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Training Log Archive: AliC

In the 7 days ending May 29:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running2 39:05 3.88(10:04) 6.24(6:16)
  Hiking2 24:25 1.15(21:14) 1.85(13:11) 20
  Total4 1:03:30 5.03(12:37) 8.1(7:51) 20
  [1-5]3 41:06
averages - rhr:55

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Sunday May 29 #

4 PM

Running 19:58 intensity: (10 @0) + (13:01 @1) + (6:47 @2) 2.08 mi (9:36 / mi)
ahr:133 max:144

Little more effort, but not much yet. No real coughing fits this time, so that's good!

RHR: 51
BB: 53
Stress: 24
Steps: 7,886

Saturday May 28 #

9 AM

Running 19:07 intensity: (4 @0) + (18:03 @1) + (55 @2) + (5 @3) 1.8 mi (10:37 / mi)
ahr:124 max:138

Tested neg again. I'm going to keep every-other-day testing up to hopefully be sure I don't have a Paxlovid rebound event.

Very easy run, trying to stay in what Garmin thinks my "Easy" HR range is (I have no idea what it's basing this on- maybe my max recorded thus far?), so 127 and below. Felt ok, had a few coughing fits which sent HR higher.

RHR: 51
BB: 36
Stress: 31
Steps: 9,076

Friday May 27 #


Day 8

Hah - whatever was elevating my resting HR and causing high stress rating according to Garmin's body battery broke mid-morning (24h after last Paxlovid pill... was that it?), and I did really feel *so much* better. It feels crappy to just stand up and have my HR shoot up to 90. Now it's back to stand up and maybe gets up to 70.

RHR: 52
BB: 42
Stress: 27
Steps: 6,846

Thursday May 26 #


Day 7

Tested negative on a rapid test (so did kiddos yesterday, I didn't try yesterday because we only had one more test until next stash from USPS come in and I didn't feel like going into work yesterday anyways). So that's nice to know. But now will be on the lookout for Paxlovid rebound (given a heads up from Zan!), wherein others on Paxlovid have found that Covid actually comes back as a real (albeit mild) illness after they stop Paxlovid. Essentially nothing is known about the frequency of this and what might predict it...

Feel a bit better than yesterday. Definitely less head congestion upon wake-up, so that's good. RHR (which Garmin takes as minimum observed over 24h) was a little lower overnight at 47 compared to yesterday's 52. Will keep easy today.


- I switched to W35+ (Green) for the Long in Montanta and to Short Advanced for the mid-week classics. Feel like basically no matter what, PNWOF will be pushing it for me given Covid, and my focus for WG needs to be on shorter events, not longer (luckily!), so it's a reasonable approach anyways. Might be my first time racing W35+?


RHR: 48
BB: 25 (why so low again? =( feel it tho)
Stress: 31
Steps: 6,624

Wednesday May 25 #

(sick) (rest day)

Day 6 and feel a bit worse. Yesterday was too much I guess - also think I needed to hydrate more to keep getting the snot out. Easy day.

Health stats (all via my Garmin):
RHR: 52
Body Battery: 34
Stress: 27
Steps: 4,301

Tuesday May 24 #


Day 5 of strict isolation in the books! I have so much more energy than Days 1-3, it's great. So hard to parent when you should just stay on the couch + need to sleep >12h/day yourself...

Cough, still there, slightly less terrible sounding + coughing up a bit less.
Nasal congestion: way better - lightly stuffed up. But at it's worst this was bad - on Sat/Sun it was hard to drink water/eat food just because I couldn't get any air through my nose.
Headaches, muscle aches, fever/chills/sweats all seem totally gone. So thankful.

Now the question... will the kids test negative tomorrow morning? They are technically allowed back in school whether the test is positive or not. But I don't think we'll send them if it is. Also curious on mine.

Health stats (all via my Garmin):
RHR: 43
Body Battery: 36
Stress: 21
Steps: 5,510
2 PM

Hiking 19:07 intensity: (16:52 @0) + (40 @1) + (1:35 @3) 0.92 mi (20:46 / mi) +20m 19:28 / mi
ahr:77 max:102

Walked around the neighborhood. HR went just above 100 heading up the hill at a chill pace. HR really seems totally back to normal. Just got to kick all the congestion nonsense...

Monday May 23 #

rhr:55 (sick)

Today might be the first day of significant improvement. RHR is lower, feel better. But maybe that's just I've had an hour to myself because no one else ha been up 6-7 am... But anyways, cautiously optimistic. Will give a short walk around the block a try today and hopefully work up from there sensibly!

Health stats (all via my Garmin):
RHR: 44
Body Battery: 42
Stress: 24
Steps: 3,549
4 PM

Hiking 5:18 [0] 0.23 mi (23:03 / mi)
ahr:68 max:77

Walk around the block on a beautiful day.

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