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Training Log Archive: Nadim

In the 7 days ending May 21:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering1 6:45:36 8.75(46:21) 14.08(28:48) 1005
  Hiking5 3:38:51 12.15(18:01) 19.55(11:12) 279
  Bicycling1 2:34:04 27.5(5:36) 44.26(3:29) 152
  Total7 12:58:31 48.4(16:05) 77.89(10:00) 1435
averages - sleep:5.5 weight:206.4lbs

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Saturday May 21 #

12 PM

Bicycling (Street & Trail) 2:34:04 [3] 27.5 mi (5:36 / mi) +152m 5:30 / mi

Having taken the ferry from Woods Hole, MA, Peggy and I rented e-bikes in Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard island.
We first biked over to Tony's Market where we got lunch sandwiches and drinks. We took those with us and went back to about where the ferry dropped us off. We rode Seaview Ave. going past marathon runners who were on the hiker/biker trail. We ate lunch at the Jaws Bridge.
Scenes from the movie Jaws were filmed in Oak Bluffs and around the island. We reached Beach Rd. and Upper Main St. in Edgartown. There we stopped to walk out to the Edgartown Harbor Lighthouse.
A couple were getting there wedding pictrues taken in the areas. Returning to the saddle, we went out Water St. and Katama Rd. to Mattakeset Herrring Creek and the fast eroding Katama South Beach.
We looped Atlantic Dr., to Herring Creek Rd., and Katama Rd. again. Turning left on Cleveland Town Rd., we Meshaket Rd., we passed many rural homes. We got onto a trail again at Edgartown - West Tisbury Rd., heading west. This got us to Manuel F. Correllus State Forest. That wasn't very interesting and the trail had regular bumps. The e-bikes had fat seats that were cutting into my hamstring while I pedaled. it got pretty uncomfortable at times. Eventually we got on Barnes Rd., and actually rode a few hills along Lagoon Pond. We got to an old part of Oak Bluffs on School St. at Pacific Ave. We wrapped up the ride through town on Dukes County Ave., Siloam Ave., and Lake Ave.

The ride and scenery were nice. It was good to see the runners. We walked some more to have some ice cream in town on Circuit Ave. before taking the ferry back. Martha's Vineyard was nice but it did seem overrated for the cost of things.

Friday May 20 #

2 PM

Hiking 37:51 [3] 1.08 mi (35:03 / mi) +70m 29:12 / mi

Chesterfield Gorge State Wayside, NH.

After flying-into Manchaster, NH in the early hours, Peggy and I saw the Currier Museum of Art (lots of nice stuff there)
and two Frank Lloyd Wright houses. We wanted to tour the houses but they were only giving private tours that day.
We were heading to Brattleboro, VT when we saw a little wayside stop. On a folly, we hiked the Chesterfield Gorge there--It was a nice set of waterfalls and cascading water. The trail was not very difficult and we took it at an easy pace.
5 PM

Hiking (Trail) 32:09 [3] 1.0 mi (32:09 / mi) +64m 26:49 / mi

After seeing the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center in Brattleboro, VT, we walked around the town, window shopping.
Later we saw the Creamery Covered Bridge. Peggy realized that we'd stopped very nearby just about by chance not long back, to get lunch. We'd been on the way by car to an orienteering further north back then. The bridge was okay.
After this, we went to the Harris Hill Ski Jump/Retreat Farm Hike trailhead parking area. We didn't have a map with us and as the Internet comments had indicated, the trails were poorly signed and confusing. We eventually got to the top and the old Retreat Tower. Medieval looking, the tower was built in the 1880's. The tower also looks like a rook chess piece. We made our way back to the parking lot a different way and speculated about orienteering on this ridge.
We were fortunate to have enough time to eat back in Brattleboro at a bar overlooking the Connecticut River, just off of Rt. 119. The bar straddled the Vermont and New Hampshire border. It had a line painted on the floor to indicate where the border was. My shrimp tacos were were good!
From there we rushed to Putney VT and got to see Cheryl Wheeler in concert with Kenny White. Both were good. The crowd, as usual, was pretty old We'd tried to see Cheryl Wheeler back in December but that concert had been cancelled. To finish-up the night, we drove about 2 hours and into a thunderstorm, into Chelmsford, MA where we were finally able to rest. It was a full and wonderful day!

Thursday May 19 #

10 PM

Hiking (Street & Trail) 48:53 [2] 3.3 mi (14:49 / mi) +42m 14:15 / mi
slept:5.5 weight:206.1lbs (injured)

From Northfield Rd., Custer Rd. to the Huntington Pkwy., to Old Georgetown Rd., to Arlington Rd., to Bradley Blvd., to Glenbrook Rd., to Wilson Ln. to Custer Rd., to Northfield Rd. It was a nice cool evening. I was tired from a long day but the walk made me feel better. My left hip was hurting sometimes--maybe more when going uphill. My ankles were a little tired too. I did some gardening-at-night afterward.

Wednesday May 18 #

8 PM

Hiking (Street & Trail) 50:00 [2] 3.43 mi (14:35 / mi) +60m 13:49 / mi

From Northfield Rd., to Old Georgetown Rd., via Greenwich Park, to W. Cedar Ln., to the Bethesda Trolley Trail along Rockville Pike and up to Maple Ridge Rd., to Old Georgetown Rd., to Huntington Pkwy., to Custer Rd., to Northfield Rd. After this hike I got a leg cramp.

Tuesday May 17 #

9 PM

Hiking (Street & Trail) 49:58 [2] 3.34 mi (14:58 / mi) +42m 14:24 / mi

From Northfield Rd., to Jefferson St., to Madison St., to Bradmoor Dr., through North Bethesda Middle School, to Beech Ave., to Old Georgetown Rd., to Roosevelt St., to Grant Ave., to Northfield Rd. It felt good to have done a walk.

Sunday May 15 #

11 AM

Orienteering (Field Checking) 6:45:36 [1] 8.75 mi (46:21 / mi) +1005m 34:10 / mi
weight:206.8lbs (injured)

Rock Creek Regional Park, MD. From Needwood Circle, I continued updating the Rock Creek, MD map. Most of the terrain that I went through today was improved from earlier. What had been green had turned back to white or just light low vegetation. By request, I did get into some areas that had been taken over by barberry. A line in the edge of the vegetation suggested that the park service had been intervening by eradicating it. They just didn't get far enough. A vast amout of it remained in the area. Course setters would do well to avoid it to keep people happy. It was passable at a walk and with good protection, which I had. The weather as warm again, and once again the rain held off. Max had dropped me off so that he could use the car and see his girlfriend. I had water to drink with me today, and I needed it. My big toe on my right foot was hurting a lot. I thought that my new Ice Bugs were a little too tight but it turned out that a hole in my Smart Wool sock (great socks!) got big enough for my toe to be sticking through it--the blood circulation in the toe was getting cut off. I did a lot of adjusting of mapped features. Some of it was changing rootstocks to dot knolls or mapping new root stocks. Sometimes I adjusted alignments of point features. In one area, a ride (for a sewage pipeline?) had disrupted mapped features pushing some boulders around. The open forest were really open! In some places the stilt grasses had started growing so it looked like golf course grass.

Next week when QOC has an event here, the stilt grass will be taller but still probably nothing to worry about. I got tired going up and down hills again today--maybe this is like Rome. These hills tend to be steep. After getting around one, I saw the darkening skies and I called Max for a ride home. He got there just in time.

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