this morning on the drive down to French Creek.
11 AM

Orienteering race 5:34:09 [3] 18.64 km (17:56 / km) +553m 15:37 / km
spiked:11/14c shoes: 2017 Inov8 ArcticClaw 300

DVOA Lucky 7 Rogaine...using 7 orienteering maps of French Creek SP and surrounding parks. FWIW we only used 4 of the maps-- FC North, East, Central, and West. Some maps were 1:10000 and others were 1:15000, so it wasn't possible to tape them together to see the big picture which was frustrating to me. It was a warm (80+) and humid day, but some clouds/overcast kept it from being too oppressive.

I wasn't quite ready when the start whistle blew, but we caught up to a number of folks looking for 86 (first control we visited) and basically made up that time. It was a "clearing", overgrown with tall weeds, with the vetter's streamer but not the course setter's. CS said he couldn't find vetter's streamer when he hung the bag so gave us all credit for it.

Found the streams for which we needed a junction (3rd control we did, near the quarry) but had to turn left to hit the control. Later we missed 71 on the first attempt; went up the hill to look for 44 where we found a boulder with two streamers for this event, but no flag; then attempted 71 again from where the streamers were, and found it.

873 points, 14 controls visited. Turns out we were 1st "senior mixed" team once we got credit for the streamer finds.

More later when I can look at maps.

Many thanks to Steve Aronson, Sharon Siegler, Ed Scott, and the cooking staff headed by Janet Porter!!!

Rogaine partner for every Rogaine I've ever done (except one, where we each headed out with a son at a CNYO event) is GlenT, of course. He's the chief strategist, attempting to maximize points in minimal distance; and I make sure the routes/climbs aren't too insane as I don't have the climbing legs he does. ;-)

Order of controls: 86*-48-81-39(FC-N, 1:10)-83-85-64-56-53(FC-E, 1:15)-57(FC-C, 1:10)-(71 first attempt)-44*-71-54-52(FC-W, 1:15)-Finish

If we(I)'d been moving faster we might have tried for 61 and 63 on West also, but I was getting tired just climbing the hill to 64....

Fuel included eating a sandwich during planning, a Camelbak bladder of diluted Vitalyte (aka Gookinade), a bladder of water, a couple of GUs (I carried three and consumed two), and a snack bag with peanuts, raisins and a few pretzels. On the trail to 56 I had some of my snack, focusing on the peanuts and pretzels. This combo worked well, but I was ready for food, especially protein, when we finished.

We didn't encounter anyone as we headed in to 81 near the quarry as others reported, but maybe we were just lucky. We attacked 39 from the jct of the trail and the intermittent trail near the dot knoll, then headed SE to skirt the marsh heading to the water stop on Shed Rd. Attacked 83 from the water stop and counted off platforms but went a bit beyond before I turned around and saw the flag.

Stayed on the trail too long to 53 (my fault), then it was trail/road/trail to 57. We bashed and flailed our way through the green to the clearings SW of it, avoiding the campers there. Thought we attacked off the correct trail bend to 71 but apparently didn't go quite far enough (though both of us were pace counting), so we bailed to the trail to get 44 (the boulder with two streamers but no flag/punch). From there we reattached 71 and found it. Headed back up the hill to see if we could spot 44's flag but never did.

A bit sloppy to 54 (attacked too early) and 52 (missed the reentrant, and first--likely invisible--trail junction, but saw the Y jct ESE of control), and then called it a day.

Fell twice and caught myself from falling once, which I think strained more muscles than falling as I had a bit of tightness Sunday morning, but it was doing much better later in the day. No lasting injuries.

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