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Training Log Archive: AliC

In the 7 days ending Jul 2, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering4 3:52:24 20.8(11:10) 33.47(6:57) 724
  Cycling3 2:40:36 36.97(4:21) 59.51(2:42) 773
  Running4 1:14:34 7.63(9:46) 12.28(6:04) 168
  Total8 7:47:34 65.41(7:09) 105.26(4:27) 1665

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Saturday Jul 2, 2016 #

8 AM

Running 5:21 [1] 0.5 mi (10:45 / mi) +12m 10:00 / mi

Orienteering 1:07:58 [4] 5.9 mi (11:31 / mi) +207m 10:23 / mi

Rocky Mtn O'Fest - A meet Day 1 - Twin Boulders

Had a blast, yay orienteering! My goal was to run on the safer side given the past few days of a few bobbles in this terrain and given it was an A-meet. Pretty much worked according to plan, never felt like I was killing it, but did feel confident finding things.

Here's a few where I lost time when I compared splits to Alex + Hannah:
1: Oops, I went over the hill instead of around to the left.
3: Hannah was speedier - just confidence about running to a close, clear, not far-away feature?
8: Totally surprised that Hannah got me by a bunch on this very hilly one! I wasn't pushing it because I wanted a good brain for sorting out the detailed rocks at top and was perhaps a bit hesitant once I got up there, but still, 30-40s or whatever it is was a whole lot to lose!
10- Should have gone more direct, I didn't leave 9 well.
13 - Ended up more left of the line than I wanted, Alex smoked it! Maybe could have tumbled down the hill faster too, but still being careful with this not-stable-feeling right ankle.

2 PM

Cycling 50:25 [1] 13.4 mi (3:46 / mi) +14m 3:45 / mi

Friday Jul 1, 2016 #

9 AM

Running 2:56 [1] 0.29 mi (10:16 / mi) +12m 9:05 / mi

Orienteering 1:04:43 [4] 5.47 mi (11:50 / mi) +229m 10:28 / mi

Laramie Daze 3: Devil's Claw

Fun times. A few misses, but better than yesterday. Missed 4 coming too far right, making a wrong choice from a reentrant. One reentrant too early to 5 and then probably not the best route to 13. Trailing Eric and Nick through 3, when I lost them. Aiden M. caught me at my mistake at 4, we ran around each other until 9, which was fun.

Knee hurt on warm up, but not while racing at least. Ankles still feel wobbly.

Let the A-meet begin!

Thursday Jun 30, 2016 #

9 AM

Running 2:35 [1] 0.22 mi (11:41 / mi)

Orienteering 50:35 [3] 5.18 mi (9:46 / mi) +146m 8:59 / mi

One Cowgirl Relay @ Pitcher Hill

Quite a few mistakes out there, frustrating! But ok, here's trying to do some learning from them.

37 - Ran to Loop2's 34 *and* 35 before finally finding my control. Bad. My plan, at least at some point in the hubbub of mass start was to find the fenced-off little pond in the reentrant and then head up the nose. That didn't happen, not really sure why not. So then when I saw a control kinda on a rock, went for it. Was rocky knoll 34. Then should have at least spent the time to relocate properly. Instead went off on a whim to 35. Bah! Finally relocated then.
38 - Fine, had been most of the way there already.
39 - Good, used the white woods sucessfully.

31 - Good, which it really should be given the time I already spent in the area on Loop3. Did fall hard, scraped/brusied knee and hand.
32 - Confidently ran with a plan, worked.
33 - Came out of the big reentrant more left of the line than I expected, but again used my friendly white woods peninsula to guide.

46 - Whoa, different direction on this mini-loop, but did a good job running to spur
36 - And then also mini-hill.

34 - Ug! What? I'd been to this control *already* and this time went to Loop3's 37 first instead. So annoyed at myself. Using the very distinct N-S reentrant between the two controls really would have been a good idea.
35 - 36 - Fine

Final Loop:
Wasn't at all sure where I was in the field heading out. Saw at least that Nick's map was gone, which wasn't surprising. But couldn't see anyone ahead of me going to 40.
40 - Somehow I ended up too low, had to hike up. Maybe the thing I was on wasn't big enough to be mappable?
41 - Far too low. Wanted to make reentrants on the right of the line the reentrant I should go down. Better compass work needed! Caught by others here.
42 - Pretty good, little hesitation in an earlier reentrant.
43 - Found a good route, with minimal sage at the beginning and then a reentrant that also was a little less sage-y. Giant boulder!
44 - Bit of hesitation between the upper and lower hills close to the circle, but convinced myself correctly of the lower one.
45 - Probably could have done this faster. Didn't think about it being the control I earlier easily saw from the start/finish area.
1 PM

Cycling 46:32 [1] 12.06 mi (3:52 / mi) +15m 3:51 / mi

Nervous that I might lose bike training with these 6 days of orienteering, so the bike came with. Went out and explored the Greenway trailed. Closed in places due to flooding. Did a bunch of loops of the far southern end. Was just me, so got to be kinda speedy there!

Wednesday Jun 29, 2016 #

4 PM

Orienteering 49:08 [3] 4.25 mi (11:34 / mi) +142m 10:28 / mi

Laramie Daze 1 - Moose Outlet - 6.2k

7 hours of driving from Moab, quick tent setup @ Yellow Pine, throw on O-clothes and time to mass-start race!

With no time to warm up, went out super-chill, just following the pack to the first control, really. To 2nd was around people, but I wasn't comfy finding the control, a misread cliff broken by line looked like an indistinct trail to me - Aiden M. led the charge more correctly, as he did to #3 too, although my spidey-sense was saying it was at least nearby there.

Off to #5, distracted by a cliff on the *wrong* side of the reentrant - c'mon, that's no good. Caught there by Eric and Nick who had a miss to #2. Trailed behind them to 6, 7, 8, 9. On the way to 10, Nick went through some green, Eric took the opportunity and put the hammer down, all of a sudden oodles ahead. Nick overtook me to 11, I cruised in behind him after that.

Monday Jun 27, 2016 #

6 AM

Cycling 1:03:39 intensity: (29:39 @1) + (10:00 @2) + (12:00 @3) + (12:00 @4) 11.51 mi (5:32 / mi) +744m 4:36 / mi

And last version of epic Mars Hill repeats before Deathride! 8 times this round. Warm-up, then alternating as hard as I could (standing allowed) and focusing on high cadence (no standing allowed):
4:58 (kinda zoned out on this one)

Faster in general than last week's version - only the last wasn't as fast as my last from that set, but don't think I had been pushing it as hard all the way through...

Sunday Jun 26, 2016 #

2 PM

Running 1:03:42 intensity: (53:42 @1) + (10:00 @3) 6.63 mi (9:37 / mi) +144m 9:00 / mi

Obsevatory Mesa loop with Tom! First time he's done it. I added some 30s and 1 min fartleks along the way.

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