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Training Log Archive: Magic

In the 7 days ending May 22:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Bike - Gravel7 32:06:23 270.85(7:07) 435.88(4:25) 5697
  Walk2 3:26:13 7.44(27:44) 11.97(17:14) 626
  Run - Trail 1 54:08 5.62(9:38) 9.04(5:59) 172
  Total9 36:26:44 283.9(7:42) 456.9(4:47) 6495
  [1-5]9 36:11:30

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Sunday May 22 #

8 AM

Run - Trail 54:08 intensity: (1:04 @1) + (12:49 @2) + (24:23 @3) + (1:07 @4) + (14:45 @5) 9.04 km (5:59 / km) +172m 5:28 / km
ahr:144 max:188 shoes: Salomon Super Cross 2021

Loop around the marked trails from Loch Morlich, including the Green Loch (which was dull as cloudy like yesterday). Body struggling with a combination of a morning run and cycling legs and never felt comfortable. Nice to be out though and the trails were lovely.

Saturday May 21 #

9 AM

Bike - Gravel 5:47:54 intensity: (4:21:13 @1) + (1:17:14 @2) + (9:19 @3) + (8 @4) 89.69 km (3:53 / km) +741m 3:44 / km
ahr:99 max:147

Ride around Speyside. Headed here as the forecast wasn't great further north and Caitlin wanted to check out the river in Glen Feshie. Plan had been to do a mountain walk but there was cloud on the tops and a biting cold wind, so headed lower instead. Was expecting a 30-40km ride but it sort of got extended to visit the glen, then once some lunch was located (Loch Insh Outdoor Centre, when we bumped into Darina), it sort of got extended again to take in Abernethy. Great riding and a lot of really nice trails - prefect for gravel biking.

Friday May 20 #

10 AM

Walk 2:12:35 intensity: (15:00 @0) + (1:41:43 @1) + (15:32 @2) + (20 @3) 5.54 km (23:57 / km) +542m 16:04 / km
ahr:96 max:143 shoes: Salomon Super Cross 2021

Walk up Stac Pollaidh. Weather not nice enough for a longer or higher walk, but this is a great wee hill with big rewards for comparatively little effort. Ridge on the top was fun and there was a fun little scramble to make it to the summit. Great views all around just very cloudy and flat light.

Thursday May 19 #

8 AM

Bike - Gravel 5:59:58 intensity: (3:52:17 @1) + (1:39:21 @2) + (28:15 @3) + (5 @4) 80.64 km (4:28 / km) +884m 4:14 / km
ahr:105 max:145

Bikepacking NW Scotland - Day 4 - Loch Shin to Ullapool.
Glad of a good breakfast this morning as the ride started with the biggest climb of the trip, up a road to a hydro plant, surfaced but some quite steep bits. Glad to get that done, then a bit of gravel before a long ride down the very empty Glen Cassley to a cafe with a very friendly owner (and with a proper size tea pot!). Hard work to get going again with a stomach full of nachos (which were surprisingly good for energy) but once off the road we had a lovely climb of first smooth, then quite rough tacks through some more quite empty landscapes. Ride back down the final glen to Ullapool was much easier than expected, so the day turned out to be quite manageable. Nice end to a good trip.

Wednesday May 18 #

8 AM

Bike - Gravel 7:12:53 intensity: (4:38:19 @1) + (2:19:13 @2) + (13:29 @3) + (1:52 @4) 81.66 km (5:18 / km) +1059m 4:59 / km
ahr:100 max:150

Bikepacking NW Scotland - Day 3 - Durness to Loch Shin
Plan had been to get the ferry and head to Cape Wrath for the morning, bit got there to find that it had been cancelled due to the forecast wind. So stocked up on breakfast ad lunch and headed south. Bit of a head wind but moving okay and dodging the endless line of campers and motorbikes. Stopped for tea and an unexpected cafe in Laid 9too close to breakfast for cake!) from when the wind really picked up. Next 5km were a real battle into a super strong headwind - was in second gear cycling downhill at one point! The wind reached its climax at the back of the valley when the road turned and we had a crosswind., it was gusting too strongly to stay on the bike so had to walk this but even then just holding the bike up took a lot of effort. Small section of road followed with a tail wind which was super fun!
Off road then, brutal steep climb (but sheltered) followed by a lovely descent (stopped for lunch with a great view of Ben Hope in the sunshine) on a mountain track and a hike across a ford. Route then headed into the hills and we were treated to probably the best part of the cycle with some great views, rugged mountains, a good track and even sun. Popped out eventually into the rather less inspiring Loch Shin valley where we spent quite a bit of time trying to find a dry camping spot that was out of the wind.

