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Training Log Archive: j-man

In the 14 days ending Aug 21, 2006:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering8 9:04:30 40.7(13:23) 65.5(8:19) 2405
  Run3 3:01:15 0.25 0.4
  Weight training1 20:00
  Total10 12:25:45 40.95 65.9 2405

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Monday Aug 21, 2006 #


An ode to CSU:

So, from time to time, one finds out that their most deeply held convictions might be misplaced or misguided. Yesterday, I made such a discovery.

Some may have suspected I harbored some animosity towards CSU. Animosity is, of course, the wrong word -- my feelings stemmed from a good-natured competitive rivalry. And while I derided their Yankee-like contract practices, I recognized a winner when I saw it. Still, they would have to be second fiddle to DVOA in all important respects.

Unfortunately, I can no longer believe this. Yesterday, I was the beneficiary of unlooked for kindness and magnanimity from CSU, and in particular, their esteemed patriarch PG.

After being abandoned by my DVOA compatriots (team mates, actually) at the KOA in Buena Vista, with no way to get to the airport and, as a result, with the rest of my life likely to be spent panning for fool’s gold and eating cacti, I was up the creek without a paddle so to speak. That is when, from the goodness of their hearts, the CSU crew offered to rescue me. To what end? Nothing but altruism.

During an exceedingly pleasant trip to Denver, I attempted to evaluate likely explanations for why DVOA abandoned me. Carelessness is a possibility. There was evidence of that, of course. But, in the end, I determined the blame lies at the feet of Balter himself. What evil designs did he have? Was this part of his import/export schemes? Was he trying to cause an international incident, or merely extricate himself from his Jukola commitment? I don't know, but I do know that CSU, and even Swampfox for that matter, would not exhibit such perfidy.

Sunday Aug 20, 2006 #

Orienteering race 1:50:00 [3] **** 12.4 km (8:52 / km) +410m 7:37 / km
shoes: New VJ Spikes

US Champs Day 2. A terrible race technically.
On the plus side, I swear this will be the last time I run blue at an A meet in Tahoe, CO, or WY.


Out of curiosity, I did a quick check of my placings (not anything more sophisticated) from this year's 1000 day, to last year's, and the year before. I think I am in better shape than 2004, but the results are pretty much the same (bad).

Couldn't find any earlier results.

Also looked at 1999 US Champs. Again, place-wise, right in the middle (20/40). Immediately before and after I had very good races locally. It was one of my better years.

I'm not going to dwell on this too much, but there may be a mental factor involved. I know that when I wore my HRM last year (didn't this year) my races were at noticeably lower AHR. Perhaps I subjectively think I am working at highest intensity (based on breathing) but am not in other respects.

On the other hand, the phenomenon of only feeling energetic for 20 minutes in every race is still curious.

** another adendum
Got the results from JJ for 1997. Again, I sucked.

I didn't do % back calculations, but the placing was similiar -- or actually worse. Then I placed below halfway.

I know I was in pretty good shape in 1997. That was when I got my only US M21 Champs medal. Also, before and after CO, I was soundly beating guys like Mihai and Ed White in PA.

Conclusion? I don't know, but the evidence is pretty homogenous. ArghH!!!

Saturday Aug 19, 2006 #

Orienteering race 1:28:00 [3] **** 10.1 km (8:43 / km) +480m 7:02 / km
shoes: New VJ Spikes

US Champs Day 1. A fairly clean race which was part of the plan. Still got the doors blown off, which was expected.

Thursday Aug 17, 2006 #

Orienteering race 56:00 [4] **** 7.1 km (7:53 / km) +240m 6:45 / km
shoes: New VJ Spikes

"Middle" distance. Another decent race and even further behind. Get me out of here!

Weight training 20:00 [2]

Climbing around on the rocks at Vaedowu. This seemed to be an aerobic workout, so I'm counting it.

Wednesday Aug 16, 2006 #

Orienteering race 1:00:00 [4] *** 7.5 km (8:00 / km) +350m 6:29 / km
shoes: New VJ Spikes

Crystal Relays. Another decent run, and still 10%+ back.

But, only got passed by Mark Voit and passed 4 other teams so a modest success,

Tuesday Aug 15, 2006 #

Orienteering race 22:30 [5] **** 2.9 km (7:46 / km) +135m 6:18 / km
shoes: New VJ Spikes

US Team sprint. Decent race. Lost maybe 1:30. Started to die at the end.

Run intervals 1:15 [5] 0.4 km (3:07 / km)
shoes: New VJ Spikes

Junior/Senior challenge. No idea about time or distance, but this could be right. Felt like I was going to pass out for several minutes afterwards. Wow, it is hard to get O2 up here.

Monday Aug 14, 2006 #

Orienteering 45:00 [3] **** 5.0 km (9:00 / km)
shoes: New VJ Spikes

US Night O Champs. I "ran" red, but after losing ~20 minutes on #1 I had enough and went to get a subset of the controls.

Sunday Aug 13, 2006 #

Orienteering race 1:25:00 [4] **** 10.3 km (8:15 / km) +390m 6:56 / km
shoes: New VJ Spikes

Western States day 2.

Again, rough technically (after control 6). But the real problem was I fell apart physically 2/3 through.

I felt more acclimated to the altitude this time (or at least no bad headaches) and I felt good running yesterday. No idea why so slow today.

I may be getting a cold or maybe it is just the dry air messing with the nose and throat?

Saturday Aug 12, 2006 #

Orienteering race 1:18:00 [4] **** 10.2 km (7:39 / km) +400m 6:24 / km
shoes: New VJ Spikes

Western States day 1.

Felt surpisingly good physically, but a little rough technically. Then I crashed hard and got a bit disoriented when I picked myself up. Finished, but the knee was hurting.

Thursday Aug 10, 2006 #

Run 1:30:00 [3]
shoes: VJ Spikes


With Speedy, Tom, Eddie and Randy.

Did 8 x 30' with 30' rest in the middle.

Return trip was too fast.

Tuesday Aug 8, 2006 #



Run 1:30:00 [2]
shoes: Asics

Down almost to Ride Avenue. Legs felt very good and the air felt fresh, so I decided to have a go at the race course on the way back.

For better or worse, my time was 20:00, seemingly well off the PR. Disappointing. Perhaps 1 hour warmup is too long?

Apparently, best time was 19:34 on April 25. Then I did a hardish run out (which was also less than 20:00)

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