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Training Log Archive: arcticQn

In the 7 days ending Feb 14, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Backcountry Skiing1 3:30:00 3.5(1:00:00) 5.63(37:17) 460
  Strength1 20:00
  Yoga1 10:00
  Total3 4:00:00 3.5 5.63 460
  [1-5]2 3:50:00

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Monday Feb 14, 2011 #


Happy Valentines lets all eat chocolate and buy gifts and cards and flowers Day.

for my sweetie I made the best dinner (as declared afterwards) that I have ever made in my life. Chicken Marsala with side of baby spinach. Sounds simple, but soooo gooood. Didn't have any marsala wine so used dry vermouth instead... worked great. Mmmm!
6 AM

Yoga 10:00 [0]

Since I've been getting to work wicked ass early on the days that K has masters swimming, I've been enjoying the sunrise by doing some yoga/stretching exercises. Feels good to stretch and wake up, and then sit at the desk and fly over all the places that I want to visit (what did I do without google earth!?)... oh, and then do some work that I actually get paid for.

Sunday Feb 13, 2011 #


OMG. I got out of bed this morning and couldn't straighten my legs. Calves were so tight! Loosened up over time but holy crap what a fully body workout yesterday was. I'm sore all over. (combo of yest and friday night's fit test I suppose too.)

Saturday Feb 12, 2011 #

Backcountry Skiing 3:30:00 [2] 3.5 mi (1:00:00 / mi) +460m 42:36 / mi

Alpine touring adventure to ski the slide on the north peak of Mt Tripyramid.

Started at the WMNF parking lot at Waterville Valley, skinning up Livermore road for hours, 2/3 of which was groomed nordic trail and the second 1/3 ungroomed trail breaking. Fortunately the crust from a week ago held us up from breaking through too far. Though, if you got off your skis for whatever silly reason, you'd be up to your waist.

Broke off the road at the trailhead, 1.4miles to the summit. Trail slabbed up along Avalanche Brook for a good half to 3/4mile, then heads straight up the runout of the slide. A narrow little chute at about 30-35degree pitch. Skins didn't work so well on that. Tried zigzagging up, but the chute was so narrow we were making about 100 vert ft in about 45mins! Around 1:30pm we called it. Still well below treeline, but with our slow progress and it not opening up much for quite a ways above us, we decided to save our energy for the downhill and the runout on the road at the end. (A long slog of skate skiing in alpine gear... fun. not.)

Ate a bit of lunch, tested for avvies (just 'cause we hauled up the gear - why not.) Turned out to be moderate, though if anyone asks why our tracks ended where they did, they'll see the test hole and think that the danger was high and so we smartly turned around.. right?

Down was fun, but a bit scary as it was exhausting to jump turn in such narrow chute and semi-crusty snow. Falls were exhausting to get up from but that was the only way I could stop! My quads were so wrecked! After the steep section we had a cruiser bit on the slabby trail to the road which was the most fun, I think. Down the road was fun, but a bit too easy of a grade to pick up any good speed. Then the long slog. 2 miles of eeeeaaasy down that had to be skated with some small gradual ups that, by that point, required all sorts of technique to get up! Fortunately I had my trekking poles that were extendable and so I could make them taller and not wreck myself more than necessary.

Blue Moon on draft down at the Town Square never tasted so good. By the time I got home I crashed onto the couch and promptly fell asleep! Love adventures..

Friday Feb 11, 2011 #

Strength 20:00 [4]

So, Kristoffer apparently was inspired by my workout video routines that he went and bought this workout system DVD (think p90x but more intense I think) called Insanity. How like him, right? nothing half-assed.

The premise is intense workouts for 3 minutes with short rest between. interval training. To start the schedule, they have you begin with a fit test that you're supposed to do every two weeks to track your progress. The test is 8 types of strength moves that you do for 1min each, counting how many reps you can do in that minute. Sounds like cake, right. It's not. I was dying. K was counting my reps for me, since he was sick and couldn't do it himself. 15seconds is a long time, let along 60 whole seconds!

I forget the names of all the moves, but it involved a long of jumps/squats/pushups/kneelifts. All of which I don't do nearly enough of. I think this will definitely help my running and biking in terms of power and speed. I'm actually looking forward to doing this and seeing what I can get out of it.

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