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Training Log Archive: candyman

In the 30 days ending Jun 30, 2006:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running14 11:27:28 87.54(7:51) 140.88(4:53) 95
  Orienteering11 10:27:14 52.82(11:53) 85.0(7:23) 1270
  Total21 21:54:42 140.35(9:22) 225.88(5:49) 1365

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Friday Jun 30, 2006 #

Orienteering (JWOC middle training) 26:51 [3] **** 3.5 km (7:40 / km) +50m 7:10 / km
ahr:133 max:162 shoes: Brooks Adrenaline ASR

Last visit to the middle terrain, set up a practice middle qualification start with three starting simultaneously on split courses. Worked really well, I shadowed Murray who ran well under control. Most just ran the first four legs and then the last two.

Thursday Jun 29, 2006 #

Orienteering (putting out tapes) 16:24 [4] *** 4.0 km (4:06 / km)
ahr:143 max:169 shoes: Brooks Adrenaline ASR

Putting out tapes for Sprint training.

Orienteering race (sprint race) 19:00 [5] *** 4.0 km (4:45 / km)
ahr:180 max:193 shoes: Brooks Adrenaline ASR

Ran Sprint race on JWOC sprint model map, had one minute start intervals with all the guys followed by the girls. Lost time on two legs and was caught two minutes by Rob W, at least beat him inthe sprint finish to the line!

Running warm up/down 25:00 [2] 5.0 mi (5:00 / mi)

ran back to our training camp accommodation from the sprint race with Rob W.

Wednesday Jun 28, 2006 #

Orienteering warm up/down (relay training) 10:00 [3] 1.5 km (6:40 / km)
shoes: Brooks Adrenaline ASR

Warm up for Relay training, ran in the forest to check controls were out.

Orienteering (Relay training) 1:15:00 [4] *** 10.0 km (7:30 / km)
shoes: Brooks Adrenaline ASR

Oragnised a mass start relay training with the kiwis and hong kongers. Had about 20 for the mass start and splitting right around the course. The relay terrain in super fun and super fast the kiwis should feel right at home in the open fast sand dune terrain and our juniors handled it really well too. After race ran around with Rob to pick up the extra controls and to pick up the straggler hong kongers (we didn't find any but their manager was missing for 20 minutes after we got back!) Perfect training for the relay!

Tuesday Jun 27, 2006 #

Running (morning run) 21:41 [3] 4.5 km (4:49 / km)
ahr:139 max:159 shoes: Brooks Adrenaline ASR

Rest day for the camp so went for a morning jog.

Monday Jun 26, 2006 #

Running 20:19 [2] 4.0 km (5:05 / km)
ahr:124 max:136 shoes: Brooks Adrenaline ASR

Day of the JWOC practice race on the map next to the middle distance area. I was practicing my role of coach at the start of the race today so wouldn't get to race. The race was super tough, very technical and very tought forest. Was a bit of a shock for most but Hanny was outstanding, winning by 6-7 minutes from the best lithuanian girl and Toph performed really well to set a competitive time. Jas came through her fitness test well and is looking all sort for her JWOC campaign minus the long race.

Sunday Jun 25, 2006 #

Orienteering (JWOC long race training) 55:25 [3] 6.0 km (9:14 / km)
ahr:126 max:166 shoes: Brooks Adrenaline ASR

Three short loops on long race terrain with rest inbetween. Shadowed a few of the juniors, had to run fast to keep up with Matt Parton.

Saturday Jun 24, 2006 #

Orienteering (JWOC long race training) 25:00 [3] **** 3.5 km (7:09 / km)
shoes: Brooks Adrenaline ASR

line course/familiarisation for the new arrivees and short long race simulation for the juniors who have been in Europe already for a week or so.

Friday Jun 23, 2006 #

Running 42:04 [3] 9.0 km (4:40 / km)
shoes: Brooks Adrenaline ASR

Ran through the forests around our training camp accommodation with Hanny, Sophie and Toph. Nice Forest, starting to feel better after having a bad cold for my last couple of days in Finland.

Tuesday Jun 20, 2006 #

Orienteering 45:13 [2] **** 6.0 km (7:32 / km) +90m 7:01 / km
ahr:130 max:156 shoes: Brooks Adrenaline ASR

Training on a map near Naantalli with Troy, Toph and Vanessa. Was fun but some of the mappers interpretations were strange. Then went into town for a swim and so Vanessa could go to the Muumin shop.

