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Training Log Archive: Sandy

In the 7 days ending Jun 23, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  map hiking1 4:25:1179.6
  hiking2 1:34:47 4.92(19:17) 7.91(11:59) 18724.4
  walking2 1:28:36 1.59 2.56 9330.9
  trail1 51:46 3.32(15:34) 5.35(9:41) 10531.1
  strength & stretching2 48:0019.2
  running1 37:29 2.75(13:39) 4.42(8:29) 9015.0
  Total9 9:45:49 12.58 20.24 475200.1
averages - weight:118.2lbs

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Sunday Jun 23, 2013 #

map hiking 4:25:11 [2]

FCN - A event course planning. Hiked lots of beautiful open woods today mixed in with some ferny areas that will be nice in November and a few areas full of prickers that won't be nice any time soon.

The bugs were horrible until I hit on the idea of wearing my bandana draped over my head using my sunglasses on top of my head to anchor it, sort of like Bedouin headgear. It made a huge difference. I'll have to work on perfecting this idea.

4 1/2 hours had me wasted. I have thought better of trying to do a 24 hour rogaine. I am nowhere near ready for that.

Saturday Jun 22, 2013 #


For those of you not reading the Jukola 2013 thread, check out this video via Koptercam of the start.
5 PM

trail 51:46 [4] 3.32 mi (15:34 / mi) +105m 14:11 / mi
ahr:143 max:164

TNT - special Swathmore edition to celebrate anniemac's birthday, hughIV's birthday and the summer solstice among other things!

Great run in the Crum woods although Sandy and I took an unintentional detour not being sure which trail to take at one point and choosing the wrong one. Managed to "run" the trails although I walked a bit once I got to the top and saw my heart rate was really high.

Fabulous food and company afterwards. Totally awesome evening.

Friday Jun 21, 2013 #

strength & stretching 24:00 [3]

RTP - upped a few repititions on a few exercises.
6 PM

hiking 54:10 [2] 2.75 mi (19:42 / mi) +96m 17:46 / mi
ahr:97 max:115

After giving all of my hedges and some other bushes really bad haircuts, hiked the short hill loop as a warm up for the RTP.

Thursday Jun 20, 2013 #

walking 45:00 [2]

Treadmill workout at gym; set speed to 3.7 mph and then increased the incline every 5 minutes for 40 minutes ending at 5%; 5 minute cool down. Barely broke a sweat, max heart rate about 110.

Wednesday Jun 19, 2013 #

6 PM

hiking 40:37 [1] 2.17 mi (18:45 / mi) +91m 16:35 / mi
ahr:97 max:121

Easy hike down to the drive and back up. Came a different way to get a longer continuous climb. Has one short section on a sometimes busy road though so not ideal.

Tuesday Jun 18, 2013 #

8 AM

strength & stretching 24:00 [3]

RTP - resistance training program for Kilimanjaro. Talked for a while yesterday with the guy who designed the fitness program for me and since I have a long time before the trip we're starting out easy and building up very slowly. That's good - the stairs yesterday weren't hard, but I can feel that I used new muscles in my hip joints as they were a bit sore this morning. And the exercises I did today were not that tough either, but they were mostly things I don't usually do so I imagine I'll be sore in new places tomorrow. But it seemed like all the exercises I did were targeted for the trip - lots of balancing things, things to strengthen the glutes and quads and only a few arm and shoulder things - so I'm hoping it will be easy to stay motivated to do them.
6 PM

running 37:29 [3] 2.75 mi (13:39 / mi) +90m 12:23 / mi
ahr:144 max:164

TNT - short hill run with Sandy in the rain. Given that I was tempted to not do anything this was a fine outing.

Karl outdid himself on the pesto tonight - yum!

Monday Jun 17, 2013 #


And some more yard work. This section was particularly slow going so not much progress today.
8 AM

walking (SR1 x 2) 43:36 [3] 1.59 mi (27:25 / mi) +93m 23:12 / mi
ahr:104 max:125

Hike in the Wissahickon followed by stair repeats, up and down two sets of split level stairs (6 steps then 7 steps) for 5 minutes, 2 minute rest times 2. I like the fact that the heart rate monitor shows I'm working.

This is the first of the exercises that have been set for me to get ready for Kilimanjaro. Over the weeks, it builds up how long you do and then taking steps two at a time and eventually three at a time.

These are incredibly boring - I need to turn the radio on or something next time.

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