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Training Log Archive: Nadim

In the 7 days ending Jun 9, 2007:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Bicycling3 3:43:46 61.97(3:37) 99.73(2:15)
  Orienteering2 3:15:57 9.61(20:24) 15.46(12:40)17 /20c85%
  Running2 43:20 5.93(7:19) 9.54(4:33)
  Calisthenics2 4:30
  Total7 7:47:33 77.5 124.7317 /20c85%
averages - sleep:6 weight:175.4lbs

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Saturday Jun 9, 2007 #

Bicycling (Commute) 45:59 [3] 11.25 mi (4:05 / mi)
slept:7.5 weight:175.5lbs

From Rosedale Ave., Wisconsin Ave. and Elmhirst La. to Beach Dr. to the Rock Creek Trail, to Avery Rd. to Mark Twain Park and School. I carried both panniers full with controls and some Gatorade and I rode with a backpack with changes of clothes and other orienteering items. It was pleasant. I did about 17mph on the roads.

Orienteering (Course Setting) 1:55:00 [3] *** 6.01 km (19:08 / km)

Mark Twain School and Park, Rockville, MD. I setup controls for the first Summer Short Series event this year. For the first three controls I setup, it was painfully obvious that the map needed work. I'd mapped these areas rather early on as I was learning how to map, and had only USGS contours along with Google Earth images to begin with. I had fixed some places on the map earlier but didn't go far enough. This left a sort of seam between fixed and unfixed areas. The point features were thus hard to matchup. Coupled with some small features, I didn't feel so great about having the course use some places but the maps were already printed and people were on their way. I lost time checking to see if I was in the right area. This made me finish about 4:20pm which was 20 minutes after I had wanted to have the mass start. I didn't get a chance to set out water. Overall, the woods were nice. I enjoyed being out. I probably got in a decent workout since I ran with a pack full of controls and other things for most of the way.

Orienteering (Control Pickup) 23:36 [3] *** 2.65 km (8:54 / km)

Mark Twain School & Park. There was a pretty good turnout for the first SSS event of the season--about 15 runners. While they ran, I watched Max, the Lennon and Merkova kids. When they all came back I picked-up two controls which were perhaps the farthest away in the Rockville Civic Center Park areas. I did go a little out of the way to look at the mapping again here and there. Eddie Bergeron, Jan Merkova, Jon Torrance and Dave Onkst picked-up the rest. It was a nice day. We ate at the Rockville Town Center California Tortilla and ate Ben and Jerry's ice cream afterward.

Friday Jun 8, 2007 #

Bicycling (Commute) 41:28 [4] 12.78 mi (3:15 / mi)
slept:5.0 weight:175.5lbs

From Rosedale Ave., Bethesda, MD to C St. SW, Washington, D.C. It was a rather different experience from riding Wednesday though with a similar result. At the Bethesda pool a guy came onto the path and I mostly drafted off him until leaving Georgetown (approaching Georgetown we almost wrecked when he suddenly braked and our tires missed by less than an inch). We traded a few pulls but he did most of the work going into the +80F headwind between 20mph and 25mph--faster on the steeper downhills. After splitting at the Lincoln Memorial, the headwinds were stronger till I turned up 15th St. SW. I slowed a bit.

Since I was mostly drafting for this commute, this was a 3 to 4 intensity but I'll have to wait until AP Alpha (and Beta) testing on multiple intensity has been finished to record it that way.

Bicycling (Commute) 44:50 [3] 12.58 mi (3:34 / mi)

From C St. SW, Washington, D.C. to Rosedale Ave., Bethesda, MD. There was a good tailwind most of the way and especially getting to Georgetown. I kept a good cadence and was surprised to be able to keep-up a +17mph pace going up the long grade. Storm clouds had cooled the record temperature (96F by one reading). I had seen the storm clouds ahead when I had started and figured I'd have just enough time to get to the daycare, hitch the trailer, pickup Max and finish the ride home. I got to the daycare in about 38:30. The first light drops of rain started falling on the way back and 1.15 miles from the daycare, by the time I got Max and his trailer up on the covered porch, the rain started to let loose. Unlike last year, Max has learned to be afraid of lightning a bit so he was clingy at the doorway. This was a 3 to 4 intensity workout again but I'll give it a 3 since the morning got rated as a 4.