Monday Jun 19, 2006 #

Orienteering 32:09 [3] *** 5.0 km (6:26 / km) +95m 5:52 / km
ahr:145 max:160 shoes: Brooks Adrenaline ASR

Park/Forest training around Ruissalo. Troy organised it for us and put some toilet paper at the control sites for us, thanks mate. Was good to get out for a run, felt a lot better after the run than before. Went for a swim in the cold but nice water and did a couple of loads of washing at the caravan park. AJ, Axel, Toph and Vanessa all came out with us.

Sunday Jun 18, 2006 #

Orienteering race (Jukola Viesti) 1:58:14 [4] ***** 12.0 km (9:51 / km) +530m 8:04 / km
ahr:161 max:186 shoes: Nike Zoom Waffle Racer

CRAZY! started so far back and right on the inside so the only way I could pass people in the start loop was with a few hip and shoulders. was running okay and got up to around 300 on the first few legs before I stopped short running across a large flat vague marshy hill top and watched about 700 people run past me while I tried to work out what I had done wrong. I understand what the cricketers mean by mental disintegration now it hurt so much to watch so many people run past and mot of my motivation ran away with it. I got things back together and started making good progress again before the 3rd or 4th last control which was super hard, again a run across a flat vague area was my undoing as I didn't know where I was coming into the detail and made another big mistake. Finally finished in around 500 not happy but grateful for the experience. Legs were aching and sore and my feet were ridiculously sore, the rocky terrain was a bit harder than I was expecting and the waffle racers don't have much padding. Now to try and eat sleep and get ready to run again last leg for Halden!

Orienteering race (Jukola Viesti) 1:28:15 [3] ***** 10.0 km (8:50 / km) +390m 7:23 / km
ahr:143 max:168 shoes: Nike Zoom Waffle Racer

Last leg for Halden, started with the goal just to get around, wanted to run steady and consistent. Did exactly what I planned solid run, no big mistakes except I didn't finish. Eventually feet got the better of me I just couldn't face runnning across any more rocky areas plus massively fatigued from first leg run. Very, very disappointed as I really didn't want to pull out, including the crappy night race in Canberra that makes two for this year, I want to make sure there are no more.

Saturday Jun 17, 2006 #

Event: Jukola

Running 39:13 [2] 8.0 km (4:54 / km) +85m 4:39 / km
ahr:133 max:153 shoes: Brooks Adrenaline ASR

Easy run around Ilona's parents Summer house. Spent the previous 24 hours fishing, swimming, eating, sleeping and relaxing. Its so beautiful and relaxing out here, shame me and BJ are so crap at fishing.

Orienteering (model) 30:43 [3] **** 4.5 km (6:50 / km) +115m 6:03 / km
ahr:155 max:177 shoes: Nike Zoom Waffle Racer

Nice run around the model map right next to Jukola event centre. Was really fun and had a good feeling, will be cery different running around with 1400 other people on the first leg though

Running warm up/down 11:11 [2] 2.0 km (5:36 / km) +10m 5:27 / km
ahr:128 max:141 shoes: Nike Zoom Waffle Racer

last minute panic trying to fix my headlamp I borrowed off Farum Tisvalde (my first leg team) turned out it was shorting where the two wires attached to the battery so a little bit of electrical tape and I was set, my racce number is 1081 so I have a lot of people to try and catch!

Friday Jun 16, 2006 #


Just found out that i am running last leg for Halden at Jukola, seriously! Okay sure its the third team but still I am pretty pumped.

Thursday Jun 15, 2006 #

Event: Forssa Games


Spent the weekend moving house, watched the Socceroos smash Japan (Guus I'm all yours) sat two exams concurrently Tuesday morning (I kid you not I had both papers to do at the same time) ran a mountian of errands tried to finish off everything I had to do at work before I left and then to cap it all off snapped the clutch cable on our car and had to get towed to the mechanic and ring Kelly's mum for a lift home. Then spent 26 hours travelling form Canberra to Helsinki via Sydney and Bangkok. After all you can eat pizza, pasta and icecream for lunch I'm ready to head out and watch the Poms smash T&T. Still unsure if I will get out for a run today or not, see how i feel after the game but heading out into the country tomorrow and will get back into training.


Bought a coffee in Helsinki today, I looked at the menu and thought "shit thats expensive" and then realised that it was in Euros not Aussie dollars too. At least it was a good coffee, lucky I brought no-doze tablets for racing or I would be broke after jukola if I had to buy coffees.

