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Training Log Archive: mikeminium

In the 7 days ending Feb 13, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  mapping - field checking2 7:00:0020c
  orienteering3 3:40:48 7.15 11.5 6075c
  weights / strength2 1:00:00
  walking1 15:00
  trail running1 1:00
  Total7 11:56:48 7.15 11.5 6095c
averages - weight:164.1lbs

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Saturday Feb 13, 2016 #

orienteering race 1:44:10 [4] *** 6.1 km (17:05 / km)
18c weight:164lbs shoes: Icebug Spirit OLX

A hilly and frigid course at Middle Creek set by Ben and Stephanie. Running on frozen horse trails was like running on rip-rap. Ugh. Took a couple hard falls, on unforgiving frozen ground. Took some extra time rock hoping across creeks to avoid wet feet. Found the misplaced control 8, seemed like it was really early, but oh well. In retrospect that explains why I was cresting the ridge so early going to 9, and why on passing 8 again while going from 10-11, I ended up hitting the next ridge line trail a good 50-100 m north of where I expected and wondering how I got so far off line. A couple people never found 8; Stephanie lost some extra time moving it just in time to help out Bill Donnelly.

Approaching 14, bent over to read my map, raised my head fast and WHAM on a very solid leaning tree. Staggered to 14, wondering about possible concussion, let it distract me going to 15 and overshot 15, losing a couple minutes and getting passed (I thought it was Mintore, but in retrospect it must have been Ben King.). Slow but clean from there on in, definitely elected to take the slow but dry rock hopping crossing as opposed to a much faster splash through the half frozen creek to the final control.

Not my finest performance ever, but oh well, tomorrow is another day and another race!

orienteering 40:00 [1] ***

Control pickup at Middle Creek. I picked up my 9 controls and came back to find Jordan bummed that he had missed a control he was supposed to pick up... one he had successfully found while doing his course. Bill Donnelly had gone out to get it. Shortly thereafter, Bill returned, also without the control.

Well, in that case it must have been moved or stolen. But by whom? On this frigid day, we hadn't seen any hikers, just a lost beagle and a couple horse people walking a young horse around the parking area.

A posse (me, Jordan, and Bill) quickly set out for the control taking different routes and determined to discover if it had been tossed in the woods, hidden under a log, or just misplaced all along. Well, all three of us converged on the site where it was supposed to be and amazingly enough,




right where it was supposed to be all along!

Well, I guess Bill and Jordan can blame it on tired exhaustion and frozen brains. At least the mystery was solved and the control safely recovered.

Friday Feb 12, 2016 #

mapping - field checking 3:00:00 [2] ***
7c weight:162lbs

Miami Whitewater. Added a lot of new horse trail. Air temp not as cold as yesterday, but strong breeze made it pretty chilly. A little light snow toward evening.

Zealous park ranger locked a gate just as I was getting back to the car, so I had to go out the long way; added an extra few minutes and miles.

walking 15:00 [1]

Light snow removal

Thursday Feb 11, 2016 #

mapping - field checking 4:00:00 [1] ****
13c weight:163lbs

Miami Wfitewater

Wednesday Feb 10, 2016 #

weights / strength 10:00 [2]

Snow removal

Tuesday Feb 9, 2016 #

weights / strength 50:00 [3]

Snow shoveling.

Monday Feb 8, 2016 #

orienteering 35:00 [2] **
13c weight:164lbs

Setting a few tapes for UCMS O practice.

trail running 1:00 [3]

Warm up with the kids to start of today's courses at Mounds. Very light turnout, not unexpected due to known groundings and appointments. 7 from the middle school, 2 from the high school.

Sunday Feb 7, 2016 #

orienteering race 26:05 [5] ** 3.2 km (8:09 / km) +40m 7:40 / km
22c weight:164lbs shoes: Icebug Spirit OLX

OLOU "Steroid" sprint (longer) at Shawnee Park, designed by Bruce Moore. Very open, very flat park. The woods along the banks of the Ohio River had a few interesting controls, but the park could use a bit more woods. The flooded Ohio River was lapping at the stands of controls 11 and 12.

Lost probably 20 seconds turning on controls 3-19, after passing the first starters going in to 3. Lost another 7-10 seconds at 18, going the long way around a big tree before spotting the stand flat on the ground, then picking it up and trying to get it to stand up again. Alex was right behind me, and reported that it fell over again before he reached it, so he also set it back up.

At 20, Alex passed me to punch first, took 2 steps away, then had to turn around to re-punch after me, heeding my warning that they weren't turned on. After some hesitation getting out of the woods, he passed me again, beat me to 21, where I passed him again on the exit, vaulting a low fence while he ran to a gate. He edged me out to 20, but had enough had left in his young legs and lungs to leave me way in the dust on the run in, while I had to do a quick dodge-em to avoid bcomming a hood ornament.

orienteering race 15:33 [5] ** 2.2 km (7:04 / km) +20m 6:46 / km
12c shoes: Icebug Spirit OLX

OLOU "Regular" Sprint at Shawnee Park. Fun, but very open, easy and fast. Went the long way around the baseball field to 7, probably 15-20 seconds. Lost another 15-20 seconds at the control on the wrong single tree (8) after I circled the correct tree before looking over my shoulder. Grrr.

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