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Training Log Archive: Nadim

In the 1 days ending May 22:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering1 2:14:26 4.29(31:21) 6.9(19:29) 2144
  Total1 2:14:26 4.29(31:21) 6.9(19:29) 2144

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Sunday May 22 #

10 AM

Orienteering (Foot) 2:14:26 [3] 6.9 km (19:29 / km) +2144m 7:38 / km

NEOC: Great Brook Farms SP NRE. I ran the Green course. Overall, this wasn't a good effort for me.

S-1 - I started going up the trail on the right, instead of the parallel trail on the left. I knew this immediately but rather than cut back, I look for an opening in the vegetation. That got me further past the control than expected, based on the vegetation mapping. I headed to some boulders but couldn't make sense of them--they were the wrong set of boulders. I cut back and found more and the control.

1-2 - I took trails to the field, then ran to a break in the thicker vegetation on the left. That got me to the road and to another trail. From a trail bend near a wall intersection, I attacked and got to the control. Another guy who had been running red and had started with me punched after me. I'd seen him leave the area of my #1 before I had, so I knew I'd gained time on him.

2-3 - I took trails to another bend and spiked it.

3-4 - Straight and I spiked it. The other guy whom I'd started (running Red) with got there after me.

4-5 - I started going straight, but I did drop below the wall east of the control when things didn't look as I'd expected. I cut back up quickly so I didn't lose much time.

5-6 - To the trail and taking that most of the way to the road, I got on the road. I was soon passed by the Red runner whom I'd started with. I was slow on the road and there was no water in the single gallon jug at the water stop. There originally wasn't going to be a water stop but with the day expected to be in the 90s F, the organizers did put some out. I went on and attacked the control from a bend to spike it.

6-7 - Back to the road, then in, going on the trail.

7-8 - Back to the road, then in at the first trail intersection. I hit this pretty well.

8-9 - I'd gotten confused by control #23 being along the way to #9. The leg line on the map leaving #8 was very stubby, before being broken. I found #23 without realizing it because I was looking for code 140 on #9. After circling, I realized I needed to go on and did. I got right to the boulder and spur below #9 but I incorrectly thought the boulder was the dot knoll for #9. I've seen other older maps with boulders mapped as dot knolls. Since I thought I was at the spur, I went north concluding that I must have been wrong. I got to the mapped cairn and it had a control on it. I looped back up to the trail, attacked again, and came to the same boulder below the spur. This time I went up the spur and found the control I had expected the mapped dot knoll to be more of a pile of dirt rather to go with the use of the point feature symbol. I would have tried to map that rise as a formline.

8-9 - I was having trouble reading the detail in the map, and the forest leaving #9 was thick. I got to the stream and concluded that I wouldn't cross where the footing was bad, the water flowing too much, and it being thorny. I didn't see the trail crossing the stream, thinking this was a series of cliffs. I went SW on the trail before crossing onto the island using small stones. I got back on trail leaving the island and getting to the bridge north of #10. With the leg line not being broken, I didn't see that there were 2 trail intersections. I took the second and looked in the wrong area. Quickly figuring out what I'd done, I corrected and found #10.

10-11 - I drifted a bit to the left but was close enough to see the control.

11-12 - I drifted a bit to the left but was close enough to see the control.

12-13 - Straight and I spiked it.

13-14 - I used the trail to the right and attacked from the bend to spike it.

14-15 - Back up the hill the way I'd come, I went straight and spiked it. The contour there seemed exaggerated. The reentrant was really shallow.

15 - 16 - Straight and I spiked it.

16 - 17 - I too the trail over the stream. I did get to have a cup of water at the bridge. I paused at the field where an old guy was keeled over. He'd started before me and told me he needed to take it easy because of his heart condition. He said he was okay so I went on. Trying to save distance, I came off the trail too soon when I saw some rocks. I'd gotten confused and hit the trail north of the control. It was hilly coming back.

17 - 18 - I used trails initially, but I did cut across the open broad reentrant later. I walked my way in from the pipeline ride

18 - 19 - I used the trail and left from a bend in the left fork to spike it.

19 - 20 - I was basically going straight.

20 - 21 - Straight.

21-22 - Straight mostly, but I did contour to the left occasionally.

22 - 23 - I went fairly straight, and having been there before I didn't lose much time.

23-F - I got to the road and came north after the out of bound's. I passed the fire circle, not being clear on where the finish was, so I came to the finish from the NE.

This was 9.2K for a 6.9K course.

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