Monday Jun 12, 2006 #

Running warm up/down (Fitsense Coaching) 40:00 [1] 6.0 km (6:40 / km)
shoes: Brooks Adrenaline - 2 pairs

Warm up, drills and cool down

Running intervals (Fitsense Coaching) 20:00 [4] 4.5 km (4:27 / km)
shoes: Brooks Adrenaline - 2 pairs

Moneghetti Fartlek

Sunday Jun 11, 2006 #

Running tempo 1:10:00 [4] 17.0 km (4:07 / km)
shoes: Brooks Adrenaline - 2 pairs

10 mile loop from Deeks Drive plus a little extra to get to 70 mins.

Saturday Jun 10, 2006 #

Running tempo 1:05:00 [3] 11.0 km (5:55 / km)
shoes: Nike Zoom Elite

Solid run with a few hill surges


Decided getting ready to go to Europe and finishing Uni three weeks early wasn't enough to keep me busy so moved house today as well, ripper day!

Thursday Jun 8, 2006 #

Running (Fitsense Coaching) 20:00 [2] 4.0 km (5:00 / km)
shoes: Brooks Adrenaline - 2 pairs

Running intervals 20:00 [5] 3.0 mi (6:40 / mi)
shoes: Nike Zoom Elite

3 x 1 mile surge straights and float bends with 2 min recovery. 5'23, 5'11, 5'14. Pretty solid run after a tough session last night as well.

Running warm up/down 40:00 [2] 8.0 km (5:00 / km)
shoes: Nike Zoom Elite

Wednesday Jun 7, 2006 #

Running 45:00 [2] 9.0 km (5:00 / km)
shoes: Brooks Adrenaline - 2 pairs

Morning jog with Kelly up and around Mt Rogers, saw the sunrise over Gungahlin.


Stopped off at Silo on the way to work for a coffee and berry brioche mmmmmm

Running warm up/down 20:00 [2] 4.0 km (5:00 / km)
shoes: Nike Zoom Elite

warm up and cool down for night training

Orienteering intervals (Night) 55:00 [4] 10.0 km (5:30 / km)
shoes: Nike Zoom Elite

Graants regular night training, my light died after 10 minutes but we were running around civic so didn't really need it. At one point faced with a split second decision to cross a road or not with speed limit 60 km/hr and cars bearing down, was head to head with Hoggster. At 60km/hr I would have made it but the cars were doing at least 80km/hr so lucky I stopped or Graant would have been explaining at the coroners inquest why he thought it was a good idea to have 10 orienteers racing around crossing some of Canberra's busiest roads.

Great session though thanks Graant will be my last one for the next 6 weeks as I am away in Europe, really appreciate the effort you have been putting in to organise these trainings

Sunday Jun 4, 2006 #

Running long 1:10:00 [2] 14.0 km (5:00 / km)
shoes: Brooks Adrenaline - 2 pairs

Felt shit, ran with Kel, going to get some breakfast now.

Saturday Jun 3, 2006 #

Running warm up/down 20:00 [2] 4.0 km (5:00 / km)
shoes: Nike Zoom Waffle Racer

warm up and cool down for night orienteering

Orienteering race (Night) 30:00 [4] 5.0 km (6:00 / km)
shoes: Nike Zoom Waffle Racer

The only good thing about this event was that it got me out for a run. Running 400m across a flat slope on compass to a 0.5m cliff is not my idea of a fun night course. I lasted about half way before I got sick of doing grid pattern searches for non-reflective controls. Wonder if Kezza fared in better?

Friday Jun 2, 2006 #

Running warm up/down 30:00 [2] 6.0 km (5:00 / km)
shoes: Brooks Adrenaline - 2 pairs

Running intervals 23:00 [5] 5.0 km (4:36 / km)
shoes: Brooks Adrenaline - 2 pairs

6 x 500m with 250m floats followed by 4 x 50m sprints
1'26, 1'29, 1'28, 1'29, 1'26, 1'27

Thursday Jun 1, 2006 #

Running warm up/down (Fitsense Coaching) 23:00 [2] 4.0 km (5:45 / km)
shoes: Brooks Adrenaline - 2 pairs

warm up, drills and cool down

Running intervals (Fitsense Coaching) 22:00 [4] 4.0 km (5:30 / km)
shoes: Brooks Adrenaline - 2 pairs

4 shorter intervals then 4 longer intervals

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