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Training Log Archive: furlong47

In the 7 days ending Jul 9, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  orienteering1 5:45:26 11.8(29:16) 18.99(18:11)
  horseback riding (english)1 1:00:00
  Total2 6:45:26 11.8 18.99

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Saturday Jul 8, 2017 #

12 PM

orienteering race 5:45:26 [3] 18.99 km (18:11 / km)
shoes: Inov8 O-roc 280 Redux


Spiked Turtle Pirates team with Kathy Moss
777 points (not on purpose!) and 1st female adult on 6 hour


Our initial plan involved two, maybe three loops with returns to the hash house and a few possible side additions. But it evolved as we were out there and we ended up staying out the entire time. Aside from that we pretty much hit everything we initially talked about doing, so it was a solid plan.

Immediately we dismissed Warwick, as well as Hay Creek, for distance purposes although Steve later pointed out that Hay Creek was really not that far. Looking at it now I still think we made a good choice.

Started on the North map. Left the hash house and out the driveway, then up the Horseshoe Trail to 86. We planned to attack from the trail bend at double rocks but never saw them, instead coming in from the stream E of the control. We found the clearing, with an orange streamer in the middle labeled 86 OK ERS. Several teams were around here and someone else found a streamer on the outside as well. I checked and found the rocks S of clearing and the little stone wall bit to the E and we decided to snap a photo of the streamer and head on. Apparently the bag was there, but on the outside of the overgrown wall of thorns around the clearing. We were still given the points for this.

Next, NE on the Lenape Trail, past the ruins of the Sixpenny bathhouse, and dropped down into the stream to 48.

We came out to the road at the water stop (took out and ate a PBJ) and started taking the obvious intended trail route to 81, only to be stopped by rangers in a car telling us we weren't to be in that area (there were signs, but this area was not marked OOB on the map, and I've been to plenty of events where we had special permission for ordinarily off limits areas). But they were also unable to tell us where that area ended. They then went driving back apparently after others, so we hustled down the small section of forbidden dirt road and ducked into the woods as soon as possible. We curved around following the back of the very steep hillside and then went up along the stream to 81.

Trying to find the somewhat indistinct trail E of 81, we encountered the rusty old Volkswagen carcass. Picked up the trail there and headed SE, cutting in to follow the rocks up to 39. We then headed out to the road to the water stop. We actually were at the right cut in, not realizing the water was across the road at the trailhead we couldn't see. Kathy suggested we were too far South, so we walked up just a bit, saw the road curving away, and returned to the cut in where I found the water on the other side.

Here we crossed to the East map. It was a bit difficult shifting to 1:15,000. We climbed the hill to 83, then went East to the trail across the ride and down along the ride to 85. We continued following the ride down toward 64, going in a little further, but ended up drifting over too far to the left. I noticed this and we corrected, but were ready to bail to the ride and figure out our exact location when I noticed a hilltop ahead and climbed up to find the control. A bit of luck there.

Next we climbed through the rocky area to get to the trail to the South. Stopped here for our first real break and enjoyed a rest and some food and drink. (I had Capri Sun, half of my Gatorade blocks, and an apple.) Then continued along the trail to the junction and angled down to 56. At this point we had intended to go to 42 and loop back to the hash house, but both of us were in good shape so instead we tacked on part of our intended second loop.

From 56 we went down to the road and along it to the very close to the road 33. Between these controls I was single file slightly ahead of Kathy when Roger, out checking water stops, pulled over in his van and asked if we needed any water. I didn't but turned to ask Kathy if she needed any, and she very emphatically said no until she reached the window and then said "Oh, it's you!" She had thought a random strange person was offering us water. She filled up and we ducked in and out of 33.

We went a bit further South on the road then cut over to the trail until it reached the back of the three buildings and walked up along the edge of the green to 31. Stopped here briefly as Kathy found some edible mushrooms she wanted to collect and I enjoyed some more wild wineberries while she was at that. A few other teams came through here.

We opted to skip 53 and went up the road toward 42. We stopped at the yellow area along the road SE of it for our second decent break (had another Capri Sun and the rest of my Gatorade blocks) and then went up toward the control. It was moderately green in here and we ended up missing left, bouncing off the ride and going back out along the trail and ditch to the control. Here I got my feet tangled in a root and fell next to a log, luckily not hurting myself at all.

We followed the trail back across the ride, went in to grab 72, then discussed what to do with our remaining 1:15 or so. We decided to take trails down to 57 (ate my last PBJ on the way). Got out of there with between 30-40 minutes remaining. We went up the parking lots along the lake, then back past the other group camps and up the driveway (seemingly brutally uphill at this point) and down the trail back to the hash house to finish with 15 minutes to spare.

I did a good job with foot prep this time and got no rubs or blisters and not really even much soreness. It helps that I have found a good type of shoes that work for my feet. I did wear my Inov8 Oroc 280 the entire time. I brought my running sneakers and clean socks to change into, but that never happened. I vasolined my feet heavily, wore two pairs of socks, then baby powdered the outside of the socks, putting my ankle braces over that and then my shoes.

Foodwise, I was never super hungry and although I had brought some salty foods as well I only craved sugar the entire time. I was hungry and did eat quite a bit of hash house food after the race.

Thursday Jul 6, 2017 #

7 PM

horseback riding (english) 1:00:00 [1]

Lesson on Orion

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