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Training Log Archive: Samantha

In the 7 days ending May 15, 2010:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering4 2:28:24 10.16(14:37) 16.34(9:05) 395
  trail run2 1:42:10 2.86 4.61
  road run2 1:12:46 7.97(9:08) 12.82(5:41) 28
  road biking1 39:47 6.79(5:52) 10.93(3:38) 275
  Total8 6:03:07 27.78 44.7 698
  [1-5]8 5:55:57

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Saturday May 15, 2010 #

road run 25:00 [3] 5.0 km (5:00 / km)
shoes: mudclaw 270

Running to the start of the middle with Cristina, running part of the way back, warming up for the sprint.
11 AM

Orienteering 38:28 [4] 2.7 mi (14:15 / mi) +88m 12:56 / mi
shoes: mudclaw 270

Team Trails middle distance. This started out ok. I took careful routes to 1, 2 and 3. Unfortunately, rolled my ankle slightly on the way to #1. Although only slightly it hurt a great deal and then was bothering me the rest of the way.

I arrived right at 3 and thought the control was on the boulder right in the center of the circle. Looked at the boulder and didn't see a control. Ran to the other boulder closer to the trail. Still no control. Then I realized it was on a thicket. Ran back down the reentrant and looked around. Still no control and I could see all the green in the reentrant. I knew I was in the right reentrant but just couldn't pinpoint the actual control. About a minute and 30 seconds later I finally see the flag, which was next to me the entire time. The same thing happened to me on 4 and I was getting frustrated. I spiked 5 and started up the reentrant toward 6. Hit the smaller swamp which I didn't see on the map and just assumed it was the larger one, as there was no other one on the map. Spent a long time trying to get it to match up and lost another 5 minutes. Saw Pavlina go by but wasn't even sure which control she was running to. Finally saw the tiny swamp on the map and it all made sense.

7 was fine and then I almost missed 8, but saw Pavlina climbing up the hill to 9 and so realized I had gone too far and cut back, losing another 20-30 seconds. Spiked 9, and then over ran 10. Looked behind the correct boulder as I ran by but didn't see the flag and so kept on going. Hit the stream, debated about what went wrong and finally turned and ran back and saw the flag sitting right there. Another 45 seconds lost. After that it went fine, with a minor confusion on the way to 16..... of course now I know that was due to the fact that I skipped 15. I punched 14 and immediately put myself at 15. It took longer to run to the powerlines than I thought it would and that confused me, but I just thought I was off somehow. Spiked 16 and caught back up to Pavlina. Ran to the wrong boulder (too far left) on 18, losing another 20 seconds.
Overall, that's an easy 8 minutes of errors. Plus the whole skipping a control thing. And tweaking my ankle. Just wasn't my day.

Finished and was annoyed as I knew it was a bad race and I had rolled my ankle on the way to 1, making it very unhappy. Arrived at the download to find out that I also skipped 15. I suppose the day to skip a control is the day the rest of the race goes poorly as well. Wouldn't want to skip a control on a day that actually went well. I got all the bad things out of the way all in one race.

2.7 miles total
2 PM

Orienteering 12:03 [5] 2.1 km (5:44 / km) +32m 5:20 / km
shoes: mudclaw 270

Team Trials Sprint. Lots of fun running through open fields and picnic tables :) Was hesitant on the first control because the cliff was shorter than the grass. Saw the men's control and used that to help me navigate my way into my own. Messed up 9 because I was running too fast and not paying enough attention to what I was doing. I chose to stay high and then cut down the hill, but in retrospect, cutting down early would have made it impossible to have made my error. Hit the road going to 11 and then couldn't decide when to cut to the lake. Saw the wall of green on the right and the cut before it, but I had already stopped and hesitated. Overall, a sold, if not perfect, sprint.


2.253 km total

Thursday May 13, 2010 #

Orienteering 30:00 [2] 2.0 km (15:00 / km)
shoes: inov8 Mudclaw 270

Silly me. Knee was quite painful this morning and I thought maybe the way I wrapped my ankle was making me walk funny. So I unwrapped it and it did start to feel a bit better. Then the students arrived and I just never had a chance all day to ice or put the wrap back on. Bad idea. My ankle wasn't showing signs of being all the swollen before. But after a day walking around without taking care of it, it had swelled back up again.

I met Ross at the parko and helped set controls, but the ankle was feeling very sensitive and sore. So I only did set up, and didn't run. Ben from Inov8 came with shoes to show people and so I spent a long time hanging around here. New shoes look great!!

Wednesday May 12, 2010 #

5 PM

road run 47:46 intensity: (8:38 @1) + (30:35 @2) + (6:15 @3) + (2:18 @4) 4.86 mi (9:50 / mi) +28m 9:39 / mi
ahr:142 max:182 shoes: Asics 2130

Ran over to the Dedham track but there was a lacrosse game. So ran to Stoney Lea. Did 4x 3 minutes with 30 seconds rest at threshold with map :)

Tuesday May 11, 2010 #

trail run 1:02:10 [3]

Skyline trail run with Dad. Not quite feeling into it today. Wore the active ankle and I didn't have any trouble with ankle rolls. So that's a plus. On the flip side I was feeling quite sluggish and just couldn't get myself going. Everything felt heavy and tired. As Dad pointed out, it didn't help that he passed me about 20 minutes into it and I never caught up to him. First time that's happened in years, so props to him.