Thursday Jun 7, 2007 #

Calisthenics (General) 2:00 [3]
slept:6.0 weight:174lbs

We had dinner with Dave Linthicum and Peggy Brosnan so I didn't get a chance to do much else but work the US Champs a bit. 45 situps.

Wednesday Jun 6, 2007 #

Bicycling (Commute) 41:59 [3] 12.78 mi (3:17 / mi)
slept:5.25 weight:174lbs

From Rosedale Ave., Bethesda, MD to C St. SW, Washington, D.C. The day before, I had made plans to bicycle in. Being lazy in the morning and waking up a little late, I almost decided not to ride in. The knowledge that it was going to be great weather, got me out anyway. I dropped-off Max with his trailer at the day care and rode in with a little less stuff--my shoes were already at the office from when I left them yesterday to go running. It's nice that Max's day care is right on the Georgetown Branch Trail but it's awkward getting the trailer through the double fence gates, unhitching, and parking it. The weather was wonderful and I had a nice tailwind!

Bicycling (Commute) 49:30 [3] 12.58 mi (3:56 / mi)

From C St. SW, Washington, D.C. to Rosedale Ave., Bethesda, MD. There was a good headwind much of the way and I carried a little heavier than usual load. I was feeling the morning ride in my woefully out of shape quads so I kept trying to keep a good cadence the whole way back. I had forgotten to bring back my cycling computer and had to time by hand. It probably kept me from pushing harder than I should at this stage. I picked-up Max's bicycle trailer from the daycare too.

Tuesday Jun 5, 2007 #

Running (Street & Trail Commute) 41:20 [3] 5.68 mi (7:17 / mi)

From the Silver Spring Metro Station, Colesville Rd. to Portal Dr. to Beach Dr., onto the South Valley Trail, to the DC/MD border, up the Rock Creek Trail to Susanna La. to the Georgetown Branch Trail, to Kentbury Dr. to Rosedale Ave. I felt okay starting out. It was humid but in the low 80'sF with a breeze. I ran with a light backpack. The South Valley Trail looked so different from my last run there earlier this Spring (4/28). I felt like I was going at a good pace (two minutes faster) and pushed to keep it up toward the hilly end. Some traffic lights gave me enough of a break to make it feel more like interval training.

Monday Jun 4, 2007 #

Calisthenics (General) 2:30 [3]
slept:6.0 weight:176.5lbs (rest day)

45 situps and 20 pushups. I was feeling a bit lazy and putting together a Summer Short Series course for next weekend.

Sunday Jun 3, 2007 #

Running warm up/down (Street & Trail) 2:00 [2] 0.4 km (5:00 / km)
slept:6.0 weight:177lbs

Jug Bay Park, MD. Warm-up jog to the outhouse and back in the rain.

Orienteering race (Foot) 57:21 [4] *** 6.8 km (8:26 / km)

The Beer Chase or The Chase has it has recently become known as, at Jug Bay Park, MD. I hadn't done much running all week so I was fairly rested. The cooler weather was unexpected and the water felt good. I started pretty good. The mass start had me going faster than I would have on my own. I hung on pretty well through the first loop making only one minor route choice error. I was 5th back. On the second loop I was thrown off by the way the trail I was following sort of disappeared. I got to the third control on that loop okay but made a hasty judgement on the 3rd leg. I ended up going up the wrong creek--it was slow due to the vegetation and marsh-like ground. I recovered pretty well and got to the 4th good. On the fifth control, I should have aimed off. Expecting to be able to see it from across a wide reentrant, I didn't. I was to the right and cut right further before turning back. Randy Hall and perhaps Andy Strat passed me there. I had a brief look at where they were going then went off too quickly. I lost sight of them and made an bearing error which took me across the creek. I stood for a long while before coming back enough to see #5 again from across the reentrant. I saw Jan and his friend catching up so I rushed and got to #6 ahead of them. From there I was okay, just not so fast. It was fun. I'd missed it last year while doing the SVO Rogaine.

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