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Training Log Archive: LiveWideLoveDeep

In the 7 days ending Jun 16, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Road Bike2 4:30:00 76.4(17.0/h) 122.95(27.3/h) 2374
  Swim2 1:15:00 2.21(33:57) 3.56(21:05)
  putt6 1:00:00
  Strength1 45:00
  MTN Bike1 40:00 7.0(10.5/h) 11.27(16.9/h)
  Total7 8:10:00 85.61 137.77 2374
  [1-5]7 8:00:00

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Sunday Jun 16, 2013 #

putt 10:00 [3]

pretty jacked...Feel like I got hit by a car or did an AR but without my legs feeling anything. Better at night but little to no sleep besides on Willards chair a few times while watching the US Open. Good Fathers Day.

Walked w/ M at Aliso that felt like it helped then LF at night with some chip and watching her at driving range. Fun day and stoked to be around

Saturday Jun 15, 2013 #

MTN Bike 40:00 [3] 7.0 mi (10.5 mph)

boom boom.

Got up early to meet the guys for an OW swim at strands and just didnt feel it. Dragged my feet out the door then drove around the parking lot and decided to just ride by myself and get back early. Drove to DP harbor, got on kit, unloaded bike and realized I forgot my shoes. Was going to wear running shoes then realized I also forgot my helmet. Drove all the way back home, went to bed w/ Monique

Lazy morning and just didnt feel like riding but M got us out on the single speeds. Rolled up into Bomber and M headed back and I decided to take the Heart Loop - East Grade loop back. Trails were open (legally!) for the weekend and I have never ridden them before. Lots of people and so beautiful. Brought back a world of memories and just how many good, good runs I had on those trails. Wow... I use to run a lot! Breaking a sweat and hiking it up to the 4 corners I was just thinking I need to get back on the MTB. TRAILS! YES! This is what I need and if I cant run I can ride these every morning until I can run. Good for my mind, body and soul.

I turned down towards westridge back to the pad and I guess i am just too use to riding a bike with suspension or maybe it has been too long off of the MTB. I dropped in and just as I was getting to the bottom of the drop I saw a big whoop/rut that was too big to avoid, coming up too fast and too steep to know I was going to get over it. I leaned back maybe thinking about suspension but the fully ridged frame only ejected me that much more over the side. yelllowww.... Pogo stick off of my head and over the side landing on...I dont really know but I landed upside down and the wind knocked out of me pretty pad. R leg stuck straight up in the air and I can still remember my teeth or something crunching. Strange. In that moment I had dashavoo. Then again when I saw the chopper. I could not get up and partly (as I know now) because I was upside down and have more gravity and the other because I compressed some vertebrae and my back/neck muscles were jacked and party because the 15 people around me would not let me move. They started to freak me out saying that I flew 50-60ft off the side and I had to break my back with that fall, etc. L hip and calve pretty bad and I remembed the guy at GMR and remember not wanting to look at my calf until I finally asked someone how bad it was. ha! Reason in time of a daze...

The guy(Adam) who ended up taking my bike broke his neck two years earlier and didnt know until 2 days after so he was on me not moving and after about 10min and still feeling like I was going to puke and spinning I agreed not to move. dang. The chopper came quick but its going to be a long road out. Could have been much worse and the miracle is that this is my worst crash after countless times I thought I was going to see the Lord in the split second of "here it comes" crashes that never were. Just over 6 miles from home. Guess my leg will get some extra rest now too.

Friday Jun 14, 2013 #

putt 10:00 [3]

Strawberry Fields - Driver and Hybrid fridays w/ some 3 ball putt time

Swim 25:00 [3] 0.35 mi (1:11:28 / mi)

some epic laps in the new pool with my amigo's Zevia and Jack.

Thursday Jun 13, 2013 #

Road Bike 1:35:00 [3] 23.4 mi (14.8 mph) +2374ft
shoes: ___DA_Di2

incredibly slammed and maybe 5hrs sleep. Still got out to get a spin and some fresh air before WA. Foothill and a little ways up GMR - all granny all the time. I really need to start eating better...

Swim 50:00 [3] 1.86 mi (26:53 / mi)

ahh.... Rose Bowl Long Course - So nice to swim in the sunshine. Surprised at how good I felt and strong. Just cruising but holding 1:30 or less pace on 100's and not any effort. Happy to swim and have a little window.

500, 500 pulling, 5x100, 500, 500 pulling, 500 mixed stroke-flop

putt 10:00 [3]

Rose Bowl Course # 2 - YEAHS! Best yet. Fun time out there....

Wednesday Jun 12, 2013 #

putt 10:00 [3]

26 holes at Upland County Club. Yeah bouuuuyyyy...

Strength 45:00 [3]

3 x 15 SIDE BENDS &back ext
then 3 rounds of Nautilus row
Curls #45
Lat pull #90
Tri ext #70
Shoulder press #70
Press #70
Leg ext #80 20x
Leg curl #80 20x
Leg press #200 30x & ISO

Tuesday Jun 11, 2013 #

putt 10:00 [3]

RD w/ a few drivers

"Obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated"

Monday Jun 10, 2013 #

Road Bike 2:55:00 [3] 53.0 mi (18.2 mph)
shoes: ___DA_Di2

First Monday in a while when I did not wake to a long list of overload. Yearning desire to _just_ride_ w/ no stops, no efforts just meditate. No coffee needed and pumped from the feeling that only comes when you know you have made it through a tough patch. Racing has been a good school master for me and felt great to get out.

Kept it short becuase I know im out of shape but felt the desire to ride _all_day_long. Bike is comfy and no issues w/ shin all day or after.

putt 10:00 [0]

driving range at LF mostly driver and hybrid.

walk later just after sunset in the "hills" around the new pools.

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