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Training Log Archive: VeganKeegan

In the 7 days ending Sep 9:

activity # timemileskm+m
  running 5 3:05:41 24.04(7:43) 38.69(4:48) 515
  orienteering 3 41:56 3.84(10:55) 6.18(6:47) 432
  Total7 3:47:37 27.88(8:10) 44.87(5:04) 947

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Saturday Sep 9 #

7 AM

running 5:09 [3] 0.65 mi (7:56 / mi) +26m 7:04 / mi
ahr:137 max:148

running 42:01 [3] 6.55 mi (6:25 / mi) +150m 5:59 / mi
ahr:159 max:175

10km trail run. So I was originally planning to take this easy, but I’m also extremely competitive and wanted to win. I thought these things could go hand in hand cause the winning time last year was 47ish, however when we started it was clear this year was faster. Tried to hang with the leader who was running around 38 min pace which was pretty crazy for this course. Lost him by mile two and then got picked up by the next pack. These guys were going a more reasonable pace so I hung in on fourth. Probably could have beat both of them if in better mind set but just wasn’t feeling it today. Don’t know if it was the heat, the mind set of thinking it would be easy or just still recovering from the marathon but really didn’t feel great. It felt to be honest like a really hard tempo instead of a race. Obviously the time is not super quick but actually not worried about that. I’m in decent shape and don’t think this really reflects my fitness in any meaningful way. With that said a little frustrated with my mind set, a mix of cockiness and carefreeness that just came off wrong. Didn’t stick to my plan and didn’t win, so worst of both worlds. Anyways as Thomas would say, we move.

Thursday Sep 7 #

4 PM

running 52:03 [3] 6.14 mi (8:29 / mi) +9m 8:26 / mi
ahr:160 max:178

Hot. Very hot.

Wednesday Sep 6 #

4 PM

running 14:44 [3] 1.89 mi (7:48 / mi)
ahr:151 max:177

Another chill (if incredibly hot and humid) run. Trying to keep mileage and speed low as I ease back in.

running 14:12 [3] 1.58 mi (8:59 / mi) +214m 6:20 / mi
ahr:162 max:180

Same run, unconsciously saved whiled stopped

Tuesday Sep 5 #

4 PM

running 50:00 [3] 6.31 mi (7:55 / mi) +77m 7:38 / mi
ahr:155 max:173

Chill first run with running club. Great to see a lot of old friends I haven’t seen in a while. Also very hot and humid which left me feeling a bit worse then I expected.

Monday Sep 4 #


Some geeking for the night-o at the corn maze.

The spreadsheet below has the optimal route and distance saved from skipping that control. Only taking into account skipping one control in a row (for example skipping 5,6,7 may have been better than skipping 3 individual controls but since I had one skip, I only looked at the individual controls). The distance is utter nonsense but at least it should be consistent.

Result: 8 is by far the best skip, followed by 5 and 10. 9 and 14 are the worst skips saving you one straight away.

And this is what I found as optimal

Sunday Sep 3 #

3 PM

running 3:37 [3] 0.44 mi (8:13 / mi) +22m 7:06 / mi
ahr:146 max:154

Warm up

running 3:55 [3] 0.48 mi (8:10 / mi) +17m 7:21 / mi
ahr:136 max:148

Short maze. Went well

orienteering 8:51 [3] 1.01 mi (8:46 / mi) +80m 7:02 / mi
ahr:154 max:166

Classic maze, also well, a few mistakes. Was filmed for this which was cool, but also quite distracting. Think it was good practice though.
5 PM

orienteering 9:18 [3] 0.78 mi (11:56 / mi) +69m 9:21 / mi
ahr:141 max:156

2-R's. Very confusing and surprisingly hard to figure out where to go even after you had solved the clue. For some reason not having a circle where you need to go and a line just made it so hard. First couple were clean if slow but then I miscounted my e's and lost a lot of time going to the wrong one.
8 PM

orienteering 14:50 [3] 1.51 mi (9:49 / mi) +201m 6:57 / mi
ahr:153 max:164

Night-o mass start. Was leading for most of this but started making mistakes late, I think I ran the beginning to fast and got tired. Was still tied for the lead going into the last control and in the lead halfway to the finish, then took a wrong turn and got stuck, losing me 30 seconds or so. Still lots of fun and finished well enough to hold onto first place over all. Overall whole event was great.

orienteering 8:57 [3] 0.54 mi (16:34 / mi) +82m 11:15 / mi
ahr:116 max:141

control pick up + forgetting to stop watch

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