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Training Log Archive: Cristina

In the 7 days ending Feb 17, 2007:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Running4 2:54:30 18.82(9:16) 30.29(5:46) 150396.0
  Orienteering1 1:55:51 5.53(20:57) 8.9(13:01) 29528c347.5
  Strength/Core3 1:04:00104.0
  DDR2 35:0070.0
  Total6 6:29:21 24.35 39.19 44528c917.5
averages - sleep:8

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Saturday Feb 17, 2007 #

Running (trail) 20:00 [2] 2.11 mi (9:29 / mi)
shoes: Integrators (orange)

On the way to the start.

Orienteering race 1:31:01 [3] *** 6.6 km (13:47 / km) +295m 11:16 / km
ahr:183 max:191 16c shoes: Integrators (orange)

GNC Day 1 Red

Let's start with the positives. For the first 13 controls (there were 16) I did well with maintaining focus, having a plan, and executing. It was really pretty satisfactory. A few route choices that perhaps were not optimal physically, but that's okay because I did them to be safer. I was better than usual about looking ahead and anticipating, as well as keeping focus. If I started to think about anything except the current leg I was able to get right back to it. Most of the time the stray thoughts were, "Where the hell did these hills come from?" I also never looked at my watch, which I think is a good indicator that I'm not thinking about things I shouldn't be thinking about. I was not 100% focused, but getting better.

I also found that I had two legs that were very similar to ones I'd drawn while I was doing map study. There might have been more, but there were two that jumped out at me as I got to them and I said, "oh yeah, I'll do it like this!" and it worked great - no hesitations. That was neat.

Right, so most of the course was good. Not zippy, but doing what I planned to do. Then came the end, with three controls in (finally) flatter terrain. I guess I just shut off my brain, thinking these last few would be no-brainers, which is an utterly absurd thing to do. On the way to 14 I just sort of ran, with no plan, abandoning my good work so far, and ended up in a vague area with no clue where I was. I took a ~350m leg and turned into a 12.5 minute adventure. The worst part is that I found myself at a feature about 100m right of the control and should have easily hit the control from there, but that's just when it got started. I think what happened was that I eyed a hill in the distance that I thought was the one by my control, but it was actually a couple hundred meters away... on the egde of the map. Not good. Very frustrating. You can bet I'll be concentrating at the end of tomorrow's course.

My legs are fried. I guess running around in the foothills does not make me a pro at hills. Tomorrow will be rough! But at least I'll have plenty of time to think...

Pavlina in ~69, didn't see the rest.

Orienteering race 24:50 [3] *** 2.3 km (10:48 / km)
ahr:179 max:188 12c shoes: Integrators (orange)

"Ran" the sprint on close to a full stomach :-) It was a nice course, I wish I'd had the energy to run it hard. I wasn't exactly jogging, I was sort of alternating walking with bouts of level 3 running, which I guess averages out to jogging. Hesitated or bobbled 3 or 4 controls. I think I was nervous about running wildly after this morning's escapade.

Strength/Core (stretching) 10:00 [1]

Friday Feb 16, 2007 #


GNC Goals

I want to focus on minimizing mistakes (hmmm, when would I *not* want to do that?). Looking back at races from last year it looks like the ones that I felt really good about had about 5% error time. Mediocre runs had about 10% and the rest... well, let's just say the range is really big. Last year's GNC I saw about 10-15% for the two days (hard to say, my lost time reporting is pretty different from the AP split analysis).

So, for the two A days I'm going to shoot for 5% error time or less. This is a difficult standard, but there's no reason that I can't do it, especially in that terrain. I'll be disappointed if either of the days ends up at more than 8%.

How to do it? Obviously, I need to concentrate well the whole time, but I also need to be disciplined in picking out attackpoints on each leg, having an actual plan to nail the control. Which I think helps me keep my focus on the current leg, instead of just running and hoping to relocate on the way. And I need to make sure I'm leaving the control in the right direction. I'm usually very good about that, but I can't let things slip just because I'm focusing on something else.

Gee, it sounds so easy.

Thursday Feb 15, 2007 #


I had a nightmare about missing my flight on Friday and not being able to find my O equipment. So now my bag is packed.

