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Training Log Archive: slow-twitch

In the 7 days ending Nov 6, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 3:05:12 10.44(17:44) 16.8(11:01) 29632 /42c76%
  Run5 2:00:00
  Basic Workout5 50:00
  Total7 5:55:12 10.44 16.8 29632 /42c76%

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Friday Nov 6, 2009 #

Basic Workout 10:00 [3]

Run (terrain) 35:00 [3]

A bit of a struggle to get started but then came kind of right except on the steepest bits. Thought the cattle that have been living next door this week had been moved so started off on the same circuit as wednesday with the intent to take a more direct route home. Turned out they were all hiding in one gully, so I came up with a quick redesign. This involved a Chris Forne-style route choice across the steep face behind the house, and possibly one hill too many for the good of the calf strain. And there were also big mean looking beasts I'd failed to notice in what was going to be the last paddock. No way I was going back up that hill, so thankfully when sworn at these animals turned out to still be at the nervous age, or could smell the beef on my breath.

Thursday Nov 5, 2009 #

Basic Workout 10:00 [3]

Having a bit of a weird week - getting as much sleep as I ever do but still waking up tired and feeling low in energy throughout the day.

Wednesday Nov 4, 2009 #

Basic Workout 10:00 [3]

Run (terrain) 42:00 [3]

Feeling a bit wasted all afternoon and was even dozing off a little after getting home. So a nice surprise to feel pretty good once I got out there (except for various hurty bits in the legs) and to carry on for more than the half hour I was going to force myself to do. Up the valley to make sure my self-inflicted-torture (aka terrain intervals) loop is still useable, plus a few side trips for added fun. Caught a turkey - I must be getting quick. ;-)


Routegadget links added for TONIC middle & long. Looking at long in particular, maybe the nav wasn't going quite as well as it had seemed to, but the big difference to some other runs was this time I was fixing the mistakes as they happened rather than after they happened (and after a fair bit of random flailing around)

Tuesday Nov 3, 2009 #

Basic Workout 10:00 [3]

Otherwise, a rest day. (Apart from hopefully a more energetic work day than yesterday)

Monday Nov 2, 2009 #

Basic Workout 10:00 [3]

Not the most convincing session yet, for some reason

Run 28:00 [3]

Recovery run. Might have been nicer on terrain but we hadn't been past the gate all day so somebody had to go check the (lack of) mail so mostly on the road.

Planning on having an easyish lightish week before getting back into speed work etc. If my calves let me. The easyish lightish week may be inflicted on me anyway if the flatmate has infected me with that nasty noisy cold

Sunday Nov 1, 2009 #

Run warm up/down 5:00 [3]

Trying to get the body moving pre-race. No warm down after (ouch)

Orienteering race 1:19:55 [4] **** 7.5 km (10:39 / km) +135m 9:47 / km

Almost didn't turn up - had probably no sleep while getting into a very bad head-space overnight and thought another experience like last weekend would not be healthy. But must have subconsciously decided to completely focus on the job in hand and not even let the mind start to wander, and ended up with one of my better long distance races ever and (result) the North Island M21A title (with a bit of help from Addison's dodgy ankle). While it was a little disturbing to discover we were going to have to take on The Maze at the same scale as the rest of the map, only lost time on the first control in there - a bit further from attackpoint to control than I'd expected. A few controls in the forest either I drifted off bearing or lost a little time in the circle. But overall lost more time in lack of fitness than technically, and even at full fitness doubt I'd go under 70 minutes.


Saturday Oct 31, 2009 #

Run warm up/down 10:00 [2]

A few minutes warmup before and longer warm down after the middle distance race

Orienteering race 1:05:22 [5] **** 6.8 km (9:37 / km) +125m 8:48 / km

NI Middle champs, Mushroom Road. Darren 1st in 37ish mins, so a long middle but not as much as I thought it would be. If the race had finished at #16 I'd be very happy (probably still dead last but happy). Suprised how quickly I was covering the ground (too quickly as it turned out). Dropped not much more than a minute or so in small mistakes up to 10. Lost a bit more passing 11 then searching a fair bit under it. Another small mistake at 16 (44.5 mins) then the fuel tank was totally drained. On autopilot or worse through 17 & 18, then switched the brain back on to somehow stagger through the last few controls.

Route Note there were no tracks on our maps which might make some choices look a little odd.

Orienteering race (Night) 39:55 [3] *** 2.5 km (15:58 / km) +36m 14:54 / km

A mixture of some very good orienteering, some chosing to follow the right lights, and very nearly falling off the map at times. Good fun.

Particular lessons:
1. I have difficulty counting. Was required to visit 18 controls. I was sure I had punched 17 stationary controls and punched Addison and Ellmo twice. Yet still ended up with 22. Hey, I'm an overachiever.

2. Running in a full monster mask is very uncomfortable. Had the choice between mouth-breathing sucking in fake hair or drowning while attempting to nose-breathe in the puddle of condensing sweat in the mask's nose-piece

3. It actually IS possible to have fun on a golf course

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