I tired a few different things during the run to get back into the groove (relaxing arms, taking shorter and longer strides, increasing and decreasing cadence). Nothing seemed to help. Arms in particular were tired. Maybe I need to o back to lifting? But I also only did that once a week ;) But maybe it's time to put it back in again. I noticed this same overall tired feeling this past weekend, so maybe it's somehow ankle related?

Monday May 10, 2010 #

4 PM

road biking 39:47 intensity: (7:10 @0) + (17:00 @1) + (15:37 @5) 6.79 mi (5:52 / mi) +275m 5:12 / mi

Dad and I did a road biking workout up the Blue Hill access road. First we warmed up for about 17 minutes. Then we did 2x up the hill. Times: 7:43, 7:48. Quite a hard workout. Lactic acid burning in the legs for about 7 minutes of each hill. Good hill training! And good for the ankle.

Sunday May 9, 2010 #

trail run 10:00 [2] 1.0 mi (10:00 / mi)
shoes: inov8 Mudclaw 270

Short warmup for the long as I didn't have too much time when I got off the bus. Jogged to the start with Corinne and she was nice enough to take my jacket from me as I was frantically getting everything ready :)

Orienteering 1:07:53 [4] 7.9 km (8:36 / km) +275m 7:19 / km
shoes: inov8 Mudclaw 270

Knew that the ankle held up well yesterday and so attacked today more aggressively. I went faster, but it did result in more tweaks that the previous day. Still, overall just fine and I think it will recover soon. I'm favoring it a bit as I run, though, and my right leg is extra tired because of it!

Again, another solid race, if nothing extra special. I'm still waiting for the day when my speed and navigation slick together! Then I'll just be unstoppable ;)

Again, 1 and 2 went quite well. 3 was going well until I messed up in the circle. Yesterday I was blaming the rain for missing in the circle because I couldn't use my beloved magnifying glass, but today I have no excuse. Ran to some cliffs too close to the wall, paused to figure it out and ran right back to the control. Another very slight miss on 4 when I looked left as I came over the hill and it was on my right. 5 was fine. 6 was a near disaster, as I just couldn't tell where I came off the last trail. Slowly walking in the right general direction trying to match something up when a control appears in front of me. Ran over really hoping it was mine, but not really believing it was. Sigh of relief. No attackpoint almost got me into big trouble there. Learned my lesson and decided to go right of the line to 7 so that I could attack from the swamp. Read ahead and planned the long leg as I was running along the swamp. Attacked in well, but couldn't find the right boulders in the green. Then went one reentrant too far and ended up too close to the trail. Again, paused to relocated, turned and almost immediately saw the control. Straight along the reentrants and past #16 to 8. 9-11 went well as I checked off big features along the way. 12 started well, but then I thought I was further left as I cut off the trail. Things weren't quite matching up and I thought that maybe I went in further right when I suddenly hit the mountain bike trail and then knew where I was. 13 was worse, as I went straight and hesitated my way through the green. Went to the first trail intersection and then cut through. But the next trail seemed to come too early and I was worried there was an extra trail.... slowly kept on going and eventually came to the long row of cliffs right about the trail and knew exactly where I was. I just wish I had really run confidently through the mountain laurel. Would have saved me about 40 seconds. 14 into the finish went well, as I continued to check features off along the way.

My two maps from the weekend are on my DOMA:

trail run 30:00 [2] 3.0 km (10:00 / km)
shoes: inov8 Mudclaw 270

Logging an arbitrary amount of time and distance for shadowing Ethan. About how much was actually spent running, I would guess.

Then I got to go out and shadow Ethan Hall. It was really quite fun and informative. I've forgotten what it's like to have a white course be really challenging. It's just like a challenging red course for me now. Ethan talks through everything out loud and it was so interesting to hear his thinking. I thought this was a really hard white course as there was one control you could not see from the trail (I was convinced Ethan was in the wrong spot!) and one you could see if you happened to be looking at the right time (unfortunately, Ethan was not). Plus, the mountain bike trails are super windy and sometimes fork and come back together, but it looks like a trail intersection. I will also say that I didn't know there was so much off trail navigation on a white course. Ethan and I climbed up a cliff (I imagined trying to come up with an explanation of why Ethan was returning with 8 broken bones), waded through swamps and hacked our way through mountain laurel on a compass bearing (his Dad taught him how). I was really impressed with his map reading skills and the fact that he was always pushing forward. Running behind him was a good interval workout as he would take off at a sprint and I would go all out trying to catch and keep up. And then he would come to a dead stop and I would try not to run him over. All in all, lots of fun and very informative. As Ethan pointed out to me, "Who needs control descriptions? You can just look at the map and see what's in the middle of the circle!" As I pointed out to him, he has been eye sight than us old people.

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