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Training Log Archive: vmeyer

In the 7 days ending Jan 12, 2015:

activity # timemileskm+m
  O Training1 2:15:00 4.48(30:08) 7.21(18:43) 144
  Swimming3 1:31:10 1.99 3.2
  Orienteering1 45:30 2.3(19:47) 3.7(12:18) 105
  Total5 4:31:40 8.77 14.11 249
  [1-5]4 4:31:39

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Sunday Jan 11, 2015 #

1 PM

Orienteering race (Yellow) 45:30 [2] *** 3.7 km (12:18 / km) +105m 10:46 / km

Actual = 2.81 miles and 82 climb

After yesterday, I didn't really think I was up for an advanced course, and when the relief epunch operator arrived back (thanks, Tori), I wasn't too keen on going out, so I kept my warm layers on and hunkered down for the duration. Then the 3rd shift arrived back (thanks, Amy), and since the temps had reached almost 40, I decided to go tootle around the rather long Yellow course that I had helped design. Goal was to be back by course closing, oh, and to not mispunch. Check/Check. Not very difficult navigation, though my one departure from an all trail route resulted in an error. Wasn't enjoying the long sloughs on the road, but in the end it was a day "in the woods", the rookie meet director did a fine job, as did the rookie course designer, and everyone was out of the woods by 3:15 (only 15 minutes after course closing), and I was home, showered, and in my jammies by 4:35. Most times, it can't get any better than that.

Saturday Jan 10, 2015 #

12 PM

O Training 2:15:00 [1] 4.48 mi (30:08 / mi) +144m 27:24 / mi

Training day
Thorns in behind
Good day

Friday Jan 9, 2015 #

Swimming 47:00 [3] 1.0 mi (47:01 / mi)

We'll just call it a mile, though it was probably more. Pool was packed, most likely because there is no evening swim tonight, so instead of sharing, I jumped into the diving well and swam laps in there. It was probably about 3/4 of the 25 yards that I swam back and forth. I estimate about 13 lengths = 250 instead of 10, though I did not keep count at all. Just swam as long as I could before needing a break - about 24 minutes, then 1 minute break, and then 23 more minutes. Did no pushing off so got the most of the shortened space using lots of arms and a gentle kick.

Thursday Jan 8, 2015 #

Swimming (Noddling w/ Lailah) 1 [0]

Took the day off to do a little Lailah Care.

Probably shouldn't have driven the O'Mobile the 30 miles from Arlington to Greenbelt to pick up Lailah, since the car's tire reader said 21 for one of the tires, and this was after putting air into it yesterday. But, it looked OK to me, and I figured the reader was probably bad.

Well, after arriving safely, I decided to put some air into it before transporting my precious cargo back to Arlington. Sadly, the stem valve broke off - Matt was operating the air pump at the time. Gladly, we were on the lot of a full service station, and the good ole boys took the van right in, and replaced the valve, though not with the fancy electronic one, so the error message that the tire is low is on for good until it is replaced. Not that I am complaining! Fifteen minutes and $20.43 later, Lailah and I were back in business, off to the Shirlington Library for Storytime at 10:30.

Next hiccup of the day - four car pile up on 295, so we didn't make the 10:30 ST, but we did have time for a snack before the 11:15. And, it was worth the wait, since Storytime, by Miss Megan, was wonderful, with three books on accepting being different - Gaston, Spoon, and I Wish I had Freckles Like Abby and songs. Maybe a little deep for 25 months plus, but the many songs kept the younger kids engaged, and Lailah was attentive throughout. I liked Spoon the best.

After ST, it was off to the pool. Now, this is always a crap shoot with Lailah...will it be 2 minutes or will she enjoy herself a little longer? That is the question...

Well, it was on the longer side at about 90 minutes, and despite the fact that she can only reach the bottom at a very specific and small part of the pool, she didn't hang onto me nearly as much as usual, being content to paddle around with the assistance of a noodle. So, I did lots of swimming underwater and playing around with her such that it was quite a good workout.

Had one of those cringe worthy moments when the woman amputee came by - many loud questions.

Anyway, back to the house for an hour or so before Sarah picked Lailah up. A good day, with just a small hiccup or so - just the right amount of Lailah time, and a fine way to spend a day of leave.

P.S. Lailah turns four in seven days - she is the one counting. Well, as long as she has warmed up to you, she is happy to hold a conversation with you, and quite a conversation it is. She had me chuckling and amazed by her cleverness, both wit and intelligence, all day. Yup, a good day indeed.

Tuesday Jan 6, 2015 #

Swimming (70 laps) 44:09 [1] 0.99 mi (44:36 / mi)

640 616 r15 558 r20 607 r16 608 r18 625 r18 635 - last 10 was 1 FS/9 BS, which were quite speedy as I was trying to beat the guy in the lane next to me who was also doing BS. No I'm not at all competitive. ;-)

Snowed this morning. Just enough to make a mess of getting to work. Should be nice and icy in the morning too.

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