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Training Log Archive: Tundra/Desert

In the 7 days ending Nov 4, 2002:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 2:50:23 15.22(11:12) 24.5(6:57) 87032 /34c94%
  Easy running3 1:31:32 10.75(8:31) 17.3(5:17) 421
  Warmup2 30:31 2.36(12:55) 3.8(8:02)
  Running with weights1 28:15 3.04(9:17) 4.9(5:46)
  Total6 5:20:41 31.38(10:13) 50.5(6:21) 129132 /34c94%

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Monday Nov 4, 2002 #


So, Spike suggested that people would post more about their plans and goals. Not having a personal blog yet (a blessing?), I thought I'd use the Comments to talk about mine.

First, the completed season (2002). For the first time in many years, I did have a set of goals. They were not all set at once, and I kept tweaking them. The whole reason I could make any plans for this past year was that my lifestyle stabilized in 2001, and I finally found financial and time resources to do O and rogaining. My life priorities also had changed somewhat, compared to my late grad school days.

The goals, and the results achieved, were:
US Short Champs: Top 5—was 4th
World Rogaine Champs: Top 4—were 5th
US Individual Champs: Top 5—was 6th
(those were overall, not eligible/ineligible, regardless of who shows up). Note that the US Rogaining Champs was not one of the goals.

I think I worked really well on achieving the goals, especially the US Champs result. It is quite worthy, given the strong field, and is my best US Champs Blue performance to date. I have no illusions about the greatness of said result in the grand framework of things, however; I am still a mediocre orienteer (mostly 'cause I'm slow) but a decent rogainer. I think I'll give O up to another couple of years, then focus completely on my rogaining.

I started the year with structured training for the first time since 1998. I knew I had some work to do, as during the break I took from O in 2000 and the first half of 2001, my 5K time went up to 19:17, 2:29 slower than the PR. The endurance suffered as well; that was why I mostly ran Red and Green in 2001, unable to survive for more than an hour.

I was short on base training this year, mostly because I did not pay much attention to it. I started interval training early in the winter but had an achilles tendon injury in March (first serious injury, ever). Looking back, I think the injury was mostly due to the transition to orienteering in the Bay Area. Things weren't going particularly well in the spring but I pulled together a reasonable Short Champs.

My mindset underwent a fairly substantial correction in the course/after my visit to Moscow where I stayed for 7 weeks. I could see how far some people had progressed, and how large a contribution to one's orienteering success proper running training was. This is something one tends to lose track of in the US (or in Sweden, for that matter). I got my training act together and was able to put in about 3 months' worth of serious interval stuff, mostly after the WRC. I attribute my (relative) success at the Individual Champs to this interval training, and the weakness on Day 2, to the lack of base mileage.

Alongside with training for the Champs, I worked on my rogaining. I realized that I sacrificed quite a few O-races, and some training, in favor of the preparation for the WRC; the bulk of long, slow running was done in the winter, and some, in early summer in Moscow. (Note that I do not qualify those as good base training for O, mostly because they were done at 30–50 s/km slower effective pace than the required "easy" pace for running training.)

The US Rogaine Champs came as a late addition to my calendar, but with Eric as a partner, I could not pass on it. The Rogaine Champs, however, cost me 2–3 weeks of interval work in preparation for the Individual Champs. I fully understand that the two sets of interests are not really compatible if I want to up the performance past a certain point. I think that 2003 will be an O-year, and I'll start to get really serious about rogaining after the summer, with the WRC in AZ, May 2004.

The next Comment will be about the goals for 2003. Great stuff is in the plans if my health holds up.

Sunday Nov 3, 2002 #

Warmup 13:42 [1] 1.8 km (7:37 / km)

Warmup before Day 2 of the Individual Champs. Stretching was 2'30.

Orienteering 1:24:21 [4] 12.1 km (6:58 / km) +360m 6:04 / km
ahr:169 max:177 spiked:13/14c

The Champs, Day 2. Another clean run. What I had feared, happened: I ran out of energy around #10, undoubtedly due to low base training. Was continuously cramped after that; figured an about a minute loss for that on #11, 12, 13 each. Felt quite upset that I had to read the map on those legs, instead of focusing on proper leg turnover, center-of-mass flow, and the breathing pattern.
I did get a hope of help when I came upon Patrick Shannon at #3. He was considerably faster on the uphills than me, but insisted on taking different routes. I was hoping that he would pace me until the end of the race. I kept him in sight until #8 where I drank and he didn't. I couldn't catch up after that and lost sight of him (and J-J). If he just stayed with me, I may have endured satisfactorily through #11–#13. Still, 3 minutes would not have been enough to beat Vytenis who placed 5th.
The Champs, as a whole, worked great for me because the courses only demanded about (subjectively estimated) 90% coarse nav (which I do well, with the technique of minimum map contact) and 10% fine nav, and no route choice whatsoever (at which I suck). I think these were the best Classic Champs for me, both in terms of % behind the winner and overall place, since the 1993 M20 in Harriman (3rd overall after Farquhar and James).

Saturday Nov 2, 2002 #

Warmup 16:49 [1] 2.0 km (8:25 / km)

Warmup before the Champs Day 1, some jogging with/around Joe, some talking to Wadd. Stretching was 5'00.

Orienteering 1:26:02 [4] 12.4 km (6:56 / km) +510m 5:45 / km
ahr:174 max:181 spiked:19/20c

US Individual Champs Day 1, Blue. Last starter. A clean, high-intensity run, marred by the pit. Saved by Alan Young at the pit.


Greg, Stanislav, Valeriy Doverov (first time I met him), and me, with some participation from Boris, emptied 2×750 ml Merlot (one Sonoma, one Oz, both good) and one 1.5 l unremarkable Cal Chardonnay. Bed at 1:15 am EST.

Friday Nov 1, 2002 #

Running with weights 28:15 [2] 4.9 km (5:46 / km)

Home to Bernardo and El Camino, to catch the #22 to the airport, 4:30 am. The #22 was packed with transients.

Thursday Oct 31, 2002 #

Easy running 24:03 [2] 5.1 km (4:43 / km) +26m 4:36 / km



Went to see a doctor regarding the digestive issues. I had gained a lot of weight since 06OCT (W = 168), because the issues seemed to go away if I ate a lot. The good doctor thought it was all anxiety syndrome. I'm sure he's partly right, but some of the stuff he was trying to fit me into didn't make sense at all. And I know I would hate being on serotoninergics.

Wednesday Oct 30, 2002 #

Easy running 1:05:16 [2] 11.9 km (5:29 / km) +395m 4:42 / km

Home, Rancho 2VWUT4V2, home.


The pancreatic issues abruptly expired yesterday, just in time for the Champs.


ST = 933 (R = 58). Not quite 1000 before the Champs. Will try to do 1000 before the Jukola next year (will post a detailed list of goals/plans for 2003 after the Champs).

Tuesday Oct 29, 2002 #

Easy running 2:13 [1] 0.3 km (7:23 / km)

Bus stop. A blister.

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