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Training Log Archive: Mark3

In the 7 days ending Jan 16:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running - Offroad3 7:40:00 33.26(13:50) 53.53(8:36) 3055
  Orienteering - Forest1 1:19:08 6.54(12:06) 10.52(7:31) 518
  Orienteering - Urban1 1:10:49 9.14(7:45) 14.71(4:49) 54
  Running - Road/Track2 1:00:16 8.48(7:06) 13.65(4:25) 218
  Skiing1 15:00 1.86(7.5/h) 3.0(12.0/h)
  Total8 11:25:13 59.29(11:33) 95.41(7:11) 3845

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Sunday Jan 16 #

10 AM

Orienteering - Forest race (Blacka Moor) 1:19:08 [4] 10.52 km (7:31 / km) +518m 6:02 / km
ahr:135 max:164 shoes: Xtalon 212 (navy/orange)

Started well... But deteriorated.
Happy with route choice to stay on paths across the moor to 4, and then controls up to 7 were straightforward.

First mistake on 8, tried to stay on paths again but missed an indistinct junction. Noticed, but didn't really know what I'd done and so just took a bearing. Turns out this was a little OOBy but I didn't realise! Worked out what had happened eventually but must've lost a few minutes.

Then on 10 had a nice plan which I forgot about halfway through the leg and ended up with a lot more off path than id planned and having to do the climb that my intended route had avoided anyway, thus making it rubbish. So that was annoying.

Actual micro nav was good today though. Good attack points and fine on the technical controls.

Em is out there at the moment. I think she is going to find it tough. If she enjoys it then she's well and truly an orienteer now.

Saturday Jan 15 #

9 AM

Running - Road/Track race (Lancaster Parkrun) 19:13 [5] 4.92 km (3:54 / km) +85m 3:36 / km
ahr:147 max:159 shoes: Pegasus Trail 3

Parkrun Vs Allen and Joe. Allen destroyed us and was narrowly 2nd. Joe and I third and 4th. Joe followed me the whole way round and then outsprinted me to the line dammit.

Really nice park actually, big monument in the middle and loads of massive rock features which looked out of place in a town centre park. Would have liked to stick around a bit longer to explore really.

Good course too; 2 laps, 2 hills per lap so 4 hills. 20m each? Half of each lap road, other half trail; trail half was pretty muddy in places but had some nice narrow stuff, corners, descents, steps etc. Enjoyed it.
11 AM

Running - Offroad long (Northern Wainwrights) 4:58:12 [3] 28.79 km (10:21 / km) +2096m 7:36 / km
ahr:118 max:159 shoes: Mudclaw 275 (red)

Stayed fairly low since we thought conditions might be treacherous and also not a massive amount of daylight and we wanted to be able to cut short if required. Actually it was fine. Planned to do 6 of the lesser visited wainwrights but loop was looking a bit short so N suggested we add Grisedale so that the first few summits follow the Frog Graham route.

Went the dangerous (ish) way up Barf (apparantly it's a mountain rescue blackspot, and it was a bit dicey in places tbf) and saw The Bishop - white painted rock. There's a story behind it (Wikipedia). Anyway that route can't possibly be fastest and we lost the trod near the top anyway (found one of those nice slate viewpoint holes on the way up, though). On the FG, coming up the gill would be better.

Next couple of summits easy, boggy in places. Past the Gruffalo (impressed some parents with my knowledge of its terrible teeth and terrible jaws) and the forestry work Danger of Death signs (they should have posted more Gruffalos instead) then constant climb to Grisedale felt tough after no Lakes for a month. Descent was lovely.

Straight up the other side and another WW, then down Brown How through some awkwardly damp felling and another steep climb up Broom Fell. Feeling ok now though and the kids (ie the 22 year olds) were feeling it a bit. Across to Greystones and went to all the summits just to make sure.

Then there was 1k of ankle deep freezing bog which I don't recommend.

Sale Fell was nice though, and surprisingly nice woodland paths back to the car at the end.

Enjoyed the loop, nice to get out somewhere totally new and with 4 of us too. Good day.

Friday Jan 14 #

(rest day)

Had windscreen replaced due to a crack. Turns out this is a faff if you car reads road signs to tell you what the speed limit it is, like mine does, because they have to recalibrate the system and it means they can't just do it at your house, you have to take your car in. Apparently.

Anyway it's about a 30 min walk to the Trafford Centre which at least had somewhere to sit + coffee + lunch during work whilst I waited the five hours for them to do it. 30 min walk back too, and I at least got 10k steps.

Have to get up early tomorrow so no danger of getting out this eve.

Thursday Jan 13 #

Skiing (Chill Factore) 15:00 [1] 3.0 km (12.0 kph)

Did an hour of skiing as Em was having a lesson.
11 AM

Running - Offroad (Shoe testing) 38:03 [3] 6.46 km (5:53 / km) +267m 4:53 / km
ahr:140 max:158 shoes: Adidas Speed Pro SG (10.5)

Well not proper testing, since I did pay for these ones. But I've been looking for a chance to try them in the mud and Kerridge was pretty bad last night - so took them for a spin.

Performed admirably downhill; on a par at least with mudclaws. Uphill maybe not quite as good, as the toe lugs got a bit clogged up and caused them to lose grip. But good overall and significantly light.

I was worried that the lightness and plasticisedness of them would make them uncomfortable, but actually they were fine straight out the box. And should drain really well.

Wednesday Jan 12 #

6 PM

Running - Offroad long (MaccH Fell Group) 2:03:45 [3] 18.28 km (6:46 / km) +692m 5:42 / km
ahr:141 max:174 shoes: Peregrine 11 ST

Club fell run from Rainow, so ran there and back hence a bit extended from normal.
Definitely feeling the distance and not having eaten since 12pm! Also I'm on a bit of a diet and the lack of sugar is killing me.

Felt alright considering all of that, though. Nice evening and good chat.

Tuesday Jan 11 #

6 PM

Orienteering - Urban race (Poynton NSL) 1:10:49 [5] 14.71 km (4:49 / km) +54m 4:44 / km
ahr:140 max:153 shoes: Nike Pegasus 38

Undeservedly first.

Implemented my new strategy of going to the most isolated area first and getting all the controls, which worked fine, other than a slight hydrant faff - lesson: hydrants could be at any height, attached to anything.

Technically got a control wrong (there were two "wooden poles" in the circle with identical values of XXXX_, and I put the wrong one) but they generously gave my benefit of doubt on that one.
Got to 26 and it was a toss up whether I did the out and back for 110 points; decided it wasn't worth it - retrospectively - bad call.

Rest of route planned/implemented really well, except that due to previous bad decision I finished with 4 mins left. Focussed too much on "extra controls en route to Finish", which was a shame because I'd folder another 70 just off the edge, which was easily gettable. Lesson: don't do this.

So it feels like I didn't really deserve to win here. But whatevs, felt like I was running pretty well. I think that's 5 of the 8 done with 4 to count.

Monday Jan 10 #

6 PM

Running - Road/Track tempo (5k progressive) 41:03 [4] 8.73 km (4:42 / km) +133m 4:22 / km
ahr:144 max:160 shoes: Nike Pegasus 38

Gradually getting faster, because why not?
Put some effort in on a segment but not 100% so need another go there. Could try harder up the hill, too.

Feeling relatively sprightly though. Bit of a cough. Should've got out at lunch in the light but stymied by meeting timings - maybe Thursday.

More-ienteering tomorrow :)

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