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Training Log Archive: KFish

In the 7 days ending Apr 8, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering3 5:32:57 22.99(14:29) 37.0(9:00) 96866c
  Mountain Biking1 1:16:09 18.84(14.8/h) 30.32(23.9/h) 126
  Rock Climbing1 45:00
  Exercise bike1 41:36 10.54(15.2/h) 16.96(24.5/h)
  Road Biking1 25:00 5.0(12.0/h) 8.05(19.3/h)
  Road Running1 19:21 2.01(9:38) 3.23(5:59) 33
  Total7 9:00:03 59.38 95.56 112766c
  [1-5]7 9:00:01

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Saturday Apr 8, 2017 #

1 PM

Orienteering race (Long) 2:54:10 [5] **** 10.54 mi (16:31 / mi) +792m 13:24 / mi
18c shoes: Salomon Speed Cross 3 Black

Flying Pig Long Blue

Wow was this tough - mostly physically. So many hills and almost every leg was quite demanding physically and mentally. By the 3rd control I was convinced i wasnt going to finish in the 3 hour time limit. I'm not sure if my route choices were the best, but I am very happy with my execution of them. I usually struggle with long legs, but I executed my plans and only had small bobbles. I wore a small camelback with 34 oz of water, and was very glad for it! Ran out around control 10 so put in another 30 oz or so at 11 for the finish.

1- off up a hill and back down providing a clue for what we were in for.

2 - started up the wrong northward spur, but quickly realized and corrected.

3- first really long leg. took a zig zag route that made use of open spurs with indistinct trails and hit it right on. Saw michelle as I left

4- a short leg! just counted streams, drifted W but no problems.

5- the longest leg. Once I got up the first hill I took trails a long way around to save elevation. I was able to run the whole time on trails, so i think it was a good choice. Saw Jens on the trail and he was also lamenting the number of controls per time already 45 minutes in.

6 - Took the trail back around for the first part and then counted reentrants to find the right spur. worked well.

7 - Followed the bottom of the spurs/stream.

8 - really started to feel the hills on the start of this leg. Must have drifted because I ended up N of the trail junction I wanted, so i had to turn around. Never found the indistinct trail down the spur, so i wasnt quite sure which stream I ended up coming out near. Unfortunately it was the wrong one just N, so had to backtrack a little south. Second minor error.

9 - Up the hill to the trail. Thick stuff so I did a small loop around, should have just cut at the bottom of the thick stuff but oh well.

10 - Trail around to avoid an elevation. Good except the spur was pretty thick and annoying. No thorns so i shouldnt complain.

11 - Down and Up to the trail (why didnt I go back around? never even considered it...). Then down the spur. Caught up to tom at the water stop and then passed him on the way back up the hill. Really concerned about my ability to be done by 3 hours at this point. Refilled some water.

12 - Back up the hill, trail around N to save elevation, followed spur down but drifted south so i ended up at the pit instead of the depression. took me too long to realize my error and correct. Tom caught me again at 12. Third error.

13 - flat :o

14 - Up the hill to the trail. This hill sucked! But once I was on the trail I was able to start running again, and started thinking I might make the cutoff.

15 - Followed the twisty trail, maybe not the most efficient but i was jogging.

16 - drifted south and got to the power lines, a pretty quick correction..

17 - straight. heard someone at the campsite say "what are all these people doing"

18- apparently i stopped to rest on the side of the building ;)

Made it back in time (barely). Not sure what I could do in michigan to prepare for something like this. But really happy with my nav, so I'll call it a success.


Friday Apr 7, 2017 #

3 PM

Orienteering race 1:08:46 [3] **** 5.56 mi (12:22 / mi) +62m 11:57 / mi
24c shoes: Salomon Speed Cross 3 Black

Flying Pig Blue Middle

My first middle. went so-so, no huge errors but lots of small/medium ones that stacked up.

1-8 went pretty well, slightly overshot 6 but quickly corrected. Was moving pretty fast and feeling good.

9 was my biggest error, had to re-attack 3 times. I think i was close every time, but i kept ending up on the N side of the thicket, and the flag was barely visible through it. Several other people were wandering the same area at the same time.

10-12 went well

13 I wasnt as deliberate as I needed to be in that no mans land. missed it and had no idea where i was, so i went back to 9 to reattack, and had trouble finding 9 again... Once I did find it I hit 13 well.

14-17 went well.

Last bigger error was 18, again I wasnt careful and missed S, and wandered a bit before stumbling on it.

19-20 good.

21 I hesitated at the right feature because I didnt go down it far enough, did a small circle looking for another option before committing.

22 - twisted my ankle and hobbled for a bit.

23-24 good

Went the wrong way around to the finish i think.

A fun race, very technical and a learning experience. I would look forward to middle in the future.
9 PM

Orienteering race 1:30:01 [3] *** 6.89 mi (13:04 / mi) +114m 12:26 / mi
24c shoes: Salomon Speed Cross 3 Black

Flying Pig Night O Recreation Red

Wanted to save my legs a ltitle so did red instead of blue.

Race felt really clean, and I jogged almost the entire thing. No big mistakes.

1-4 good.

5 - failed to identify an uncrossable fence, that was slow going around.

6-7 good

8 - missed one of the fences so i way overshot. Probably my biggest error.

9 good

10 - so muddy! executed well though. saw Tom and Tim on their way out as i went in.

11 good
12 - passed tom and tim

13-14 good

15 - slowed down to a walk for this one. Thought I was cutting N from the point of the field, but I was farther east. Realized when I was going up the hill, but decided that was a fairly easy attack so i kept with it and hit it well..

16 - took slow until I saw the reflector from a ways out

17-19 good

20 - got pushed way east, but corrected from the well

21-22 good

23 - had trouble seeing so i did a small little loop

24-F good.

Really happy with this result. Proof that if I slow down on the hard stuff and hammer roads and trails I can minimize mistakes... Now its just the mental hurdle of executing that plan.

Wednesday Apr 5, 2017 #

5 PM

Exercise bike 41:36 intensity: (2 @0) + (1:44 @1) + (13:50 @2) + (26:00 @3) 10.54 mi (15.2 mph)
ahr:135 max:148 shoes: Trainer tire

Tuesday Apr 4, 2017 #

Road Biking (Commute) 25:00 [3] 5.0 mi (12.0 mph)

8 PM

Rock Climbing (Top rope) 45:00 [3]

5.9 warm up
3x5.10+ no falls! Including 2 I had previously struggled with

Apparently there is much overlap between orienteering and rock climbing, ran into Scott today

Sunday Apr 2, 2017 #

2 PM

Mountain Biking 1:16:09 [3] 18.84 mi (14.8 mph) +126m
shoes: Trek Superfly 9.6

Beautiful day!

Road Running 19:21 [3] 2.01 mi (9:38 / mi) +33m 9:10 / mi
shoes: Nike Fury

quick shake out after the bike

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