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Training Log Archive: mat-d

In the 31 days ending Jan 31, 2008:

activity # timemileskm+m
  CLIMBING6 6:50:00
  BIKING3 5:50:00 27.34(12:48) 44.0(7:57) 1190
  CONDITIONING14 4:55:00
  XC SKIING2 3:25:00
  ORIENTEERING2 3:13:26 4.28 6.89 7011 /11c100%
  RUNNING5 1:44:00 8.08 13.0 540
  OTHER2 1:25:00 1.24 2.0
  Total22 27:22:26 40.94 65.89 180011 /11c100%
  [1-5]22 26:22:26
averages - sleep:3 weight:62kg

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Thursday Jan 31, 2008 #


I feel in pain. Back is the worst its been for ages.


The last day of planetFear's office. Quite upsetting really.

RUNNING 30:00 [3]

Yes... a run! Short and slow (haha) with haze in the rain.

Wednesday Jan 30, 2008 #

CLIMBING 1:30:00 [2]

Climbing routes at the foundry - was good. Manages a couple of 6a's and a 6a+! Was well fun!


pain pain pain

Sunday Jan 27, 2008 #

BIKING 1:30:00 [4] 12.0 km (7:30 / km) +350m 6:33 / km

Tried to cycle up mam tor and along rushup. Ended up getting stopped by the mountain rescue on the broken road as someone got blown off and badly injured. we had to let through a few landrovers to help the lad. Decided to push up to Hollins cross instead and do a triangle into edale and back up to holins. route down was mad and i couldnt steer as I have got a crap bike.
The wind was mental. We basically were going backwards up to speedwell cavern and it was the hardest thing ever

RUNNING (Bike Push) 30:00 [5] 4.0 km (7:30 / km) +200m 6:00 / km
shoes: Hardrocks

Pushed the bike a long way today...

Saturday Jan 26, 2008 #

ORIENTEERING (Control Hanging) 1:00:00 [3]
shoes: OLWAY Tigers

Hanging at Canklow - East Mids Juniors Training.
Crocked my ankle again...

(injured) the kids to collect controls in.

Wednesday Jan 23, 2008 #

CLIMBING (Bouldering) 1:00:00 [1]

Works session with Jeni Jon Haze Liz and Beck - also Jen did a few routes with us... my back is very painful and I feel knackered now... stretching time I think... or even physio!

Tuesday Jan 22, 2008 #


Just found out that Lizzie has actually cracked a rib. Doh!

RUNNING warm up/down 5:00 [5]

Running like a bat out of hell to get cash from the cash machine before the Wednesday/Derby Match with Rhys...


Stretching legs

Monday Jan 21, 2008 #


Back and legs - knackered from the weekend of skiing - muscles i never knew existed!

Sunday Jan 20, 2008 #

XC SKIING (Säfsen) 15:00 [3]

We were both quite scared about skiing in the morning and it showed in our confidence... We started off OK on the first track, but as the tracks began to weave and we weren't that great at manovering the skiis we were getting rubbish.

Then came the downhill part. Lizzie decided to go fast ahead of me and then lost control and fell, smashed her chest, blacked out twice while I fell to avoid hitting her, and kept her in consciousness for a bit. After about 10mins on the floor in the freezing cold we decided to walk back. Horror on VSOK faces when we told them. and.... not even a bruise to show for it - although possible cracked ribs! Woohoo! Skiing is FUN!

OTHER 25:00 [3] 2.0 km (12:30 / km)

Walked back in the snow - bloody hard work keeping on going as Lizzie wasn't with it and skiis are stupid to carry in your hands...


More back and legs after the pain started to flow after the XC


Don't go too fast on the ice.
Säfsen Hotel has amazing showers.
Red Bull is awesome for 3am driving.

Saturday Jan 19, 2008 #

XC SKIING (Säfsen) 55:00 [4]

With a huge lack of snow we were worried that we might have to run all weekend... thankfully one XC course was open and it had a mild covering of snow on it (15cm maybe..) It was only 7.5km in length but long enough for us to get on with it.
Easier than we first had thought being our first time XC skiing...Me and Lizzie were keeping up with Sofia quite well I think (although she could probably faster!) There was no chance in hell we could keep up with Jonathan, Sofi, Håkan, Rickard... or actually anyone for that matter!!
Quality session and 1st loop complete!

XC SKIING (Säfsen) 45:00 [4]

Second loop in the morning - probably did about 3/4 of it with lots of photo taking... SO GOOD!

XC SKIING (Säfsen) 1:30:00 [4]

Last loop of the day and it STARTED TO SNOW!!!!!