Running (snow/trail) 36:30 [2] 3.3 mi (11:04 / mi) +150m 9:41 / mi
ahr:162 max:177 shoes: Asics Trail

Eugh, still feeling very sluggish. Afternoon run in the foothills. Despite 1.5 days of snow removal most of the trails were still covered in white stuff. Not that cold (above freezing) but I had that nasty cold-in-the-throat thing going, probably because of the wind.

Otherwise a good day, not just because I got that exam out of the way (I am so giddy!), but also because they changed my schedule *again*, but this time for the better! No nightmares tonight!

Wednesday Feb 14, 2007 #

DDR (snow dance) 10:00 [2]

Warmin' up, it was pretty cold this morning. Still snowing. I predict mass chaos in ABQ this morning. Still feel pretty beat up. Guess it's just the side effects from that flu shot, so I don't think going for a little run later would be too bad.

Running warm up/down (road/snow) 28:00 [2] 2.9 mi (9:39 / mi)
ahr:165 max:175 slept:8.0 shoes: Asics Trail

ABQ's snow removal system came out in the afternoon, so I figured I could run outside. Sooo close to going to treadmill. I wasn't feeling especially perky so I wore lots of clothes for temps around freezing - warm stretchy pants, long sleeves, and windbreaker. And gloves. I was roasting, but I think that's the only way I could have worked up the energy to go outside. Ran on "the path", which was just wet in parts but still covered in snow (only a couple of inches) in other parts.

About 10 min warmup, 2 min rest between "tempo" bouts, then I shuffled in, dejected, stopping to walk the last bit because I really just didn't have any energy.

Running tempo (road/snow) 15:00 [3] 1.9 mi (7:54 / mi)
ahr:184 max:189 shoes: Asics Trail

Since I was feeling sluggish I decided to do 2x10 min tempo with 2min rest. I managed the first 10 min okay, about 7:40ish pace. Felt like pretty good pace, though maybe a little tougher because of the snow. Set out for the second batch and it just wasn't happening for me. I couldn't break 8min/mi pace, no matter how hard I pushed, and it felt way harder than tempo. So, I called it quits after a 5 minute struggle. I'm not sure whether it's worthwhile to try to do this when I'm not feeling springy.

Tuesday Feb 13, 2007 #

DDR 25:00 [2]

A short morning session on endless mode in standard. I was feeling (and still am) very weak, but the main purpose of playing was to warm up - I have decided that the heat is not coming on again while I'm in Albuquerque, and it was a little cold this morning. I don't know why I am so tired, but perhaps I should plan on tempo tomorrow instead of today.

Monday Feb 12, 2007 #

Strength/Core 40:00 [2]

Tried that damn dvd. I had no idea there were so many different ways to torture my midsection. The only part I really had trouble keeping up with was the planking. Here's a secret: I hate planks more than I hate pushups. Actually, my inability to plank is likely the cause for my hatred of pushups. My back collapses way before my pushing muscles tire. So planking (and pushing) is good for me. And I should note that I did enjoy the workout. It's tough without being stupid (unlike a lot of Air Force workouts).

I had my annual flight physical today. I can still see and hear, and I am still breathing, so I passed with flying colors. Only issue was that they made me get a flu shot. Apparently, if you just kind of ignore the immunization clinic, a big red note goes up in your medical records that says, "BAD PERSON". Hey, I tried.

Sunday Feb 11, 2007 #

Running long (road/dirt) 59:00 [2] 6.4 mi (9:13 / mi)
shoes: Kayano XII (pink)

Before, between, and after intervals. I didn't do intervals earlier in the week, saving up in case I decided to run a local 5k this morning. Didn't do that, so I did plan b: intervals as part of the "long" run, since it wasn't going to be very long.

Upper 40s, getting dark so I ran on base on "the path". Shorts and love sleeves, which turned out to be way too hot. Listened to lots of science and a little SBS Radio en fran├žais. Quads quite sore from yesterday, but I've learned to embrace pain in my quest for speed. Pace is estimated, since I completely forget my gadgets. I was probably closer to 10s on the recoveries and I was, judging by the 1/4 mile marks on the ground, closer to 8 pace for the last bit.

Running intervals (road) 16:00 [4] 2.21 mi (7:14 / mi)
shoes: Kayano XII (pink)

4x(4:00 hard + 4:00 easy) started at about ~15 min into the 75.

Pace is an estimate again, but it's a low/conservative estimate, I think.

Strength/Core (stretching) 14:00 [1]

The usual, except I actually stretched my quads.

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