Tuesday May 17 #

7 AM

Bike - Gravel 6:47:10 intensity: (4:32:06 @1) + (1:51:42 @2) + (23:05 @3) + (17 @4) 88.43 km (4:36 / km) +1319m 4:17 / km
ahr:101 max:149

Bikepacking NW Scotland - Day 2 - Scourie to Durness
Another quick pack up to get on the road reasonably early, which worked well as it was the best part of the day. Great veggie breakfast at the Old Scholl cafe in Inshegra before heading onward to Sandwood Bay. Bit of a trek down to it with the path continually crossed by drainage channels, but worth the effort. Stopped for a good while enjoying the beach, sunshine and lunch, before the long trek back to the main road (where we bumped into Dave again). Really enjoyable (though quite busy) pass over the hills to Durness. Stopped at the Cape Wrath ferry to check out sailing times, but not much info and no answer from the phone number. Most of Durness seemed to be closed due to lack of staff, but managed to get to the chocolate cafe in time for a (disappointing) hot chocolate.

Walk 1:13:38 intensity: (20:58 @1) + (29:51 @2) + (22:30 @3) + (19 @4) 6.43 km (11:27 / km) +84m 10:45 / km
ahr:116 max:147

Walk along the beach and sand dunes (very mappable) plus ride there and out before my watch died. AP though this was skiing, but alas no snow to be seen.
8 PM

Bike - Gravel 18:44 intensity: (14 @0) + (14:07 @1) + (4:19 @2) + (4 @3) 3.82 km (4:54 / km) +41m 4:39 / km
ahr:108 max:131

From dinner to a camp site in the hills - found a nice stop next to a wee lake, quite exposed but the wind had at last settled down.

Monday May 16 #

8 AM

Bike - Gravel 5:00:18 intensity: (1:57:26 @1) + (2:35:36 @2) + (27:15 @3) + (1 @4) 73.21 km (4:06 / km) +1293m 3:46 / km
ahr:108 max:146

Bikepacking NW Scotland - Day 1 (1) - Achnahaird Beach to Kylesku
Forecast was for a sunny morning, windy all day and some afternoon rain. We got two of these...
Really windy overnight, tent felt like it was going to shake apart. Too windy to eat at camp so set off as soon as packed - fortunately straight into the wind... First few km were no fun but we then got some shelter, changed direction and found some water. Breakfast eventually had in a nice cove on the coast.
Lovely winding road along the coast with plenty of hills, but not too tough before a stop in Lochinver for toilets and a visit to the pie shop (too close to breakfast to east, but stocked up for lunch). The most excellent pie was consumed at Clackholl Beach, another nice wee place, before another lovely coastal road as far as Drumbeg. Much busier now with campers and motorbikes as part of the NC500 route. From Drumbeg things got quite a bit tougher. Some savage steep hills, a strong headwind with pellets of rain in it, not the most fun to be had. Also arrived at Kylesku to discover the restaurant both closed for the afternoon and booked out in the evening. Back up the hill to the rock cafe, where we just manged to make last food orders.
4 PM

Bike - Gravel 59:26 intensity: (26:09 @1) + (19:19 @2) + (13:58 @3) 18.44 km (3:13 / km) +360m 2:56 / km
ahr:117 max:144

Bikepacking NW Scotland - Day 1 (2) - Kylesku to Scourie
With no dinner available around Kylesku it was quite an easy choice to push on to Scourie. Also had the benefit of a change in direction so the wind was now pushing us along nicely. Bit of a gloomy afternoon so didn't stop much and treated ourselves to a campsite and its excellent showers for the evening. Bumped into Dave Coustick in the restaurant.

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