Probably the best conditions of the weekend and the snow lost its wetness! Me and lizzie did lots of photo taking as well as getting really fast on the skiis - but not as fast as Håkan again... :-(

Another loop and a snowman building competition to finish.


After each outing (and each shower). Ouch my legs hurt loads... and my back - but apparently we got respect for pain from the Swedes...

Friday Jan 18, 2008 #

slept:3.0 weight:62kg

Got up at 01.00 to get down to Stansted to go to Västerås on the 06.30 flight which arrived at 09.45. Got about 3 hours sleep and walked for miles around Västerås looking at shops with some slush on the ground then went for a walk around Djärkneberget in the rain! The river was pretty high and we took some quality photos in the rocks.

CONDITIONING (Back pain!) 10:00 [1]

Back and legs when arrived - also slept on Rickard and Sofi's sofa for a bit.. ahhh..zzzzz

Thursday Jan 17, 2008 #


Stretching legs and back ready for sitting in a plane and car...

Wednesday Jan 16, 2008 #

CLIMBING 1:00:00 [1]

Bouldering at the works, the usual crew were there. Some nice orange routes - though I think i need to grow to reach some holds...



Sunday Jan 13, 2008 #

BIKING long 2:20:00 [4] 19.0 km (7:22 / km) +490m 6:32 / km

Bike ride from Castleton to Peak Forest, up Rushup and back down Mam Tor... more comments on the NO BRAKES to come...

Saturday Jan 12, 2008 #

OTHER 1:00:00 [0]

New Fußball table we bought... awesome!!



Friday Jan 11, 2008 #



Thursday Jan 10, 2008 #

RUNNING 24:00 [3] 5.0 km (4:48 / km) +180m 4:04 / km
shoes: Asics Trainers

Street run to see if my legs still functioned - saw Nails lurking down a dark alleyway... slightly strange!?!


All Over...feeling a little better!

Wednesday Jan 9, 2008 #


Work Work Work!!!!! Can't even get out of the house during the light!!!!


My Back / Legs - Ouch!

CLIMBING (Bouldering) 1:20:00 [2]
shoes: Boreal Jokers

the Works with a gang of Haze, Me, Jeni, Jon, Emma, Liz and Rob L!

Got some blacks and browns that I hadn't before - they make you look cool too!

Monday Jan 7, 2008 #


Stretching my back - as my ITB and legs are very stiff. Didn;t fancy a run/circuits - too busy getting a new job!

Sunday Jan 6, 2008 #


Went looking for new hardtail bikes! WOW!

Saturday Jan 5, 2008 #

ORIENTEERING (EMJS Weekend) 30:00 [2] **** 5.0 km (6:00 / km)
shoes: OLWAY Tigers

Shadowing Juniors at Harborough Rocks

ORIENTEERING (EMJS Weekend) 35:00 [4] ****
shoes: OLWAY Tigers

My Own Run

ORIENTEERING race (EMJS Weekend) 8:26 [5] **** 1.89 km (4:28 / km) +70m 3:46 / km
spiked:11/11c shoes: OLWAY Tigers

Relay Race with Llewellyn and little Jack in an odds and evens. Got beaten by a junior - he was RAPIDO!

ORIENTEERING (Collecting Controls) 30:00 [2] ****
shoes: OLWAY Tigers

Collecting the western half of the controls

Friday Jan 4, 2008 #

CLIMBING (Bouldering) 1:00:00 [2]
shoes: Boreal Jokers

With Jeni at the Matrix. Did loads of Medium routes and felt really strong. Didn't manage to do my orange nemesis though! But pretty much all the rest of the ones I wanted to do.

Thursday Jan 3, 2008 #


Arms in pain after climbing. Couldn't even grip my spoon to eat cereal!


Wednesday Jan 2, 2008 #

RUNNING 15:00 [4] 4.0 km (3:45 / km) +160m 3:07 / km
shoes: Asics Trainers

Hill Rep loops c2km.


Sit ups and press ups


Stretches while watching something with the guy from 3rd rock from the sun in it and a giant bigfoot.

CLIMBING (Bouldering) 1:00:00 [2]

The Works

Tuesday Jan 1, 2008 #

BIKING long 2:00:00 [3] 13.0 km (9:14 / km) +350m 8:08 / km

New Years Day Ride
Saw Pete et al in the carpark of the fox house. headed off with steve and jon on a short one. we got stuck in feck loads of mud and jon went through a water hazard and fell in. steve went over the handlebars. it got steep. i didn't fall off. was nice and gentle along the roman road to finish. norfolk arms in ringinglow for rabbit sausage and afters. yum.

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