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Training Log Archive: Cristina

In the 7 days ending Dec 5, 2021:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Strength/Core2 4:00:00480.0
  Orienteering2 2:00:54 4.84 7.78 524c96.0
  Cycling2 46:34 9.25(11.9/h) 14.89(19.2/h) 2971.4
  Running1 15:17 1.51(10:08) 2.43(6:18)34.1
  Total7 7:02:45 15.6 25.1 804c681.5
  [1-5]7 6:15:35

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Sunday Dec 5, 2021 #

10 AM

Orienteering 30:00 [1] **
4c shoes: Brock (Terraultra G 260)

Took Lukas out to four controls on the score-o course at Ironwood.

We had a fairly large showing today, maybe more than 70? And Yvonne said about 45% were under 18. We need to start offering more youth-friendly stuff!

Saturday Dec 4, 2021 #

8 AM

Strength/Core 2:00:00 [1]

Workshop day 2.

Here's Lukas using a dump truck to help move gravel:

Our fearless leader Emma explaining what a girdling root is to some aspiring arborists:

Lukas enjoying the temporary topography.

Emma giving a planting lesson while everyone snacked.

Friday Dec 3, 2021 #

8 AM

Strength/Core 2:00:00 [3]

We hosted a two days of rainwater harvesting workshop at our house, building some basins to collect stormwater from the street and our roof, then slow it, spread it, and sink it. We hired an expert to design everything and she likes to have the work done with help from the homeowners and their friends. We had a great group of friends helping out both days and got a lot done.

Thankfully we had an excavator come out on Wednesday to dig through the hard soil and give us a good start on the basins:

This basin is for collecting water from the street, shown here before anyone got to work. The first hole is meant to act like a sediment trap. The basin behind it is pretty deep and will collect a lot of water in a big storm, making the Palo Verde and other surrounding plants very happy. Overflow is back out to the street, back at the entrance.

There are several more basins in the front yard for collecting water from the porch roof and whatever lands on this side of the property. Soil from the basins was used to make a cactus hill and to grade the land.

Here's what the big basin looks like after the workshops:

It's hard to tell what's going but it was a lot of work! We're not quite done, there's more mulch, rock, and gravel to put down, probably some adjustment of basins and swales. There are four other (smaller) basins in the front, and another large (but much shallower) basin in the back. Can't wait for it to rain so we can test it all out!

Thursday Dec 2, 2021 #

8 AM

Cycling (road) 20:46 intensity: (1:10 @0) + (5:50 @1) + (13:46 @2) 7.42 km (21.4 kph)
ahr:127 max:148

In to work weeee.
5 PM

Cycling (road) 25:48 intensity: (1:00 @0) + (11:32 @1) + (13:16 @2) 7.47 km (17.4 kph) +29m
ahr:123 max:148

It's funny that it feels flat on the way TO campus but definitely doesn't on the way home. Amazing how much of a difference 30m makes.

Wednesday Dec 1, 2021 #


The Colossal Vail 50/50 2021 Participant Guide has a bit about the vegetation and critters encountered on the course. One highlight:

Some notable plants that you will see on this run are saguaro, barrel cactus, ocotillo, agave, prickly pear cactus, yucca, mesquite, palo verde, creosote and the endangered Red Pineapple cactus (look for these on both sides of the I-10 tunnel crossing). Many of these species have spines which are easily avoided by not running into the plants.

Tuesday Nov 30, 2021 #

6 PM

Running (road) 15:17 intensity: (16 @0) + (1:14 @1) + (8:31 @2) + (5:16 @3) 2.43 km (6:18 / km)
ahr:142 max:157 shoes: New Balance 880v10

Biked over to WOG, intending to run the long workout even though I am very short on sleep and really feeling it. The enthusiasm did not last long and I bailed after one rep (600m) of the short workout. Time for a long night of sleep!

Monday Nov 29, 2021 #

4 PM

Orienteering 1:30:54 intensity: (44:44 @0) + (26:21 @1) + (19:49 @2) 7.78 km (11:41 / km) +52m 11:18 / km
ahr:108 max:140 shoes: Altra Timp 3

Vetting at Ironwood. I couldn't get to the last control because it got too dark to see and the coyotes started barking and howling on both sides of me. Would have made it had I not wasted 30 minutes turning back to get the map off of the kitchen counter at home.

Feel significantly better today, obviously, since Sat & Sun I barely left my bed and certainly would not have headed out to trot around on a map. I'm tired and my stomach feels strange, like it's sort of clamped into a smaller size. I can only eat a small amount of normal food before feeling totally turned off by it and full, but I can inhale a sleeve of saltines no problem.

Not sure what it was but Melissa, Lukas, and my mom (who went back Friday just before I got sick) are so far unaffected. Melissa stands by her decision to ban me from spreading my germs to all the other Competition Managers in Birmingham this week.

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